Prologue: The Clock Strikes Midnight

The sound of church bells filled the crisp December night air and there were only four figures close enough to hear the beautiful bell chorus in the dead of night. One figure wore a blue bandana that fluttered behind him whenever the cold wind blew and in his arms he held the unconscious figure with bright orange hair. The other two figures stood silently behind the figure with the blue bandana each embraced by one another as tears trailed down one of the figure's cheeks that wore a purple bandana. The third conscious figure simply stood there holding the figure with the purple bandana in his arms while simply staring down at the unconscious figure with an unreadable expression upon his face. The unconscious figure before them with an orange bandana wrapped around his neck was barely breathing and the figure with the blue bandana looked up at the other two with a small frown upon his face.

"Come on you guys, let's get him back to Master Splinter quickly." Leonardo said slowly rising to his feet with the unconscious human in his arms.

Donatello and Raphael both looked at one another uncertainly for a moment before Donatello brought a hand up to quickly wipe the tears out of his eyes that had managed to nearly freeze thanks to the frigid temperatures.

"Leo, are…are you sure that this isn't Mik-" Leonardo's sudden and intense glare though stopped the younger turtle in mid-sentence and he whimpered softly as he moved to hide behind Raph.

"I'm sure that he isn't Mikey. Mikey is gone and we all know that. This is just some human that happens to look like him…if Mikey were human of course." Leonardo muttered as he stole a quick glance down at the unconscious human in his arms.

Freckles dusted the bridge of the human's nose and cheeks and unruly orange hair adorned the top of the young man's head that had dried blood staining the back of his head. The bandana was admittedly a bit unnerving to see for it was the same colored bandana that their youngest brother used to wear all the time. The color orange fit Mikey's carefree and rather unique personality and it was a bandana that the three turtle brothers thought that they would never see again. Especially after Mikey had been kil-

Leo shook his head at the morbid memory and cleared his throat after a moment of agonizing and awkward silence passed between the three turtle brothers.

"Now come on, I'm freezing my shell out here." Leo managed to whisper softly before he walked past his two surviving brothers with the unconscious human cradled closely to his chest in the feeble attempt of keeping the human shielded from the cold and relentless December wind.

Even if the young human did resemble their brother Mikey in a majority of ways, the three brothers knew that there was no way that he could have been the youngest turtle of their family. Mikey…Mikey had died in front of all of their eyes and they knew that the dead did not come back to life. It just wasn't possible even with today's ever advancing technology so the turtles didn't dare get their hopes up. Their hearts had been hurt enough with the loss of their youngest brother and to get their hopes up only to have them crushed again would probably shatter their already fragile family.

Each turtle had mourned their loss in different ways but the cold truth of the matter was that Mikey was dead and he wasn't coming back. It was how things were and there was no lesson in Master Splinter's strict training schedule that could teach the turtles how to cope with the death of a loved one, a brother, a comrade, a friend…

It was not easy dealing with the fact that their fun loving, adventure seeking, avid TV watcher, and junk food addict was gone for good. No longer would the lair be filled with the sound of the television blaring in the middle of the night whenever Mikey decided to play some videogames. Never again would another prank be played on three older brothers who had come to both enjoy yet hate Mikey's childish behavior at the same time. The truth of the matter was that Mikey was the glue that held all of them together and without the glue, there was nothing left. Leo was left questioning his abilities as a leader, Raph had fallen eerily silent and calm, and Don was left wondering if there was anything he could have done with his infinite knowledge to save his only little brother from death.

It was as though the family that Mikey had left behind was no longer the family he would remember although it didn't matter for the youngest turtle was gone and it was all because of their arch enemy, the Shredder. It was the Shredder that had taken their brother captive and had then executed him right in front of the turtles' eyes. To add insult to injury, the Shredder had managed to get away with their brother's body leaving them unable to even give Mikey a proper burial. The only thing the brothers had left of their brother besides his physical possessions were their memories of the young turtle and it just didn't sit right with them knowing that the Shredder had their brother's body at his disposal.

There was no telling what sick and twisted things the maniacal masked man was doing to Mikey's body and it killed the brothers to know that. There had to be some way they could retrieve Mikey's body in order to give him the burial that he deserved and so they had gone out to the city park that night in the hopes of working out a plan without Master Splinter overhearing them. That was when the brothers stumbled upon him. The unconscious young human lying curled up in a fetal position as though protecting himself from some unseen attacker and the turtle brothers knew that they couldn't have left him to die when there was something they could do about it.

They had already let Mikey down by being unable to save him and the turtles were not about to make the same mistake twice with the human. Leo sighed softly at the thought as he started making his way towards the nearest manhole with the unconscious human still held close to him with Donnie and Raph following behind him like silent shadows. As the three turtles and the human disappeared into the foggy night, the sound of the bell chiming midnight echoed eerily throughout the night indicating that a new day was about to start and a second chance was right around the corner for the three brothers and mysterious human…

To be continued…

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