Chapter 9: The Heart Reader

"Blu? Who was that?" Jewel asked Blu. Blu was still shivering a little. "I... He's a friend of Paul's..." He managed to say. "You seem afraid of him," Jewel said. "Yeah... I am... a little..." Blu stammered. Jewel tried to comfort him. "He wasn't doing anything bad, he was just clearing out those traps. There's nothing to be afraid of." Blu nodded. "Yeah... Those were the traps Paul and I got caught in this afternoon."

"He's pretty skilled, don't you think?" Jewel asked Blu.

"What do you mean?"

"He's pretty big-sized for a crow, and he can still dodge all those traps."

"Yeah, that's because he planned all of his movements carefully."

After chatting for a while more, the two lovebirds decided to head back home.

When they got back to Linda's room, Linda was already home. She opened the window for them. After putting Jewel down on the couch, Blu flew over to Linda. Linda did her handshake with Blu and tickled his neck.

I've yet to try that on him, Jewel thought while she watched this. When Blu flew back over to her, she used her talons to tickle Blu's neck, similar to how Linda did it with her fingers. Blu started to purr in pleasure. It felt good when Linda tickled him, but when Jewel did it, it felt about a few times better. Jewel giggled. "You like that, don't you?"

After a few more minutes of tickling Blu, Jewel decided to stop. Blu immediately slumped onto the couch. His expression was still dreamy from Jewel's tickling. Jewel lay down beside him and gave him a kiss.

"Good night, baby Blu," she cooed lovingly.

Blu blushed at the nickname. "Good night, Jewel."


"Hah, I never thought you'd make it," Paul said as Alex flew into his hollow.

"Why do you sound like you sent me there to die?" Alex rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, at least I can go there without getting stuck in some stupid net. And if I did send you there to die, I would've made sure you didn't come back."

"By the way, I saw your student there."

"Oh, that genie Blu? Was he makin' love with his little girlfriend? I didn't think he'd actually listen to me when I told him to."

"Não, no. They were just having dinner."

"Whatever. Get outta my house. I'm going to bed."

"Adeus. Farewell." Alex flew away.

While flying, Alex thought about what he had seen when he saw Blu and Jewel earlier that night. He had looked into both their hearts, similar to how he had done so to Blu. Confidence, anxiety, love, fear, happiness and hatred. Hatred towards those who threaten to take away her freedom, hatred towards those who seek to hurt her. Similar to Blu, only more confident. It seems both of them grew up not knowing either of their parents. But when I looked back at Blu, I think I saw... no... it must have been my imagination.


The next day, Blu and Jewel woke up at the same time. "Morning, Blu," Jewel said cheerfully. "Good morning," Blu said as he stretched his wings. "I'm gonna go see Paul today, do you want me to come home early?"

"Well, if you could that would be nice, but you don't need to go out of your way."

"Alright, see you later!" Blu said as he opened the window and flew off.


When he reached Paul's hollow, he had already prepared breakfast for him and Blu. Paul tossed Blu one half of a mango. "So, I heard you had some fun yesterday at that treehouse?" Paul teased Blu as usual.

"No, we just had dinner." Blu said.

"Sure, that's what they all say." Paul laughed as he swallowed a bite of the passion fruit he had in his wings.

"Who is they?" Blu asked, sounding curious.

"Alex. You saw him, didn't you? Or were you too distracted by your mate?"

"Oh yeah, about him..." Blu wanted to find out more about this 'Alex'.

"What is it now? Did he interrupt the mating ritual?" Paul said, trying to sound obnoxious.

"No, I just want to know more about him."

"Ok, well, um... he claims he can read your heart, but I think that's a whole lot of rubbish. He's a pretty weird guy, to be honest. He doesn't have a home, he spends the whole night meditating on top of Jesus' head. He doesn't sleep at all. And he's a pretty quiet guy."

Blu was surprised at what he had heard. "What do you mean by read hearts?"

"He says he can look into your heart and see all your emotions. Creepy, huh?"

"Ok… so, how did you and him become friends?"

"We've come a long way, my genie friend. But he's helped me out a lot, and I respect him. Sort of."

Recalling how Paul had called Alex a jerk and acted obnoxiously when Alex brought Blu to him, Blu laughed a little. "Sure seems that way," he said sarcastically. Well, he doesn't seem too bad according to Paul, and he hasn't really done anything bad to me or Jewel, so I won't worry about him. Blu thought as Paul finished up his meal and started on Blu's lesson.


That night, when Blu got back to Linda's room, Linda and Jewel were waiting for him at the window. "Blu, remember how I told you how I would make a new bookstore here?" Linda asked as she closed the window after Blu flew in. Blu gave her a nod. "I've finally found somewhere we can set it up!" Linda said cheerfully. Blu squawked happily and flew next to Jewel. "You seem happy," Jewel said as she smiled at him. "Of course! I can stay here with you for the rest of my life, I've never felt any happier." Blu chirped.

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