Hello everyone, this is a fanfiction that I thought of after reading 'A Scarlet Letter' by Eleantris, so if you haven't read that I'd definitely recommend it! This fic isn't intended to be a long one, I'm thinking five possibly six chapters, it's quite angsty but there will be Galex! I hope you enjoy!

1. Too Little Time.

It was a usual cold winter's day in 1981, and this day seemed like any other for the team. They were all grouchy as they had been up half the night working on a case about three drug dealers, and they were still none the wiser as to who was supplying the drugs. CID had pulled in three men who were known to be local dealers, Gene tried to use violence against them which just made things worse as Evan White had got himself involved and released them without charge. This led to one of Gene and Alex's famous stand off's where they would fight and argue with one another, battling it out until eventually one of them would give up and walk away, this time it was Gene who backed down. He couldn't be doing with Alex's petty behaviour, especially after he had no sleep whatsoever. He decided to take himself to his office and just sit there in peace, warning all members of the team that if they dared to enter there would be trouble. Alex sat herself at her desk, glancing at Gene through the window. She had finally come to terms with living in 1981, she believed she was there for a reason but she didn't know what that reason was, she thought that it was to save her parents but she was wrong about that. So she decided that she'd stop acting like a 'fruitcake' as much as she could and just focus on her job, but that was hard when she felt like she was developing unprofessional feelings for her DCI.

Gene was sat in his office, just thinking to himself, thinking about Alex. She was a bloody infuriating woman, but she was a good member of the team. She really knew how to get his blood boiling, this was his department and he wasn't going to let some posh mouthy tart try and take over and change his ways. He stood and poured himself a scotch, glaring at Alex who was looking from her desk at him. Alex put her head down, breaking the eye contact as Gene slammed the glass on the desk, there was no reasoning with him when he was in this mood. Gene was about to shout at Shazz to make him a coffee and bring some Garibaldi biscuits in for him when his phone let out a sharp ring.

'Hunt.' He spoke in a gruff voice.

'Gene it's me, Louise.' She sounded different to Gene, usually when she rang she would be snidey and snappy with him, there was something unusual about her voice this time. It was fainter than the last time they had spoke, almost broken.

'What do you bloody want?' He didn't mean to snap, but he was in a foul mood after his argument with Alex and talking to his ex-wife wasn't going to make things any better.

'Gene, it's about Jess.' She gulped; she didn't want Gene to find out over the phone, it was the worst way to find out such devastating news, she should be there with him; face to face.

'What? She want some money? Put her on to me, you know I'll do anything for my little girl.' Gene looked around CID hoping that no-one had overheard what he had just said, he didn't want anyone on the team to hear him speaking about his daughter, they all knew he had a daughter - all except Alex that was, but this was something he liked to keep private, he didn't like to talk about life with Louise; and he very rarely spoke of Jess.

'I can't Gene- she-' Gene heard a small whimper come through the other end of the phone.

'Louise, what is it?' He insisted. Gene and Louise hadn't spoken in months, now he was receiving a phone call from her out of the blue. Gene began to panic, the tone of Louise's voice told him that something was very wrong.

'Jess passed away, late last night.' Louise sobbed in a high pitched tone down the phone. 'We're unsure of the cause of death at this moment but we believe it was something to do with the medication she was taking.' Louise paused and took a deep breath. 'The funeral will be held in eight days, you're welcome to come over to Manchester and spend a few night's here if you wish.' There was a long silence as Gene took in all that was said, his baby girl had died, how? She was only fourteen that was barely a life, she hadn't lived, not really. Fourteen years was such a short amount of time and to be taken so suddenly too.

'Thanks Louise, I'll be over later tonight.' Gene placed the phone down gently, taking in everything that Louise had said, he wanted answers.

Jess had died so suddenly, she was so young, he desperately wanted to know the real cause of her death but he couldn't ask Louise over the phone, he'd needed to have a long conversation with her up in Manchester. Gene began to feel angry, angry at Louise for not taking proper care of her, angry at himself for not being there for her and even more angry that he couldn't be with her in her final moments. He picked up his glass of scotch and hurtled it towards the office door, causing the glass to shatter in to tiny pieces and the liquid to spill over the floor. Everyone in CID turned around and looked at him in alarm, they knew he was in a terrible mood, but him and Alex always argued, they were like an old married couple. Gene wouldn't lash out because of Alex, yes she was irritating but she couldn't cause that sort of reaction in Gene. Something else must have happened.

Alex decided to completely ignore what Gene had said previously and walked right into his office, carefully sweeping up the shattered glass on the floor and pulling the blinds down as she entered. She'd never seen this side to Gene before, he didn't seem angry as such, but sad, she could see an inexplicable sadness within him. She stood in front of him and handed him another glass of scotch, which was taken without a word by Gene. He didn't shout at her or tell her to get out, Gene had completely lost all the fight in him in a matter of minutes. They stood face to face, just looking at each other hopelessly. Alex had no idea what had caused Gene to throw the glass but she was determined to find out and offer him help.

'Do you want to talk?' Alex spoke quietly, and Gene knew that even if he didn't Alex would make him anyway.

'It's my daughter, Jess.' He looked at Alex as she looked at him in astonishment, she didn't know he had a daughter. It hurt her that he hadn't mentioned Jess to her, and she couldn't understand why. She thought they were close friends but she realised that she barely knew anything about him.

'You- you have a daughter?' Alex had always spoken of Molly, why hadn't Gene brought Jess up in conversation?

'Yes. I should have told yer Bolls, but it don't matter now...not anymore.' Gene downed his scotch in one and then looked at Alex, who was studying him carefully.

'Of course it matters, she's your little girl.' Alex smiled giving Gene a gentle squeeze on the arm, unaware of the news that Gene had just received.

'You don't understand Alex.' He bowed his head, not wanting to look weak in front of her.

'Then make me understand, talk to me.' She looked deep into his eyes, waiting for an answer.

'Jess- I just got a phone call from my ex missus.' Gene couldn't bring himself to say the words, but he needed to tell someone, he couldn't get by on his own. 'Jess- Jess passed away late last night.' He diverted his eyes away from Alex's when he felt tears building up, he couldn't let her see him cry, he was the Manc lion.

Alex flung her arms around Gene and embraced him, it felt awkward as Gene didn't return the hug, Alex understood why though, he didn't want to seem weak and the Gene Genie doesn't do hugs. 'It will be okay, I'll help you get through it.' She whispered in his ear, the sadness in his eyes broke her heart.

Gene pulled himself away and looked at Alex, who also had clouds of tears forming in her eyes 'You will?' He starred into her hazel orbs, almost pleading for her to say yes. He needed Alex more than ever.

'Of course I will Gene, you've always been there for me, and now it's my turn.' She cupped his cheek gently and to her surprise Gene took her hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

'Come to Manchester with me, Alex? I can't go on my own; I can't face it by myself.' He looked away again, Alex knew that he was hurting but he was too afraid to show it.

'Okay, I'm not going to let you do this on your own Gene, I'm here for you all the way.' Alex smiled still fighting back the tears.

'Yer might want to get some clothes packed; we're going to be up there for a while. We'll head off in about an hour to get up there tonight.' Gene's head was all over the place at the moment and he didn't want to face Louise after the way he had left her all those years ago, but it was the right thing to do. Alex nodded and headed out, making her way home to pack her things, the next week was going to be a roller-coaster of emotions, she could see it already. She had to be strong for Gene, he had chosen to trust her in a dark moment of his life, she wasn't going to let him down. He was no longer her rock, or her constant but she was his. Maybe this was her way home.

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