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I sat in a leather couch in a jewelry shop watching in boredom as Kacey tried on oh-so-much jewelry. Apparently, she was trying to find the perfect accessory. But I was trying to think of an excuse to get out of here. Hey, I love Kacey like a sister, but sometime she can be a bit too obsessive about clothes, and shoes, and jewelry, and pretty much anything else fashion-related.

Currently, Kacey was trying to figure out what would look better, the sapphires, or the rubies. She walked over to me with a sapphire earring in her right hand, and a ruby earring in the left. "Which one looks better?" she asked. I groaned, and said," Kacey," with annoyance in my voice. "Come on Stevie," she pleaded," everyboy has a perfect accessory." "Name three," I ordered. She replied," Nina has her locket from Sarah, Katniss has her mockingjay pin from Madge..." she trailed off. "You're forgetting the third one," I reminded her. She sat down on the couch next to me and held out her arm. Around it was a silver chain with a teardrop-shaped pendant with a midnight blue gem. "My grandmother bought me this the day I was born," Kacey told me. "She believes it's good luck." "Kacey, that's so sweet," I say."Thanks, and I'm pretty sure she's right, I mean I have the best friends in the world and I'm in THE BEST band in the universe." I have to laugh at that.

"So Stevie, what's your perfect accessory?" Kacey asks. "Umm... I don't have one," I reply which makes Kacey's gasp and cluch her chest in shock. "Why not!" She exclaims, which brings us looks from the other customers and also the cashier. I shrug and say," It never occured to me that it was important." "Well it totally is important!" Kacey exclaimed despite the looks she was getting. "We are getting you the perfect accessory rigth now!" Kacey said grabbing my wrist and trying to drag me out of the store. But I won't move an inch. "Kacey, I want my 'perfect accesory' to be from someone special, or from a special ocassion. A cashier I barely know is not a special person, and a Saturday at 2 p.m is not a special ocassion," I firmly explain. Kacey lets go of my hand. "Okay, I can respect that, but the instant you get it you are telling me. I promise I will and then I walk home.

I'm walking into Dunkin' Donuts when I accidentally bump into somebody. "Oh, I'm sorry," I say but then I see who it is. "Zander?" I say. "Oh, hey Stevie," he replies. He holds out the door for me, which I think is nice, and I walk inside and he follows. "What are you doing here?" I ask. "Oh, I was just going to get some coffee and some donuts." I sit down at a table and am surprised when Zander sits in the chair across from me. My surprised look causes Zander to explain. "What kind of world do we live in when a boy can't sit with his best friend and have some coffee and donuts," he teases which causes me to laugh. Zander goes to the counter and orders two lattes and a half dozen donuts. A little while later he comes back with our lattes and two donuts. "Whose donuts are those?" I ask after taking a sip of my latte. "Ours," Zander replies with a smile. I thank him and bite into one which is chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, my favorite (A/N: Mine too!)

After about ten minutes I get a call from my 18-year old brother Tony that I need to get home. I thank Zander once again and walk out. I'm walking dow the sidewalk when Zander catches up with me. "Close your eyes," he says, so I do but ready to hurt him if this is a trick. I feel something coold around my wrist and when I open my eyes Zander is gone, and I have a bracelet around my wrist. It has a silver chain and has three black music note charms on it. The first is an eighth note, the one with a slash on it, then the second type of eighth note, and then the first kind of eighth note. I finger it as I walk home. When I walk into my house and take off my boots I'm thinking one thing

The perfect accessory

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