Blue here,

I am guessing you will at least look at this story, because it could be of the most importance to do so. Welcome to the adventure..., don't lose yourself.


Chapter 1

Hey, you know those crazy people out there that say there are alternate dimensions and oh, I dunno people who are part animal or some other totally unbelievable attribute? Well, who would have thought they were right? Now, if you think I'm trying to mess with you, then just walk away, this book isn't for you. World- of-Warcraft players, this isn't some elf fantasy game, it's too cute. No. This alternate dimension is very much like your rock, Earth, but we all have psychic powers and whatnot. Plus, we call our version of your rock, Being. No meaning to it, just because we can. But we're not all about peace and love, that's just weird. Because of our powers there is just more fighting than World War VII, (We already had World Wars I- VI already.) So, needless to say, we fight a lot, but we never get anywhere. Not a huge shocker there, I mean, you people of Earth haven't even gotten to World War III yet.

I bet you're thinking, "Oh no! Being in an alternate universe can't be that bad!"

Well, it is, especially when you're me, a freak of the freaks. Hi there, my name is Allen Night, and I'm just your average cat girl with the ability to create weapons, pretty much anything, out of my own body. Amazing, I know. Not only good looks, but awesome powers too..., psych! Just because I come from a different world doesn't mean I have to be a bitch. Now, moving on, you see, a little while ago, a bunch of friends and I sort of, stole an extremely important device. Now, this device can take us to the exact opposite of our universe, only, my entire world is pissed that we took it. So now, we're on the run.

But halfway through this, I thought, "Hey, why not run to another demension?"

So, that's exactly what we're doing. We're going to YOUR world to hide. So be nice, dammit!

Oh yeah, since you read this, you might wanna stay tuned for what's next, considering your government is after us too. And..., now that you know, the government might need to invite you on a cruise that you'll never come back from. Those arragant bastards'll say that it was an accident. So you might want to forget this ever happened..., well, it's not gonna help. So shut up, quit your bitching, and strap in for this ride, it's gonna be a fun one.


Enjoy the first chapter? Stay tuned for more, oh, and don't let the government know you read this. The really will chalk it up as an accident where the body was never found. Keep that in mind! The world and Being are at stake here.