Chapter Nine

The Hive

New York


There should be someone screaming, but the occupied cell next to his remained as silent as the grave. Oh there were a few faint scuffles every now and then, but other than that, his fellow prisoner was quiet.

Dryden leaned against the wall, as if he could absorb the thoughts of the older man who was standing a few feet away from him.

Two days had passed since the resistance had caught Carlos Olivera sending their backup plans to Albert Wesker. During those two days, Leon, Jill, and Alice had visited Carlos on countless occasions to ask him various questions.

Carlos simply stared blankly at them.

"You won't get anything out of him," Dryden had drawled. "Wesker probably severed his ties with his little mole."

Although his mother seemed to see the sense behind his words, Leon and Jill were determined to gather as much information as they could from the former STARS operative. Dryden knew that their efforts were futile; if Carlos was under the influence of pentatheromene, then Carlos wouldn't do anything without Wesker's permission.

The door to the containment center opened and K-Mart stepped in. Her visits were becoming more frequent, and although Dryden knew that the other resistance members had strong suspicions that he and K-Mart had become an "item," he was careful not to confirm those suspicions.

Wesker had a nasty habit of using people close to his foes to lure them into a trap.

"I brought you some food," K Mart said, her eyes briefly darting to the unseen figure (who Dryden knew was Carlos) in the next cell. "Your dad also had me give you some new clothes."

Dryden saw that some clothes hung from K Mart's arm. "Excellent. I haven't changed in quite a while."

K Mart's mouth twitched and she used the metal drawer on the side of the cell to transfer the food and the clothes. Dryden bit hungrily into a taco, while K Mart pulled up a chair and propped her chin on her hand. For a few minutes there was silence, as Dryden finished his food.

Once he was done, he wiped his mouth with a wad of tissue and stood up, taking his shirt off as he did. K Mart's eyes widened and she cleared her throat uncomfortably. Dryden paused, wondering what was making her feel uncomfortable.

K Mart slowly averted her head as Dryden slipped free from his pants, but just before Dryden changed into the black leather pants that his dad had given him, K Mart stole a peek.

She had imagined him to be well chiseled, and she was right. His body looked like it had been cut with a laser, and he looked like he could have been one of those underwear models she used to like gawking at in fashion magazines.

K Mart closed her eyes, only opening them when Dryden said her name. She saw that he was now fully clothed, and that he was watching her intently. Since he was wearing Spence's clothes, the similarities between father and son were unmistakable. The only feature that Dryden had inherited from Alice was his eyes.

"Hey," K Mart said, smiling. "When are you getting out?"

Dryden shrugged. "Soon, hopefully. I understand why they haven't let me out yet, but to be honest this is getting ridiculous. Perhaps Claire is convincing them that I control Carlos."

"No she doesn't," K Mart defended. "She actually feels bad about suspecting you."

Dryden smirked. "Does she? I was under the impression that she hates me. She may have had a brief feeling of guilt, but she got over it pretty quickly. I don't see her in here."

K Mart frowned at Dryden. "I know you two aren't close, but Claire isn't like that. You were an asshole before, remember? She's just finding it difficult to forget that you shot an innocent man, took me hostage, tried to kill your own mom and Leon, and trussed her and Chris up in the helicopter."

"You got over it quickly," Dryden pointed out.

K Mart sighed in exasperation.

Great, our first fight, she thought.

Dryden must have thought so, because he moved towards her slowly. But before either of them could apologize, Claire entered the room. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw K Mart, and she cleared her throat uncomfortably.

"K Mart, the others are looking for you," Claire said, although Dryden didn't believe her for one instant.

K Mart hesitated. She didn't want to part on bad terms, but Dryden turned away from her and walked over to the other end of his cell.

If he doesn't want to patch things up, fine, K Mart thought with annoyance. She turned around and joined Claire, and the two women left Dryden in the containment center.

The Hive

New York


The signal appeared so suddenly that the resistance thought that it was just a hoax. Taylor Lung, one of Leon's comrades, was the one who picked up on the signal and alerted the council immediately.

"Looks like it's coming from somewhere on the west coast," Taylor replied as he hurried after Leon.

"Wesker," Alice said darkly.

"Not exactly," Taylor added, and Alice raised her eyebrows. "The signal seems to be coming from the east as well. From England, to be exact."

"England? Does Wesker have any allies there?" Leon glanced at Alice, who shrugged.

"Not that I'm aware of. Maybe Dryden knows. I think it's time for him to be released, don't you think?" Alice gave Leon a meaningful glance; the leader of the resistance nodded.

"Have Spence release your son, and then bring him to the control room. We might need his input." Leon and Taylor entered the control room, while Alice hurried to Spence's chambers.

The former security of the Hive was lounging on his bed, and his face brightened when Alice entered. "Well this is a pleasant surprise."

"Dryden is to be released," she replied, trying to ignore the way her stomach fluttered as she took in Spence's appearance. "You have the honor of doing it."

Spence was on his feet immediately. "Aren't you coming with me?"

"I want to, but Taylor picked up this transmission that seems to come from England."

"And of course you just have to be there. It's fine. I understand."

Alice studied him for a while, but besides his usual smirk, Spence looked sincere. She smiled slightly and they left his room together, separating only when Spence turned into the hallway that led to the containment center.

Alice reached the control room in time to see the massive screen split in half: one was showing the hated Wesker, and the other facing two young girls. One of them had a large scratch/scar on her face, while the other had an expression that suggested that someone was holding a huge pile of dung under her nose.

"Of course I expect the leaders of the resistance to be there," Wesker said. His eyes flickered to Alice, and he smirked. "Ah. Project Alice."

"Wesker." Alice refused to acknowledge the former chairman, instead focusing her attention to the two girls.

The girl with a scar over her eye gave a small smile, while the other merely blinked and studied Alice.

"She doesn't look like much," the contemptuous girl commented. "Are you sure that's her?"

Before Wesker could answer, the door to the control room opened. Dryden and Spence stepped in, the former his hands clasped behind his back. The moment he saw Wesker, however, his expression darkened.

"Wesker." Dryden scowled deeply.

"My, how fast your mother has rubbed off on you," Wesker commented, still smirking. "And to think that once you called me 'Father'."

"Is that him?" At the sight of Dryden, the girl with the scar became more animated.

"Be still, Scratch," the other girl scolded, and Scratch fell into an uneasy silence. "Yes, he looks remarkable. I can understand why you used to consider him an asset."

Dryden smiled slowly. Whatever the girl had said didn't seem to faze him the slightest. "Now I see where you got the design for the White Queen, Wesker. The resemblance is uncanny. No, wait. I meant the Red Queen. They both have the same psychotic look in their eyes."

Alexis hissed and Dryden laughed.

"Alexis," Wesker said, and Alexis terminated the connection reluctantly. Before she did, however, Dryden and Scratch locked eyes, and for a moment, something powerful passed between the two of them.

And then it was gone.

"As I was saying, I am willing to attend the meeting, on the condition that the leaders of the resistance be present as well," Wesker said, his gaze landing on Dryden every so often. "All of them."

"And where is this meeting to be held?" Leon asked in a strained voice.

"Why, in your facility, of course," Wesker replied. "That gives you the advantage of being on your own turf."

Leon hesitated, and Dryden could see that he was thinking hard.

"If you think we're going to agree, you're insane." Spence shook his head. "Seriously, don't tell me you're actually considering this!"

Alice looked at Leon, who looked at Wesker. Finally, Leon nodded.

Spence groaned and turned away in exasperation, while Wesker chuckled. "I'll see you soon, then. All of you."

The screen faded to black.

The Hive

New York


The containment center was down to one prisoner.

Carlos paced his cell, oblivious to everything around him. Only when a figure entered the containment center did he raise his head. "What are you doing here?"

It was the first time he had spoken since being caught, and his voice was scratchy.

"What device is it?" Dryden asked, stepping into the light. In his hand he had a capped syringe, which carried a deep blue liquid. "What device has Wesker placed in you?"

"Awareness," Carlos replied with a sly grin. Dryden said nothing, but instead typed in the code.

Seconds before the cell door slid open, Dryden used his psionic ability to hold Carlos firm to the floor. As the young man stepped inside, he flipped Carlos onto the floor.

"I won't lie, Carlos Olivera," Dryden whispered as he leaned over the man. "This is going to hurt. A lot."

Author's Note: Sorry for taking sooooo daaaaamn loooong, but I honestly lost the creative funk for this fanfic and decided to take a break (after all, I don't want to make a crappy chapter). Hopefully you don't mind waiting, because the next chapters are the fight scenes, and I want to use all the characters I've brought back (I saw the film and was disappointed that the 'resurrected' characters weren't given a lot of screen time, save for Rain). I'm working on some ideas, so this is going to take some time. I expect the chapters to get longer though. :)

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