At her first conscious thought, Kate realizes she can't move her arms, her eyes won't stay open and her thoughts are fuzzy. After several long slow blinks she can see the ceiling tiles, tiny holes in white foam, one foot by one foot squares. She cranes her neck trying to make sense of them. Her eyes close again. She just needs to rest.

"Karen?" she feels a hand shake her shoulder, and a female voice calls out, "Karen? Time to wake up."

Someone stiffly rubs her sternum and wow, it hurts enough to pull her from her lethargy. She opens her eyes to meet the grey eyes and matching hair of a woman in pink scrubs.

"Hi Karen, you need to wake up, can't sleep all day, lunch is in a little while and Dr. Phillips will want to see you before then."

Kate's so confused, "where am I?"

"You're in a place you can rest and get well, Karen."

"My name isn't Karen," she lifts her head and realizes her arms are restrained, tied to the head of the bed above her, "why am I here? Untie me," she demands.

"Relax. Dr. Phillips will be here in a moment and you can discuss all of that with him. You're here to rest and get well." And then the woman is headed out the door.

"Wait, hey, wait, untie me!"

She takes a moment to look around, the room contains nothing but the bed, pushed up against one wall, the door has a square of window in it and what looks like an inset metal drawer. She flips herself over so she can see the restraints on her hands. They look medical, Velcro over padded cuffs and she realizes from this angle that she can probably get them off with her mouth. She pushes her knees under herself and moves up to pull on the cuff with her teeth, hears the tearing of the Velcro and manages to free one hand, in a moment she's out of bed and pressed up against the window. There is nothing but a keyhole on the door, no handle of any type on her side.

She's wearing some kind of loose pants and a kimono style top with short ties on the side, obviously hospital issue. What hospital? The most she can see out of the tiny window is a hallway and part of another door across the way.

Where the hell is she?


She's standing at the door looking out when a man in a white coat appears in her view. Grey hair and glasses, he sees her watching him.

"Karen? I'm Dr. Phillips, why don't you go sit on the bed so I can come in and talk with you." She backs up, sits down on the bed and hears the lock turn. The doctor enters and behind him, a large black man dressed in the same pink scrubs she saw on the nurse.

"Hi there," he says, coming closer to the bed, "this is Adrian," he motions to the man now guarding the door. He offers nothing more before asking, "how are you feeling?"

"I think there has been some kind of mistake, my name is not Karen, it's Kate, Kate Beckett. I just woke up here and I don't know where I am. I need to make a phone call."

"Okay, slow down a little there, Karen. Let's back up some, you don't remember why you are here?"

She eyes him, he's a little too calm for the panic she's starting to feel, her voice is full of authority when she says, "I told you, my name is not Karen, my name is Kate, and I'm an NYPD detective, I need to make a phone call right now."

"You're a detective? With the NYPD?"

She nods, finally, he's listening.

"Why do you think you are here, Karen?"

She's growing annoyed with this, with him and his calm voice. She rises to stand but thinks better of it as she sees Phillips raise a hand to stay Adrian. It slows her.

"I don't know why I'm here, and my name is not Karen. Are you going to let me use the phone or not?"

"Well that depends, who do you want to call?"

"I don't see how that's your business, show me to a phone," and then she lifts an eyebrow and says decisively, "now please."

He tilts his head, considering her. It thoroughly annoys her, he seems to think he has some control over her.

"I think it may take a few days for you to adjust here and then we can see about using the phone, Karen."

She's starting to panic, needs to call upon the skills she has, needs to turn the tide of power. She narrows her eyes at him, "Why am I here?"

"You don't remember?"

"No," she suddenly realizes she doesn't remember anything of her recent past.

"You were involved in a terrible incident, Karen, you don't remember because your mind can't handle it yet. You need to rest and things will become clearer."

She rubs her eyes, that, it, that doesn't seem right. Does it?

"Please, let me make a phone call, my partner, he can help me with this."

"Is that your partner at the NYPD?"

"Yes, he can help, let me call him."

"Karen, you don't work for the NYPD, you were a law clerk before this incident."

It's starting to dawn on her, they don't believe her. They think she's crazy.

"No, seriously, call my dad, talk to him, he'll straighten this out."

"I think you are a little agitated, I'm going to give you something to calm you down, it will help your mind rest. Why don't you lay back?"

"No!" Kate's emphatic, "No, listen to me, call my dad, I'll give you his number, he's my health proxy, he'll want to be involved in any medical decisions."

Adrian is already coming toward her.

"Okay, Karen, the problem is that the incident involved your father, so we can't talk to him right now."

"What? What happened to my dad?" She stands, but Adrian pushes her shoulders back on the bed. She responds immediately breaking his hold in a quick sweep of her hands, standing and landing an uppercut in a smooth, practiced motion.

He curses as she makes for the door, the doctor thrown back by the sudden commotion. She can't get it open before his arms are around her hips, lifting her feet from the floor. She struggles and kicks, but he has at least one hundred pounds on her and he's using his weight to throw her across the bed and hold her down.

The last thing she feels is the needle in her hip.

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