Shadow of the Snake Chapter 2

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Turning to glance at the parchment in which the required items were written on, Harry considered the following things he needed. Books, robes and potion equipment and his wand. He was definitely going to take a long time with books, so it would be easier to purchase the robes he needed first. Besides, his muggle clothing seemed to be garnering lots of attention, and not the good kind either.

Harry walked away from Baldwin's and started to look around. The alley was crowded with numerous witches and wizards.

Harry did not feel comfortable here, but he knew he couldn't show it. The key to building relations with others was a polite and friendly demeanor. If he revealed his anxiety and nervousness, the vultures and hyena would tear him apart.

The boy looked down before looking back up, his indifferent gaze replaced with a confident and slight smile. Harry was actually rather surprised Baldwin and his assistant didn't recognize him. His hand reached towards his forehead, touching his long hair fringe that was covering his scar.

Was the-boy-who-lived represented by this scar? Was the scar all that symbolized his existence, was his own person insignificant compared to the person of the-boy-who-lived? Harry wasn't angry, he was calculative.

If that was so, then the scar he always thought marred his appearance could be used as a tool. Yes... if people idolized him and his scar represented the victory against Voldemort, such a tool would be most useful when approaching people and even forging alliances.

As Harry continued his internal debate, he was inspecting Diagon alley at the same time. There were many shops, most of them he was tempted to visit if not for the tight schedule for his desire to see Wizarding books.

There was a store that displayed brooms behind windows for some odd reason and another that seemed to be an ice cream shop. Harry mentally snorted, he had discarded his sweet tooth long ago.

Looking around, Harry was not sure if it was such a good idea to let Dumbledore leave as Harry realized he had no idea where to buy what he needed. However, such an opportunity would be rare, to be allowed to explore Diagon alley without adult supervision.

Spotting a shop with a small crowd within, he glanced at the sign and was relieved to have finally found his objective. Entering Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions, Harry noticed a few mannequins displayed inside, dressed in robes and a few other unique outfits.

It seemed that the Wizarding world did not have a very large color palette as most robes were in dark colors : black, green, blue and others. There were a few other patrons, expected since Hogwarts was starting soon and the students needed to buy new robes for school.

Inside, there were a handful of shop assistants helping the patrons with their measurements while a single older lady, the shop owner presumably, stood in the middle instructing them. She held a measuring tape and looked strict as she waved her hands around, gesturing if one if the assistants made a mistake.

Realizing there was another customer in the store, Madam Malkin immediately approached him. "Hello, dear. Hogwarts?"

Harry turned his attention towards her "Indeed. I will need three sets of-" He was rather rudely interrupted by her.

"Plain black robes, one black pointed hat, one pair of protective gloves and one winter cloak. Right?" The woman interjected. Though she might have done so with the best intentions, Harry did not like her patronizing look.

Usually, he would have walked out immediately, but he was in an unfamiliar land and frankly this shop was the only one he could find that did not looked shady or fraudulent.

Giving a smile, Harry nodded "Yes, how did you know?" The woman chuckled "Oh I've been measuring and selling robes to Hogwarts students ever since I set up my store here in 1963! I could tell you all the strange and irregular requests I have received over these years for the entire day and not be finished. Now follow me and we will get you measured." Harry did so without a word.

She set him up on a stool, "Hold on, I will get one of my assistants to help you. I've been hiring many of these young ladies as assistants. They're Hogwart's students themselves. Nymphadora!" She called out.

"Coming!" From the back of the store, a girl with a bright magenta colored hair walked out, her hands holding a measuring tape. "Madam Malkins, could you please not call me that?" The girl pleaded.

The woman merely smiled "Oh, why would you dislike your own name? Personally, I find it really pretty." The girl just silently grumbled as she approached Harry. Madam Malkin was pulled away when she spotted one of the girls fumbling with the tape "Oh, that's not how you do it!"

Harry looked at the girl in front of him. The rude woman said she was a Hogwarts student, perhaps it would be beneficial to know an older student at school. "Hello" He started off.

The girl turned to him and gave a bubbly smile "Hi! So, Hogwarts right?" Harry nodded "Yep, this will be my first year." The girl grinned "A firstie, huh? Well, this will be my seventh year and let me be the first to welcome you to Hogwarts. I'm Nymphadora Tonks, and don't use my first name or I will give you a very hazardous demonstration on the hexes you will be learning."

Harry gave a smile back "Nice to meet you, Nymphadora Tonks." The girl's eyebrow twitched while her hand hovered above the wand in her pocket threateningly "Oh... you're lucky I can't use magic outside of Hogwarts, or you would be regretting those words." Harry raised an eyebrow "Is that so, Nymphadora. So you won't be able to do anything if I call you Nymphadora, right Nymphadora? "

Tonks bit her lip in frustration, she really wanted to choke the boy in front of him if not for the fear of being caught by Madam Malkin. She glanced back at the shop owner who was paying close attention to all the shop assistants. "You got guts, kid. I'll give you that."

Harry chuckled "I apologize, that was incredibly rude of me... Tonks."

Nymphadora gave a satisfied smile "Well, seems like you do have manners after all."

Realizing this was a good chance to receive some information about Hogwarts he asked "Well, do you have any tips or advice for a first-year?" Tonks put a finger to her chin and settled into a thinking expression "Well, first off you need to know that the potions professor, Snape, is a total git."

Harry gave an inquisitive look, prompting her to continue "Well, he is completely biased towards Slytherins and treats all the other houses badly, well except Ravenclaw, they are too smart to have points taken. He would give Slythering points for the most inane things like having good teamwork when making a potion, or the correct attitude in class. On the other hand, he would take points from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor for the most inane things as well. Breathing too loudly, walking too slow, being clumsy." She said, spitting out the last two words bitterly. "He also supports the long rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin, often finding fault in Gryffindor students while defending his Slytherins during any disputes."

Tonks caught the look Harry was giving her and blushed in embarrassment "Sorry, I was ranting. But you get the point. Next, most Slytherins are prejudiced against non-purebloods. Namely muggleborns and half-bloods. And even if you're a pureblood, you need to be in the upper echelons of society to be even considered as one of them. Not like most purebloods in other houses want to be one of them, of course."

Nymphadora started measuring his shoulders as she continued. "Next, the library is a great source of information and also a great place to study if your house's common room is too noisy. There's a wide variety of books that cover tons of subjects. I'm no Ravenclaw, but I spend lots of time there too."

As she started on his waist she continued "Oh, and another important thing is to tickle the pear." Harry raised an eyebrow "Tickle the pear?" Tonks nodded "You see, the students and teachers eat in the great hall during meal times, and the food is prepared in a kitchen before being sent to the hall. Not many students know where to find the Hogwart's kitchens, as it is hidden. But I will tell you cause your so cute," Nymphadora pinched his cheeks while Harry desperately calmed himself down, and did his very best not to kill her.

"The kitchen can be found directly under the great hall. To gain access to the kitchens, you have to tickle the pear painted in a portrait of a bowl of fruit which will then turn to a green door knob. Within, you can ask for some food from the staff." She finished, at the same time as finishing the measurements.

Nymphadora was about to leave before turning back "Another advice I can give you, and the most important in my opinion, is to make friends. Seven years will seem a lot shorter with some friends by your side for the entire journey." Giving another smile, she turned to leave before backtracking again "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

Harry smiled, mentally hoping it looked genuine and charming, he was still new at this. Before looking around, faking caution. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm Harry Potter." Tonks stifled a gasp "Wow, it's true, the-boy-who-lived will be coming to Hogwarts this year. Then you have the..." Harry glanced up before shrugging and lifting his hair covering the scar slightly.

Her eyes widened at the sight "Well, I better get back to... I mean, it was nice to meet you." She stumbled a bit before leaving to find Madam Malkin with his measurements.

'Friends, huh? I already know that without you telling me. Though the information she gave me was rather interesting. But what did she meant when she said houses? Hmm, I will have to find out soon. I don't like not knowing things.' While he was waiting, a boy stepped up on the stool next to him.

Harry turned to him, quickly analyzing the boy next to him. He had white-blonde hair, slicked back and cold gray eyes.

The boy spoke first "Hullo, Hogwarts?"

Harry nodded with a crisp and decisive manner. "Yes. It will be your first year as well, I assume?"

"Yep. Which house do you think you will be in?" The boy asked, while an assistant proceeded to take his measurements.

Harry pondered for a moment before answering. The only reason for someone like him to ask that question was so he could state the house he wished to be in. That's the whole point for asking someone such a question.

It might not have a consequence at this moment, but if his answer was not to his liking, then there might be adverse effects in the future.

The boy wore expensive looking clothing, so he must have been from a well-off family. The snobbish attitude and the slight arrogance he gave off must meant that he was either foolishly cocky or confident in his family's social standing. He must be a pureblood then.

From what Nymphadora told him, it seemed that Slytherin was the preferred house of purebloods. Hence, it would be to his advantage if he answered Slytherin. However, if he was a pureblood yet he wished to enter another house say, Gryffindor, then that might give a bad impression to him since Gryffindor and Slytherin are rivals.

He could give a vague answer like "I'm not sure" or "Maybe Slythering, maybe Hufflepuff" but that would only make him think that he was unconfident and unsure of his decisions. He would then think that Harry was unable to stand up for himself and give him some trouble.

He couldn't say that he did not know what these houses represented as well, he would seem like a muggleborn who doesn't know anything about the Wizarding world. And since most purebloods are prejudiced against muggleborns, Harry would lose a potential ally even before Hogwarts.

Harry took a gamble "I'm leaning towards Slytherin, but I wouldn't mind being placed in Ravenclaw as well." To his relief, the boy grinned.

"Me too! My entire family has been Slytherins for generations, so I know that's where I'm headed. Ravenclaw wouldn't be my first choice either, but it beats being a dumb Gryffindor or worse a Hufflepuff." The boy enthusiastically said,

He then extended a hand toward Harry. "Nice to meet you, I'm Draco Malfoy."

Harry shook it with a firm grip "Nice to meet you too, I'm Harry Potter."

The boy, now identifying himself as Draco, widened his eyes "You're Harry Potter? The boy-who-lived?"

Harry was worried about the rather loud reaction he was giving, worried other patrons would hear him even though it seemed that none has, not even the shop assistant that was measuring Draco.

"Shhh, not so loud. I don't appreciate people shouting out my name, Malfoy." Harry spat out, narrowing his eyes.

Draco looked embarassed, "Sorry, but it's just a pleasant surprise. Who knew the boy I was speaking to out of boredom would be Harry Potter." He said, now in a softer voice.

Harry raised an eyebrow "Should I be glad that you seem to be so amazed at who I am, or you only spoke to me because you were bored."

Giving another flustered look, the blonde smiled uneasily, unsure of what to say under the careful scrutiny of the boy-who-lived.

Realizing the now awkward silence between them might scare him off, Harry chuckled. Laughter was the best way to diffuse a tense situation, and though a full-blown laugh would be too much, a slight chuckle was just perfect to show an amused and calm disposition.

"Don't worry, I was just joking." Before Harry could say anything else, Madam Malkin approached him.

"The measurements has been taken, let me confirm your order. Three sets of plain work robes, black. One black pointed hat. One pair of dragon hide protective gloves. And black one winter cloak with silver fastenings. Anything else you want to add?"

Harry thought for a moment "Make it five sets of plain work robes and two pairs of protective gloves."

Madam Malkin nodded, mentally noting the additional orders. "Anything else?"

"I want my robes and cloak to all be made of the best quality material you have?" Harry spoke up, looking directly into here eyes to show confidence.

She looked reluctant "The best material we have would be Acromantula Silk, and it is quite expensive. I don't think it would be within your... budget." She finished while inspecting his muggle clothing with hidden disdain, though Harry easily picked it up despite her guarded expression.

"Money will not be an issue." Harry said while holding up the Vault-to-credit pouch he had received from Gringotts.

Even with the pouch, Madam Malkin highly doubted the child in front of her could produce the large amount of galleons needed. Deciding to humor him, she quickly did the calculations.

"A robe made entirely of acromantula silk would be 150 galleons, including the charms and enchantments woven into the robe. 5 of those would be 750 galleons. The winter cloak is rather unique in the sense that it has two layers. The outer layer would be made of black yeti fur while the inner layer will be acromantula silk. One cloak alone will be 400 galleons, including charms and enchantments. The hat and gloves cost 25 and 50 galleons respectively, so the total will be 1225 galleons." She summed up, giving a conceited look to Harry.

"1225 galleons, yes?" Harry drawled as he reached into the pouch. He pulled out a much larger normal pouch from within, filled to the brim with 1225 galleons. "You can check if you want."

Madam Malkin received the bag with both eyes widened before opening it slightly. She gave a silent gasp, shocked at the amount of galleons within. "O-okay. You can come claim the items after half an hour. You can go shop for other supplies in the mean time." She recited with much practice.

"Can I have your name?" She asked, taking out a small note pad that already had quite a few names on them. Harry contemplated giving his real name, but did not want even more people to learn of his identity.

The only reason why he revealed his name to Draco and Nymphadora was because of the prospect of a possible alliance or friendship. "James. James Evans." The woman nodded before leaving as quickly as she had arrived.

Harry turned back to Draco when he heard him speak. "How could you- Ahh..." A look of realization emerged on his face "You're the sole heir of the Potter family. You must have inherited all that is contained within the vaults. The House of Potter is a most noble and ancient family that has accumulated much wealth."

Draco gave another shocked look "Wait, that means as the sole member of the House of Potter, you can be acknowledged as Lord Potter since the House of Potter is one of the founding houses of the Ministry of Magic, even... even preceding the Malfoys..." The last part he had mumbled, but Harry heard him.

Harry was curious about the Lord Potter Draco had spoke of, however. "Lord Potter, you say?"

Draco nodded "Don't you know? The founding families as well as the most noble pureblood Houses

are basically nobility. The heads of each Household are acknowledged legally as lords of their family and thus have a seat within the Wizengamot, the Ministry's high court. Houses such as Potter, Bones, Longbottom, Greengrass or my House, the Malfoys are all most noble Families."

"Seeing that you are the only remaining member of the House of Potter, you are techincally Lord Potter of the House of Potter. Wait, no. You have to reach the age of majority first, before becoming Lord of your House. Like me, as I'm the heir of the House of Malfoy."

Harry rubbed his chin slightly, a curious habit he developed whenever he was deep in thought. "I see, thank you for this information." Draco smiled "It's nothing. Most pureblood heirs are taught the basics of Wizarding politics, and the birth rights of Noble houses are part of it."

Harry nodded in acknowledgement and gratitude. He was about to leave when Draco called him back. "Wait, erm... would you like to join us in shopping for our supplies?"

The boy-who-lived tilted his head to a side, another habit he developed when he was slightly interested in something. "Us?" He said.

Draco nodded "Yeah. Me and a few friends are going to buy what we will be needing together. We're all purebloods and some of us are a sure-in to Slytherin. Our parents are all talking somewhere, so we have been given some freedom."

Harry almost openly grinned at such an opportunity. Being given such a chance was fortunate indeed. So far in his visit to this store has been very informative and he has surely gained friendship or at least an acquaintanceship with an heir to a most noble House.

Now, he was given the good fortune of acquiring the friendship of even more purebloods, hopefully of Noble descent.

Harry looked to be considering the benefits of such a venture, not wanting to reveal the eagerness he actually had. "Sure, I guess. It would be better to have some company, compared to doing all this alone."

Draco smiled "Great! Just give me a moment, I will finish up here quickly."

"We're meeting my friends at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour. Because I was late, they've already finished with their robes measurement and is now waiting for me to go buy out supplies together." Draco told Harry after they left Madam Malkins.

Harry merely nodded. He briefly considered the advantages of making friends with the people they will be meeting. He did say that some of them will be 'sure-in' to Slytherin, so it would be profitable to have associates in said House if he got into it. However, they could be unlike Draco, without a financial benefits he possessed.

Draco had not so inconspicuously showed off his family's wealth, ordering the same materials Harry had asked for, even paying an extra 25 galleons for a second hat. It was childish, but it had done its job perfectly : to show Harry his family was superior to his.

However, to Harry such a presentation only solidified his worth as an ally.

As they walked, Draco could not help but ask. "Back at the shop, why did you give another name to Malkin's." Harry glanced at Draco for a slight instance before turning back to the front.

"I have been told that I'm a... celebrity in the Wizarding world." Harry said.

"Of course! You defeated Y-You-know-who when you were an infant! You're famous for that!" Draco interjected.

Harry mentally smirked as he looked away. "That's exactly it. I want people to acknowledge me for who I am instead of what I am and what I did when I was only a year old. My fame serves only as a reminder that I lost my parents to the dark lord."

"Whenever I use my name, people get all starry-eyed. It is rather disturbing to me, actually. Too see people so eager, so athirst to please me. That is why I do not want to rely on my name or my fame. I don't want people to see me and say, look there's the boy-who-lived. Instead I want them to look at me and see me as myself, not an image created by the Wizarding public. You understand?"

Draco nodded slightly "Yeah, I do. More than you think, actually. My father is a very important man in the Ministry. I'm not just saying that either. That's why, since I was young, I've always been told to live up to his expectations. To follow in his footsteps."

"But do I really want to always be recognized as Lucius Malfoy's son and never as Draco Malfoy, an individual, not the shadow of his father? Of course not. That's why I say I understand what you think. I too do not want to be acknowledged merely as the shadow of my father, but as myself, my own person."

Harry gave a decisive nod while Draco smiled. "You know, I couldn't recognize you in the shop. I have always been told that you would look like your father, and even the books described you as having messy black hair. Though they nailed the green eyes. The color of green death, my father once mentioned."

The boy-who-lived agreed "Yeah, it's because people can't see the scar." He lifted up his fringe "Most people only recognize me for my scar."

Draco chuckled "That would be saying people recognized Malfoys by our blonde hair."

They arrived at the Ice Cream Parlour in short time. "Ah, there they are." Draco said as he spotted a group of three sitting around a table. They noticed Draco as well. "Oh, there's Malfoy." A boy remarked as they approached them.

A pretty girl with long black hair and cold blue eyes frowned "Took you long enough." She commented, narrowing her eyes at Draco. Another cute looking girl with shoulder length brown hair and similar brown eyes scoffed "He probably took another hour after the measurements just to gel up his hair."

Draco shot a look towards the brown-haired girl but didn't want to say anything rude. Not in front of Harry Potter anyways.

They noticed another boy who was behind Draco. "Who's he?" The seated boy asked out in a curt manner. He obviously did not welcome new additions, especially people he did not know.

Draco smiled, excited to introduce Harry Potter to his friends. "Well, when I was in Madam Malkin's I met him. He's-"

"Let me introduce myself, Draco." Harry preferred to introduce himself. It showed a more confident exterior, and when meeting new and possibly influential people, confidence is a must.

"I'm Harry James Potter." He said, giving a polite nod when all three reacted visibly to his proclamation. He gently grasped took the hand of the black-haired girl and softly brushed his lips against her knuckles, as was pureblood tradition Draco had told him on the way to the ice cream parlour.

Releasing her hand, he took the hand of the brown-haired girl and repeated his actions before giving a firm handshake with the boy. The two girls blushed, despite being taught that such things were only basic protocol within pureblood circles.

The boy stood up. He was dark skinned and long, slanting eyes. He was taller than Harry. In fact, he was the tallest in the group, Harry being the second. "I'm Blaise Zabini."

The two girls stood up as well "Daphne Greengrass." The black-haired girl spoke while the brown haired girl introduced herself "Tracey Davis."

"It is a pleasure to meet you all. Shall we get going then?" Harry said, giving his most charming smile.

The three raised an eyebrow. "You're coming with us? That's so cool! Harry Potter is joining us!" Tracey Davis exclaimed. Blaise and Daphne both smiled as well, clearly excited too.

"Calm down, Davis. Harry doesn't want too many people to learn of his identity, so just keep it down, alright?" Draco explained before glancing at said boy.

Harry gave a comforting smile "It's fine as long as we keep it between us, alright?" Tracey Davis rapidly nodded, her face reddened as she looked away.

"So what will we be buying next? We all have already ordered out uniforms, how about our wands next?" Blaise suggested.

"That's fine." Draco shrugged, not minding anyway or another.

"Truthfully, I'm rather excited to be receiving a wand." Harry admitted, giving a shy smile, turning to look at Daphne.

The blue-eyed beauty caught his look before blushing further "Y-yeah. Me too." She stammered. 'What is wrong with me? Why would Harry Potter have such an effect on me? I mean, he's cute and all, and his eyes are just so...' Daphne's cheeks reddened even more as Harry chuckled and turned to Tracey.

"Well, then let's get our wands next. Lead the way." Harry gestured towards them. Draco and Blaise, unaware of the girls' dilemma, started walking towards Ollivander's leaving Harry and the two girls walking behind them.

Daphne's cheeks were now only slightly tinted red, but she was still avoiding Harry's gaze. Tracey had a similar problem, unbelieving that the boy could cause such a reaction from herself.

"So, Harry. If you don't mind me asking, where have you been the last ten years? You haven't been in the Wizarding world right? Not in the public's eye at least. So where were you?" Blaise suddenly called out from in front.

Harry considered his answer. He couldn't tell them the truth, not now at least. If they found out he was living among muggles for the last 8 years, he might be ostracized. There was no guarantee he would, he might even gain sympathy. But sympathy was not what he needed.

"That's a little personal, don't you think, Blaise?" Tracey protested.

Daphne agreed, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to, Harry."

Harry nodded in understanding while Draco remained silent, although he was curious. "That is something private and I want it to remain private." Harry said, fixing his gaze on Blaise.

Blaise turned back and looked apologetic "Sorry, I was just curious. You disappeared after that night and suddenly reappeared today." He wasn't sorry. Harry could tell. Zabini was well practiced at lying, but he was not good enough. His face, was stiff and his eyes wasn't looking straight at Harry's, but instead looking at a spot near his eyebrows. Common, for compulsive liars, who tend to look at an area near the person's eye in order to look sincere.

Nevertheless, Harry nodded "That's alright. I'm just not ready to reveal anything, right now." Blaise smiled before turning back. Good, reel him in with a slight hope. He would be sated, with the promise of future secrets.

The two guys stopped in front of a rather small shop with peeling gold letters over the door of the shop reading Ollivanders : Makers of Fine Wands since 382 B.C.

"We're here." Draco announced before he opened the door and entered. The store was empty, and seemed tiny from the thousand of narrow boxes piled right up to the ceiling.

"Where's the shop keeper?" Tracey wondered aloud before shrieking as a voice echoed behind them.


They all turned back, finding an old man with a wild mane of white hair. "You're all here for your wands, yes? Hmm, let's see here. Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Zabini, Ms. Greengrass, Ms. Davis and oh my, Mr. Potter."

Harry narrowed his eyes and stopped himself from saying anything. While the others had no such reservations. Amidst the harsh whispers Ollivander held up a hand. "Let's do this amicably, one by one. Now Mr. Malfoy, you first. I remember each and every wand I've ever sold, you see. And your father's... hmm, elm wood with dragon heartstring, 18 inches, supple."

Murmuring under his breath, he walked towards a stack of wands and carried an assortment of boxes. He handed a wand to Draco "Here, try this. 14 inches, oak with a unicorn hair." Just when Draco was about to give it a flick, it was snatched away "No, no this..." Ollivander muttered before handing another to him.

This repeated a few times before Ollivander presented another wand to him. "Maybe this... 10 inches, hawthorn wood and with the core of a rather stubborn unicorn stallion."

Draco immediately brightened up as he green sparks shot out of it when he swung it. Ollivander gave a slight smile."Ah, bravo. We have you a match. Reasonably springy and especially good at hexes and curses."

"Next, Mr. Zabini..."

The entire process took a little over an hour, an the four of them received their wands. Blaise acquired a 12 inch, cedar wand with a dragon heartstring. Daphne received a 16 inch, rose wood wand with a shard of a wood nymph's heart. While Tracey purchased a 14 inch, hazel wand with kneazle whisker.

"Finally, Mr Potter. Try this. 11 inches, Ivy wood with a fang from a Peruvian Vipertooth dragon." Ollivander suggested as he handed a pale wand with a smooth texture to Harry. However, he snatched it away without a word, only acknowledging it's incompatibility with a shake of his head.

"How about this, 15 inches, hazel wood with a sphinx feather." He handed another wand to Harry, but of course snatching it away before he could do anything with it.

This happened a few more times until Ollivander brightened up. "Hold on, let me get something from the back." At this point, both Harry and his newly acquainted friends were impatient and moody.

When he returned, Ollivander was holding two boxes, both had a layer of dust on them. He opened the first box, with a hopeful expression. "How about this, Mr Potter." He said, as he handed the want to Harry. 'How about you stick it up your ass...' Harry irritably thought.

"11 inches, holly wood with a phoenix feather." Harry held it and felt a small spark of a strange familiarity, as if something that was missing for years finally returned. But it seemed that was not the reaction Ollivander was looking for. He shook his head in disappointment.

He took it back, and gave handed another wand to Harry. This one was completely black, it's grip was a exquisite and detailed carving. "This one was made by my father. He could never find an owner for it, and left it with me along with all the other wands that has yet to find an owner. It is 13 inches with ebony wood and has a fang from a Yamata no Orochi. The Japanese eight headed snake, which were worshipped as deities long ago in ancient Japan."

The moment Harry had it in his hands, a burst of magical power swept through his body. Whereas the reaction between the holly wand and himself could be considered a small spark, this wand seemed to be a firework of magic. The indescribable feeling was pure magic. The burst of power discharged externally, pushing the four behind him away slightly while Ollivander who was standing right in front of him was thrown off his feet.

Harry gave an experimental flick and a wave of silver and green glowing sparks erupted from the tip of his wand. Seeing the results of the unleashing of his powers, he pulled the magic back from the wand to inside him. The reaction stopped, and the outburst of magical pressure disappeared.

The four stood behind him, mouth agape at the sheer power he unleashed. Ollivander pulled himself up shakily "That was the most powerful reaction I've ever witnessed. You... You shall do great things, Mr. Potter. Great things indeed. Such a wand, even I am not sure of it's affinity towards any branch of Magic since I was not the maker. I wish you luck, Mr. Potter, in all your future endeavors."

Harry nodded in polite acknowledgement. The five of them left the shop after paying for their wands. A standard 12-15 galleons, depending on the length of the wand.

"That was amazing, Harry! What did you do?" Draco exclaimed immediately after they left the store.

Harry shook his head "I do not know. All I felt was... magic racing within my veins and I knew I had to let it out."

"It's about time, let's go collect our clothing and head on to the apothecary to purchase our potion nessecities." Harry spoke up, pulling the others from their thoughts.

All of them agreed and made their way to Madam Malkin's, Harry consciously leading them back to the robe store.

Blaise Zabini contemplated the boy in front of him. From the reaction he had witnessed between Harry and his wand, he could definitely tell Harry Potter was powerful. Hell, Harry Potter was terrifying.

He had witnessed a sudden gale of magic tearing tearing up the store, tossing boxes of wands in to the air and scattering the pieces of paper on a table. All from one boy holding a wand. He shuddered to think what he could do once he reached magical majority, when his magic will fully mature.

Daphne Greengrass wasn't squealing in awe like Draco was, nor was she silently observing Harry Potter like Blaise. No, Daphne' heart was racing. Was it an inherent nature within all women or was it only her? To be attracted to power that is.

And Harry Potter was the most powerful eleven year old she has met. Not to mention those deep emerald orbs that seemed to penetrate the windows of her soul. That charismatic smile he showed whenever he looked at her and roguish good looks that was sure to mature and develop into a aristocratic elegance once he grew older. Daphne blushed once again as she glanced at Harry who was talking to Draco.

Tracey Davis was simply excited. She played with her hair as she shyly peered at Harry. The boyish charm that he seemed to possess was slowly stealing her heart.

Draco Malfoy, however, was internally calculating and devious despite his outward appearance currently. His father had to be informed, that Harry Potter was this powerful. He had initially approached a boy at Madam Malkin's out of boredom, that was true.

However, after learning of his identity, Draco made it his personal mission to familiarize himself with the enigma known as Harry Potter. Despite having chatted for a couple of hours now, he still couldn't figure out the person known as the boy-who-lived. Deviously charming one moment, and a strong willed independent individual another.

Although, despite knowing that alliances and friendly relations was a mere farce, as drilled into his head by his father and teachers for many years. He was inevitably drawn to the charismatic character that is Harry Potter.

Draco and the others had not realized it yet, but they were already undeniably fascinated and enchanted by the boy-who-lived, Harry Potter.

When they arrived, Blaise, Daphne and Tracey approached Madam Malkin first, asking for their orders. After collecting their purchases, all of them carried in a single paper bag that was charmed to be temporarily bottomless and featherweight for 24 hours, free of charge for purchases 500 galleons and up.

Harry and Draco then approached her for their purchases, receiving a single paper bag as well, containing their purchases. Before they left though, Harry made an effort to ask what charms and enchantments were woven into the robes and cloaks.

"Because they were made of acromantula silk, it was easier to weave the charms into the material, in between and underneath each individual strand. There are a few runes that can be seen from the inside which maintains the enchantments." Madam Malkin explained

She continued,"There are enchantments that prevents wear and tear and fire proof as well as water proof. Whereas the charms are cleaning charms, warming charms and cooling charms. Instant ironing/pressing charm and non-fluttering charms to prevent it from fluctuating during strong winds."

Harry nodded in understanding before thanking her and left.

The group now gathered in front of the robe shop, turned to the direction of the Apothecary, and made their way there. Draco leading the way, as he had been there a few times, being brought by his father.

The group of five quickly purchased what they needed: A cauldron, a set of crystal phials and 1 brass scale. Though Draco did dissuade Harry from buying the pewter cauldron and buying the copper cauldron instead.

He claimed the pewter cauldron was easier to melt and the copper cauldron could brew more efficiently as it could maintain the temperature better than a pewter girls surprisingly showed no reaction to the squeamish body parts that were stored in jars and displayed.

Draco also advised him to buy some potion ingredients as well, in order to practice at home. Harry wasn't sure where he would be able to brew potions at ease in the Orphanage, but agreed nonetheless.

"The first few years of potions generally follow the same techniques. Dicing, squishing, mixing, stirring, etc. Once you a get more accustomed to brewing after some practice, it will be easier for you at Hogwarts. Do you have a piece of paper? I will write down the potions that are relatively easy to brew." Draco offered.

Harry shook his head "It's okay, just say it out, I will remember it." He actually would. With a near eidetic memory, he only needed to read an entire book twice to be able to recite each and every sentence without hesitation. Draco gave a doubtful look, but complied anyways.

"The most elementary potion you can attempt would be cure for boils. After that, an antidote to common poisons would be challenging enough. A forgetfulness potion is also rather simple to prepare, but if you really want to test yourself, try making a sleeping draught. You can look up the recipe in Magical Drafts and Potions, our first year potions course book."

The purchases cost a total of 58 galleons for Blaise, Daphne and Tracey who did not buy anything else other than the required equipment. Harry and Draco had to both pay 133 galleons for everything they had. Harry and the rest then placed all they had purchased into the paper bag they had received from Madam Malkins. The opening stretching itself in order to swallow the large cauldrons.

"Next, my favorite stop, the book store!" Harry excitedly exclaimed although the rest could not imitate his enthusiasm.

Harry had spotted Flourish and Blotts Bookseller when they were on their way to the Apothecary, so this time he led the group there. They stopped in front of a large store with an a large red sign with white letters of the shop's name.

When they entered, Harry was rather overwhelmed by the sheer amount of books and tomes inside. Every book shelves were filled to the brim books of different thickness. There was even a second floor in which rarer and more expensive tomes could be found.

Harry's eyes immediately darted all over, picking up the assorted titles. He noticed that the shelves had labels, indicating which subject the texts were under, such as Transfiguration, Charms or Potions.

They did not have to look far to find the required course books as they were neatly displayed near the front of the store, stacked up tidily for students to easily find. After picking up what they needed, the group wandered around the store, looking at books they were interested in.

Harry went to the Defence Against the Dark Arts section first. He examined each title, as well as the year it was published in. Newer books might contain newer and more information, however, older books contained a lot more theories and could possibly contain spells or content that the newer books lacked.

At the end of the books shopping spree, which lasted around an hour and a half. Daphne had picked up a couple of Potion texts and a single Charms spell book that were not in their required course books.

Tracey had bought a single Transfiguration guide book while Blaise bought two books, the same Charms guide book Daphne had purchased, titled Facilis deliciae nam stupidis, Easy Charms for the stupid. And another Herbology textbook titled Clama de Mandragora, Cry of the Mandrake.

Draco did not purchase anything else, claiming that the books in the Malfoy family library far surpassed the 'peasant' books Flourish and Blotts were selling. This caused the shop owned to glare at him for a moment.

Harry, however, picked up the most books amongst them all combined. Not only did he purchase the first year Defence course book, The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1), he bought next four grades of spell books as well. After browsing through the thick tome, he found the instructions and explanations within to be thorough and detailed, compared to other spell books.

He also bought 1001 Charms for everything, Jinxes Hexes and Curses, Rare & Obscure curses your opponent won't know, Introduction to Dueling & battle spells, Advanced Guide to Dueling & battle spells. The last two were both written by a retired auror, Alastor Moody, who was considered to be the most powerful auror of all time, according to the book.

There was supposed to be a third book as well, titled Mad-eye's Mastery of Dueling & Battle Spells but was decidedly not published because it was too detailed and contained too much Ministry forbidden content.

Harry puchased non-spell related texts as well : Elementary Potions & detailed guide on their ingredients, The Hard-to-find & Dangerous magical plants, History of the Magic since 1600s Vol. 1, Introduction to Pure Blood Culture & Traditions, The Wizengamot & You. The first book was the last copy in the store, and rightfully so. The book had detailed explanations and description of most of the ingredients used today for Potion Brewing.

The total Harry's new collection amounted to 24 galleons and 6 sickles. A worthwhile investment, in Harry's opinion. There wasn't much he could do during the one month until the start of Hogwarts, and it wouldn't take him long until he finished reading all the books. He couldn't practice any magic, though, it seemed. That sucked.

Harry placed the books inside the bottomless paper bag from Madam Malkins. And the group left Flourish and Blott's.

Standing outside the bookstore, Harry turned to face the four. "Well, this has been very enjoyable. Thank you four for brightening this otherwise dull shopping trip." He said, giving all of them a smile. The gesture was reciprocated as all of them returned a brighter smile of their own.

"Your company has elevated our atmosphere as well, Harry." Draco said, giving him a one armed hug. A manly one. A heterosexual hug. Go away gay pairing fans.

Harry returned the gesture with Zabini before turning to the two girls. "It has been a pleasure to meet you all, especially you two. Daphne, Tracey." He bowed before taking their hands and brushing his lips against their knuckles. "Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow." Harry quoted from Shakespeare.

The two girls blushed heavily, even after Harry turned to leave. "See you on the train!" Tracey yelled out, as the four waved goodbye. Harry chuckled before acknowledging it with a curt nod and a nonchalant wave of his own.

Harry couldn't leave yet, of course. Not without the trunk he had ordered as well as the list of properties and total value of his vaults from Gringotts. They didn't need to know about that, not now at least.

He went to Baldwin's first, to pick up the trunk he had ordered. Swiftly maneuvering through the gathering crowd of people who were slowly starting to grow, he reached Baldwin's Magical Trunks and Bags in quick time. Ignoring the shopkeeper outside, he entered the shop directly.

He found the very man he was looking for sitting at a desk filling out some forms. "Ahem." He coughed, getting the attention from Baldwin. The shop owner looked up in surprise before smiling with practiced ease "Welcome back, sir. Your trunk has been completed and is ready for collection."

Baldwin gestured to the trunk that was sitting by him. The cover was a dark midnight blue with silver linings and corners. There were no locks, only fastenings that kept it closed. Pointing to the fastenings, "Please place the index finger and thumb on both fastenings with both hands." He instructed. Slightly cautious, Harry did so.

A slight bluish hue emitted from the fastenings before disappearing. "The wards has now recognized you as the owner, and the fastenings can now only be opened with your fingers. Not only that, it has also recorded your magical signature and blood sample. So in order for anyone to open the trunk, he must have all three or the attempted security breach will cause the trunk to be recalled to you."

Harry nodded in appreciation "Very nice, Baldwin. I'm surprised at the size though. It looks like a small office briefcase." Opening it up, Harry found it to contain several pockets and compartments.

"Each are bottomless and featherweighted." Baldwin added as Harry inspected the briefcase. The boy stored the paper bag containing all of his purchases today into one of the compartments. "The briefcase can also be shrunk with a tap from your wand."

Baldwin added again. "Though I think it would be more convenient to carry it as it is, since it has a featherweight charm on it, it weighs practically nothing."

"Good job. You have surpassed my expectations. I shall return if I have another custom request." Harry finished and left the store, his newly acquired briefcase in hand. "Come back again!" Baldwin yelled out from inside, happy with the 1300 galleons he had earned from a single order.

Harry was now headed towards Gringotts, the final destination of this trip. Almost flying up the stairs, Harry was barely able to contain his excitement at finding out the total amount of his assets. He must have been left with quite a fortune, from what Draco had told him.

Approaching the Head Goblin Harry bowed and greeted before speaking, "Is the list ready, Head Goblin Torok." The goblin had an eager smile on his crooked face, a strange sight to say the least. Whatever was in the list, Torok was happy to see it.

The Head Goblin snapped a finger and a piece of parchment levitated to him. 'Goblin magic, huh? Intriguing...' Harry thought as the parchment was slid towards him. As Harry laid eyes upon his fortunes, he could hardly believe his eyes.

He was wrong. He was not left with quite a fortune. He was left with a Massive fortune.

James & Lily Potter Vault

Total currency amount:

32,835,715 galleons, 644,890 sickles, 45,338 knuts.

Compiled estates and liquified value :

Potter Manor – 8,250,000 galleons

House at Godric's Hollow & 4 acres of land – 1,480,000 galleons

Spain Summer Villa – 2,612,000 galleons

Greece Villa – 1,520,000 galleons

Total estate liquified value : 16,724,000 galleons

Estimated items value (Jewels, artifacts, antiques) : 13,512,473 galleons

Total Vault Worth : 63,072,188 galleons 644,890 sickles 45,338 knuts

"This... This is..." Harry stuttered, unbelieving that all the money was goblin gave a sly smirk "Yes, this is everything your parents left you." Harry gave a shocked look at the Goblin, unable to hide his astonishment behind a facade.

"You're currently within the top 2 percentile of the Wizarding World's richest men." The goblin added.

Harry gulped down the lead ball of astonishment in his throat.

"However! This is not all." Torak interjected. "There's more!?" Harry yelled out, unable to control his emotions after hearing such news.

"After close inspection, we found out that this vault," Torak said, tapping the piece of parchment "belongs to James & Lily Potter. But, it is not the vault of the House of Potter."

Harry revealed his bewilderment "Wait... that means that what I have already inherited here is merely what my parents left me, but not the inheritance I received from the House of Potter! But why..."

Torak was able to answer that. "Decades ago, your Grandfather, Charles Potter approached me and asked for his will to be made. Within his will, he stated that the requirements he had given must be met before the heir of Potter will be officially recognized as Lord Potter, and inherit the entire fortunes of the most noble and ancient House of Potter."

Snapping his finger again, another piece of parchment floated to him. Handing it to Harry, whose eyes quickly scanned through the conditions.

The conditions listed below must all be met before the Heir can achieve Lordship.

1. The Heir must be at least 16 or above, the age of majority.

2. The Heir must receive a minimum of eight OWLs and four NEWTs.

3. Receive no less than three titled Lord's or Lady's acknowledgment as Lord Potter.

4. Maintain the good and noble name of Potter.

5. Exhibit the ability to build and maintain alliances. Renew five old family coalitions and create two new ones.

6. Demonstrate the ability to lead and display an aristocrat's charisma. Receive at least two sworn fealties of loyalty from two unallied vassals.

7. Swear loyalty to no one but yourself.

8. Fulfill at least one or more marriage betrothal contracts.

9. The Heir must have a career contributing to society and/or attain one or more masteries in any branch of magic.

10. All Lords of the House of Potter practice Polygamy. The Heir must have at least two wives before the age of 20.

I wish a promising heir will succeed in these conditions and bring further glory to the House of Potter.

Once the heir has accomplished these tasks, and has been acknowledged as Lord Potter in throughout the Wizarding world, these conditions will be set forth. If these conditions are met, Lordship of House Potter shall be magically surrendered.

1. An heir is not produced within five years of Lordship.

2. Extravagant and wasteful use of the family vault. (Total vault value drops below 10%)

3. Bringing dishonor and/or disgrace to the most noble and ancient house of Potter (Publicly defamed and/or outright infamy)

4. Inability to use magic and/or lacking conscious thought.

Signed, Charlus Ignatius Potter. 25th Lord Potter, 28th Earl of Gryffindor, 34th Baron of Meadis

Harry contemplated the conditions "Doesn't seem that difficult." Torak nodded in agreement.

"What is the total vault value of the House of Potter?" Harry asked. Torak smiled "I have that number encarved right into my memories. The House of Potter has been a very profitable client to have, and all founding families' vaults and estates go through me. If I recall correctly, the total vault value of the House of Potter while exceeds a billion the last time I checked. 1.38 billion, if I recall correctly, including all liquifed estates and company shares."

Harry nodded numbly. A billion galleons... that was five billion pounds sterling. By gods, he was a billionaire, as long as he fulfilled the conditions. It seemed simple, though it was rather frustrating he could only receive the Lordship only when he reached 17 years old.

Author's Notes : There! You have it. It took me ten hours to finish this, over a span of two days. Not including the occasional breaks I took, okay frequent breaks, to finish reading this book, Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and to play League of Legends.

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