Summary of Resident Evil: Vengeance: Dryden Ainsley Abernathy-Parks (formerly Wesker) has learned of his true parentage. Horrified by the extent of evil he had done under the orders of his foster father, Albert Wesker, Dryden reunites with his mother and father to stop the head of the Umbrella Corporation. In his absence, Wesker has resurrected Carlos Olivera in an attempt to quash the remaining resistance once and for all.

Chapter One

Sunrise Towers

New York


Alice never thought she'd feel such bliss. As far as she could remember, her life was tinged with sadness, disappointment, and pain.

But not this. Never this.

Before her she watched as her son, Dryden Ainsley Parks – he had quickly dropped the 'Wesker' surname – taught K-Mart how to fight. She had been with her son for less than a week now, but she felt as if she'd known him forever.

Maybe it was because he was the spitting image of his father, Percival 'Spence' Parks, or maybe it was because deep down, Alice knew that there was a piece of her missing.

"Put all your weight behind your punch," Dryden said, reaching over K-Mart's arm and demonstrating. "You want to bash the person's face in, not give them a simple nosebleed."

K-Mart nodded, her face scrunched in concentration. She then darted forward, slamming her fist against the dummy, which keeled over at the impact.

"Not bad," Dryden commented. He seemed to notice that his mother was there, for he quickly excused himself and approached her. "Hey Mom."

"We're needed in the meeting room," she told him, smiling as he kissed her on the cheek in greeting. "Leon wants us to take the facility as soon as possible."

"We should have done it earlier," he pointed out. "Wesker may realize what we plan to do, but did any of you listen? No. It was 'Dryden don't do this' and 'Dryden don't do that'."

"You needed rest," Alice replied. "Just in case you've forgotten, you did overexert yourself trying to kill me."

Dryden flinched. "Don't remind me. I'm happy I failed."

Alice laughed softly. "I'm glad you did, too. So, I'll see you in the meeting room?" Her eyes strayed over to K-Mart, who was practicing her punches. "Don't take so long."

"I promise."

Alice gave her son one last smile and went out of the training room. As she walked down the hallway, she was soon joined by Spence, who was shrugging into a black leather biker jacket.

"Kennedy called a meeting again?" he asked, arranging the cuffs of his jacket.

"Yes, he wants to get into the facility soon. Tomorrow, if possible." Alice couldn't help but tense up slightly around Spence. Although her former flame had apologized about the incident back at the Hive, she still couldn't find it in herself to fully forgive him.

But I promised Dryden I'd act civil around him, Alice reminded herself.

"I still think Dryden is too weak to fight," Spence said, frowning. "It's much too soon."

"I trust our son's abilities, Spence. If he says he's ready, then he's ready."

Spence made a noncommittal nod and followed her inside the meeting room. Inside were Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and Claire and Chris Redfield. They were all talking amongst themselves, with Jill and Chris drinking cups of piping hot black coffee.

"Alice, Spence," Leon said, smiling as the pair entered. "Where's Dryden?"

"He'll be along shortly," Alice replied, sitting beside Jill and giving her comrade a smile. "He's training K-Mart."

"Ah." Leon smiled knowingly. "We'll wait for him, then."

They didn't have to wait long, however. A few minutes later Dryden entered, apologizing for his lateness. He immediately took a seat between Claire and his father; the former shifted uncomfortably as he did so. Only a few weeks ago Dryden had threatened to kill other captives if she and her brother hadn't identified themselves.

Seeing him as part of their group bothered Claire to no end, even though she knew that Dryden had fully denounced Albert Wesker and was now working with them.

"Any ideas on how to infiltrate the facility?" Leon prompted.

"I can clear the surrounding area of the infected while you use the helicopter to fly in," Dryden offered. "I did the same thing to the Los Angeles facility."

Jill and Spence confirmed this, having been with Dryden at the time.

"We also have to take into consideration whether or not your abilities can handle it," Leon countered. "We certainly do not want a repeat performance."

Dryden nodded, but was convinced he could handle things.

"What about the Lickers?" Ada asked, frowning. "They may be an issue."

"Perhaps my father can distract them," Dryden said, grinning lightly. His mother had told him that a Licker had attacked Spence back at the Hive. "I've heard he's talented at that."

Spence elbowed his son, who ignored his father's jab. Alice fought back a laugh and continued listening to Leon.

"Can we take the Lickers down without relying on Dryden's abilities?" Leon prompted.

"Yes," Alice said. "But we may have to use more heavy artillery."

"The facility has an arsenal. We can get whatever we need to deal with the Lickers from there." Dryden tilted his chair back slightly, a confident smile on his face.

"It's settled, then. We leave for the facility first thing tomorrow morning." Leon nodded to the others and stood up.

As the others exited the room, Spence approached Alice and Dryden, his hands in his pockets. "Listen, do you want to have lunch? Together? As a family?"

Alice looked surprised, but Dryden shrugged. "Yeah, sounds good. Right Mom?"

"Of course," Alice agreed. Spence's eyes lit up and he grinned.

"Great. I'll see you guys later, then."

Dryden watched his mother's expression as Spence walked away. Once they were alone, he looked at her, his eyebrows raised.

"What?" Alice asked, as they made their way back to the training room.

"You and Dad haven't patched up your differences, I see." Dryden poised his hand on top of the doorknob.

"I'm doing my best, Dryden," Alice told him.

"I know," Dryden nodded. "I just…the only father I've ever known was a megalomaniac. I hoped that I could have a real, normal family for once."

Alice smiled wanly. "Unfortunately, our family is anything but normal."

Umbrella Corporation Facility

Los Angeles


Albert Wesker pressed his lips into a thin line. He had successfully resurrected former STARS operative Carlos Olivera, but somehow his achievement paled next to the irritating fact that his former son and ally, Dryden, was now part of the resistance.

Wesker knew he had nobody else to blame but himself. Beck had warned him the consequences of resurrecting Spence Parks, but he didn't listen.

Wesker observed Olivera's progress and his frown deepened.

Dryden was the perfect weapon, Wesker thought. If only he hadn't been turned, I would have captured Project Janus eventually.

But the question still remained: why was Dryden so easily defeated? Hadn't he proven the strength and extent of his psionic abilities? Something was wrong here.

And Wesker fully intended on finding it out.