I love the show! And I love Eliot/Parker more. *sighs*

So here is a little something about my favorite Leverage ship! I hope you like it. 3

This is set right after the Carnival job. I just saw this episode yesterday. AGAIN. And I imagined it went a little like this afterwards. Just in my mind that is. :)

Eliot. Parker. The hitter. The thief.

Eliot did not think it was necessary to go to the hospital, after they had rescued Molly Connell from the Russians. He walked out of the bar with a 'nurse' with him. Eliot was hurt real bad, but he did not let it show. His whole body ached like h***. At the moment, he was with Michelle in his apartment. She was sitting on his couch, nipping at her drink. 'She was pretty' he thought.

But the last few weeks, he couldn't help but compare every woman with the gorgeous blonde he worked with. He was confused about it though. He didn't know when exactly this happened. He was a professional for God sake! Yes, he had always been there to protect her. But she wasn't the only one he protected. He did the same for Nate, Sophie and Hardison too. But since they did that job on that treacherous mountain, he saw her in a different light.

He still thought that she was crazy as h***, but he liked that crazy woman. Very, very much. She was weird, but she was also amazing. He admired her; everything about her was amazing. From her gorgeous smile to her delicious scent and her flexible body. She was sweet and cared so much about others. He also loves the shampoo she uses; it was a mix of papaya and guava. Sometimes he just had the urge to lean in and smell her beautiful, shiny blonde hair. She likes sitting next to him, making it so hard for him to resist that urge.

He was taken out of his thoughts by Michelle. She was walking towards him with a seducing smile on her face. He suddenly had the urge to be near a certain blonde thief. Michelle walked towards him and touched his upper arm. She caressed his arm, but Eliot stopped her. "I am sorry. But I have changed my mind. It wasn't a good idea of me to call you, Michelle." He said. She looked disappointed, but smiled anyway and decided to leave.

"Eliot, it looks like you like her very much. Time flies by fast; please tell her how you feel." She said and walked out the door. Eliot wasn't even thinking about telling her. Come to think of it, he was going to do his best, to act normal around her. But it was so damn hard. At the moment, he was thinking about her in a dress. She didn't like to wear dresses, but when she wore them it was hard for him not stare at her beauty.

Lately his head starts to spin a little, whenever she sits right next to him. Her warmth and closeness seem to overwhelm him. He was still thinking about her, while he went downstairs to the gym. He wanted to let it out; so he hit the punching bag like there was no tomorrow. He was letting out all these new feelings he seem to have for that gorgeous, blonde woman. Parker.

Parker had a weird feeling. That strange, but wonderful feeling in her stomach came whenever Eliot was around. She didn't understand what it was and why she felt it. These feelings she seem to have for him, was foreign to her. She always liked him as a friend, but now she is not sure if it's just friendship she feels for him. Ever since the job on that treacherous mountain, she saw Eliot in a different light.

She imagined what it would feel like to touch that scar on his lip. She knows he had many others and it made her heart ache, knowing that he had probably others. She liked his dark hair and sparkling blue eyes. Lately she gets the urge to close her eyes and inhale his manly scent, whenever he was near her. It was a mix of his after shave and purely him. He was such a strong man. Physically and mentally he was strong. When he was busy fighting the bad guys off, lately she wanted to stop with what she was doing and just wanted to watch his movements. How he avoided the punches and how he threw them at his assailants.

To her it almost looks like a dance; beautiful, flowing movements that was almost jaw dropping. Sometimes she watches him in awe. She used to love to hit him at the places, where he was hurt. But now she only has the urge to caress those spots and … What? Caress those spots? She shook her head furiously and realized that she has lost it; she has completely lost it. Caress Eliot. Pfffffff! All these feelings were confusing and overwhelming her tremendously.

Tonight when she saw him leave with that blonde woman, she felt an ache in her heart. She never had that feeling. She had the urge to grab that woman by the hair and pull her from Eliot. What was that particular feeling? And why did she want to hurt that blonde woman?

Eliot was hurt badly by the Russians. The only thing she wanted to do afterwards was go to his apartment and try to make him feel better. She's not able to take his pain away, but maybe she can comfort him. Maybe she can make him feel better by bringing him his favorite ice cream and eating it together, watching TV.

But that probably was a very bad idea, considering Eliot was with that blonde woman. There she goes again, having the urge to hurt that other woman. Grrrrrr. After thinking very long and hard, she decided to call him. She isn't sure what she'll say, but she needed to hear his voice. Just to hear that voice that could calm her down, whenever she felt on edge. So with trembling fingers she dialled his number.

Phew! Got that out of my system. Haha.

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