Author's notes – I've been toying with the idea of uploading this for a long while but wasn't sure if I should. I don't think most will understand it. However, below, I have posted an extract from a sort of "diary" which is, currently, 29 chapters long. If you wish to read the whole story (continuing for the foreseeable future) please say so in the reviews. If I get enough I may consider it. Thank you :)

Jac took in the sight of Johnny as he looked now. It must have been some months since she had last visited. Johnny's hair, though no less blond, was longer but still swept to the side in the signature way he always wore it. He seemed slightly taller, although, considering he had already been about nineteen the last time she'd seen him, that was probably not right. He would have stopped growing, surely. No matter how many times Jac had watched the movie, seeing Johnny in the flesh was always an interesting experience.

Johnny looked at her with a peculiar expression on his face. It was a cross between surprise and indignation. Jac wasn't quite sure what to say so she said nothing. She waited for Johnny to make the first move. After a few moments...

"Hi." ... that was it. That was all Johnny said. Why were things so stilted? Usually she was greeted with a smile and a "Hey! How you doin'?" but not this time.

"Hi." Jac replied. "How you doin'?" She added, in the hope of breaking this very thick ice. Johnny shrugged, his arms still crossed.

"Alright." He said. Another awkward pause. Jac didn't like this. What was wrong with him?

"What's the matter?" Jac ventured after a while, unable to stand there in silence any longer.

"Nothin'." ... OK, this was driving her crazy! Even when Johnny was annoyed he usually said more than this. He wouldn't give anyone the silent treatment. If he was upset everyone knew about it. Jac racked her brains to think what she might have done to upset him, especially considering she hadn't even been here in a few... ah.

"Look, I'm sorry I haven't visited in a few months ok?" She said, having figured out what was wrong. Johnny looked at her, unbelievingly.

"A few months! Is that how long you think it's been?" He said. Jac didn't reply, unable to think how to. Johnny uncrossed his arms and walked to where Jac stood. Leaning in, he said quietly, "Three – years."