Chapter Eight

The Hive

New York


Alice entered the containment center. Dryden was in the cell at the very end, and Alice saw that he was talking softly to K Mart. When the door slid open the two stopped their conversation and looked at her.

"Alice," K Mart said, rising.

"Hey K Mart," Alice greeted. "How long have you been here?"

"Since…since I woke up," K Mart admitted. "I hope that's okay."

"Of course. Dry definitely needs someone to talk to. Thank you." Alice smiled and went over to her son, who had stood up as well.

"Mom. Have they caught the perpetrator?"

Alice shook her head. "No. So far they still suspect you. Don't worry Dry, I believe you. So does your father."

Dryden's expression darkened. "Why won't any of you listen to me? I just know Carlos Olivera is behind this!"

Alice sighed. "We have no proof."

"I knew you would refuse to listen to reason." Dryden turned away from Alice, and she could see her son's muscles tense up. "Is it because you felt something for him once?"

K Mart turned her head slowly to Alice, whose cheeks had gone slightly pink. "What made you say that?"

"It's the way you look at him whenever he's around," Dryden answered bitterly. "It's the same way Dad looks at you, only you never even bothered to notice."

"Where is all this coming from?" Alice asked, surprised. "Dryden…"

Dryden looked at her over his shoulder, and Alice could see hurt in his eyes.

"Maybe I'd better leave you two alone," K Mart said, and she left the room. Dryden watched as she left, finally turning to face his mother.

"If you really want to be fair, to be partial, you'd consider the possibility," Dryden began. "He was with Wesker. The least you could do is keep an eye on him."

"Alright, I will," Alice promised.

Dryden softened slightly. "Thank you."

Alice remained in the containment center for a few hours, where she discussed Wesker's possible plan of attack now that he knew of the resistance's plans.

"He would look for our weaknesses first," Dryden had said. "Which is what we – you – should do. Make them our strengths. Wesker may try and draw our group out with the promise of a meeting. Normally he uses this as a distraction; with his enemy's forces divided, he can easily overpower either of the two."

Alice had nodded, seeing the sense in Dryden's words. "So we have to be prepared for any eventuality."

Dryden had smirked. "No. You have to be prepared for the worst. What would you do if Wesker breaches our defenses? Stand and fight? Or will you escape and live to fight another day?"

Before Alice left the containment center, Dryden had called her back.

"One last thing," he had said. "Always have a Plan B."

Carlos strolled to the control room, confident that nobody would be there. It was well past midnight after all, and most of the resistance was inside their chambers, sleeping. Those who were on patrol duty were stationed far from the control room.

He wouldn't be bothered.

Carlos opened the door and went to the main computer, intent on learning the new plans that the council had prepared. Carlos was aware that Alice had consulted with Dryden earlier that day, where they discussed possible strategies. It was likely that Alice had encoded these plans in the computer.

Carlos knew that Wesker would want to know what these plans were.

Carlos booted up the computer and sat down, waiting. Once the homepage appeared, Carlos browsed through the files, searching for the right documents. He found the folder he was looking for, and clicked on it.

Several document files popped up, and Carlos smiled to himself. He was about to click on the first one when someone spoke.

"Late night?"

Carlos jumped up from his seat and whirled around. "Who are you?"

Someone moved from the shadows and walked into the light.


"I knew you were the traitor," Spence said, his eyes narrowing. "You framed my son, you son of a bitch."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Carlos answered, switching the computer off by pressing the button to the computer's power box. "You don't have any proof."

Spence smirked. "Oh, I think I do."

The Red Queen's hologram appeared beside Spence, and she was grinning. "I've recorded his activities, just as you asked, Percival."

"Good." Spence stepped towards Carlos, who stood his ground. "You should have left my son out of your schemes, asshole."

Carlos's mouth thinned.

"Wake the council, Angela," Spence said, and the Red Queen nodded. Seconds later all the lights in the facility switched on, and a collective groan was heard.

Carlos looked at Spence and then at the door. Before he could react, Spence launched himself at the former STARS operative. Both men fell to the floor in a flurry of fists. The Red Queen laughed as she watched the two fight each other.

Both were skilled in hand-to-hand combat, which made it difficult to say who would end up the victor. Spence was able to throw in several good punches, and Carlos managed to knee Spence in the stomach. Their fight was soon discovered by the rest of the resistance. The Red Queen's holographic image flickered out before the resistance arrived, with Claire being the first one on the scene.

"What's going on?" she exclaimed, running over to Carlos and helping him stand. "What the hell, Spence?"

"That dickhead is the one accessing our files!" Spence answered, pointing a finger at Carlos. "He was the one who sent copies of the council's plans to Wesker!"

"Do you have any proof?" Jill asked.

Spence nodded. "Angela?"

While the others looked at each other in confusion, a holographic image of a security camera feed was flashed inside the room. It showed Carlos accessing the computer and Spence confronting the STARS operative.

A second feed was then shown. Here the camera zoomed forward on the computer screen, and they could clearly see Carlos typing in Dryden's username and password. As one, the resistance members turned to Carlos.

"So it was you," Leon said.

Before any of them could grab him, however, Carlos sprinted out of the room. Spence and Leon ran after him, their footsteps loud in the empty hallway.

Carlos headed towards the exit, which was close to the containment center. He spotted K Mart coming out of the center and grabbed her, locking her in a chokehold.

"Don't move, or I'll slit your throat," Carlos hissed.

"C-carlos?" K Mart spluttered. She never thought she'd be hearing Carlos say those words to her. The Carlos Olivera she knew was kind, funny, and gentle. He would never… "Oh my god. You're the mole."

The two heard footsteps approach, and Carlos dragged K Mart with him towards the exit. Spence and Leon rounded the corner, and both men skidded to a stop.

"Let her go, Carlos," Leon said, raising his hands. "Don't do anything drastic."

"Oh I won't," Carlos assured him. "As long as I get out of here alive, nothing will happen to her."

K Mart remained still, but Carlos's arm was crushing her neck. She gasped for air, only for Carlos to tighten his hold on her neck.

"You framed my son. I won't let you get away with it," Spence growled.

Carlos smirked. "Well, yes. It was amusing, really. You all seemed ready to believe the worst in him, you never bothered checking 'one of your own'."

"I always believed Dryden," Spence said. "Why do you think I was in the room in the first place? I just knew you were up to no good."

"Why? Jealous because Alice likes me more than you?" Carlos taunted.

By then the rest of the resistance had arrived. Ada and Alice had their guns drawn, while Claire stared in horror at her former comrade.

"Carlos," Claire called. "Let K Mart go."

Carlos laughed. "Look at you. The mighty resistance. Wesker knows your plans, and he will certainly crush you all."

Carlos reached the panel, and his fingers fumbled for the buttons. Before he could finish entering the sequence (another piece of information Wesker had given him), he gasped. His arm raised, as if of its own volition, allowing the girl to drop to the floor.

Carlos's eyes widened, as if he couldn't believe what was happening. A split second later he was hurled across the room, colliding with the metal wall.

"Dryden," Alice whispered. It seemed as if Dryden could use his psionic abilities even if he wasn't in the room with them.

Claire went to K Mart's side; the girl was coughing and clutching her throat. "You okay?"

"I'm…fine…" K Mart choked out. "It was Carlos all along?"

"Yeah, he is," Claire answered, glancing at the still form of Carlos Olivera. "I guess I was wrong about Dryden."

K Mart nodded and Claire helped her get to her feet. Spence grabbed Carlos by the scruff of his collar.

"I am going to enjoy this," Spence whispered. Before he could punch the living daylights out of Carlos, Alice placed a hand on Spence's shoulder.


Spence turned his head to look at her. "He's responsible for having Dryden placed in that cell, Alice."

"I know. But Wesker's controlling him. It's not really Carlos who's doing it."

"What do you suggest we do?" Leon asked, coming up behind the two. "If Wesker is controlling him we can't just let him go."

"I say put him in the containment center," Chris suggested.

Leon nodded. Spence glanced at Carlos, finally shoving the STARS operative down the hallway. He kept a firm grip on Carlos's collar, preventing the man from running away. Ada had even trained her assault rifle at Carlos, who grudgingly followed the group into the containment center.

As they entered they saw Dryden leaning against the glass, smiling.

"So the mole has finally been caught," he said. "How is K Mart?"

"I'm fine, Dry," K Mart replied. Claire still had an arm over K Mart's shoulder, but the girl smiled reassuringly at Dryden, who nodded.

The two had agreed that they would keep their relationship a secret – Dryden feared that once Wesker knew about it, the CEO would use K Mart as a way to get to him.

Ada entered the code for one of the cells, and Spence shoved Carlos inside. "Let's see how you like staying in a containment cell."

Carlos merely looked contemptuous.

"I had no idea you could use your psionic abilities that way," Alice said, moving closer to her son.

"What can I say? I'm full of surprises," Dryden answered with a roguish wink.

Umbrella Corporation Facility

Los Angeles


"And how long will it take to capture her?"

Wesker leaned back on his chair, watching the screen in front of him. He pressed the tips of his fingers together, thinking hard.


Wesker's eyes flickered over to the screen. Dryden wasn't the only child Wesker had mentored and fathered over the years. Alexis and Scratch were two girls heavily infected with the strain of the T Virus, but Wesker honestly didn't give them much of his attention (he had even stabbed out one of Scratch's eyes during one of their evaluation sessions). Dryden, with all his psionic abilities, had gained most of Wesker's attention as the boy grew up.

But Wesker maintained a firm hold on the two other girls, especially on Alexis. Scratch seemed…off. Still her powers were considerable.

"In time, Alexis. We will have her soon. I have yet to hear from our little mole."

Alexis nodded, and then glanced behind her. "My sister grows restless. I fear we may have an issue with her."

"I see. Deal with it, then."

Alexis pressed her lips together. "As you wish."

The video ended, and Wesker looked up to see Nicholai step into the room. "The team has assembled, Sir. When shall we transmit the broadcast?"

"Now." Wesker settled into a more comfortable position, while Nicholai went over to a console and pressed several buttons.

"Establishing communication link to New York facility," the mechanical female voice said.

Wesker smirked and waited for the signal. He was ready.