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We were all sitting in the band room doing our favorite things. Kevin and Nelson were playing Furious Pigeons, Kacey was texting, Zander was checking himself out, and I was strumming some random chords. It was a strange coincidence that we all had a free period at the exact same time. Kacey must've pulled some strings. It was so strange, we were all part of one band and none of us did anything in unison, except for Kevin Nelson but that doesn't count; they're practically joined at the brain. Then I got an idea.

I stood up on the couch and tried to get everyone's attention but none of them noticed. Then I had a better idea. I took my bass, plugged it into an amp, and cranked up the volume and strum all of the strings at once. (A/N: If I didn't write it right, it's because I know nothing about guitars) This got everyone's attention and made everyone's teeth rattle, except for Zander; he was used to me doing stuff like this. We're practically brother and sister.

"What is it! The brand new soho medium light pink leather tote with chain straps goes on sale in one minute," Kacey exclaimed

"fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven," Kacey counted the seconds.

"Kacey!" I exclaimed. She sighed and began to listen.

"Okay it seems as if we're all in a funk. SO tonight, I declare an official band movie night and sleepover at my house," I say. Kacey begins to interject, but I give her a death glare that would make Molly proud. She pouts but eventually gives in. We 'hold it down' just as the bell rings. As I'm about to leave Zander stops me and says,

"I'm really looking forward to tonight." And for some reason that makes me blush the color of a rose.

I'm wearing a black shirt with a rose design and an Eiffel tower, a black beanie with a bedazzled mustache, ripped jeans, a black leather jacket, black aviators, and really high high-tops. (A/N: Links for outfits are on my profile) I made sure that all of my brothers are out of our way. They're like vultures, devouring all of the food before I can even get a finger on it. Max is the oldest at 18, Noah and Chris are fraternal twins and they're both 14, and Leo is only 12 (A/N: See what I did there, I took the actors from the most awesomest shows ever)

"So mom," I say to my mother.

"Before you ask, none of your brothers will bother you. Max is on a dates, as usual, Noah and Chris are having a sleepover at a friend's house, and I'm positive Leo is such a sweetheart, he won't bother you." My mom says.

"Thanks, mom," I say, and I jog up the stairs to make sure Leo won't bother me. I enter his room, which is covered with karate posters. He's in his gi and is practicing.

"Listen up Leo," I say.

"What is it sis," he asks.

"My friends are coming over and you better not bother them," I demand.

"Sure," he says nonchalantly. I wasn't expecting a fight. Leo is one of those people who will only attack if attacked.

"Wait is your boyfriend Sander coming," he asks mockingly.

"First of all, his name is Zander and he is not my boyfriend," I say exasperated.

"Mmm, hmm," Leo says and continues punching his dummy. I hear the doorbell ring and I rush downstairs to greet the rest of Gravity 5.

As I opened the door I saw only Kacey. She was wearing an off-the-should dark blue top, black tights, a heart shaped pendant, heart shaped stud earrings, dark blue flats, and a black purse with a gold chain which I expected was vintage, and a royal blue suitcase and a sleeping bag attached to it.

"Come in," I said and opened the door wide enough so she could come in.

"So did you get the bag?" I question. She turns around with a stern expression. Then her face breaks into a grin as she pulls a piece of paper out of her bag.

"Does this answer your question?" she says excitedly. I grab the paper and read,'

This paper hereby declares that Kacey Marie Simon is now an owner of a limited edition Soho medium light pink leather tote with chain straps.'

"And the best part is," Kacey says while putting the paper back into her bag," is that Molly didn't get one." I'm about to respond when the doorbell rings.

Nelson and Kevin are standing there in Furious Pigeons footie pajamas and sleeping bags. I try to hide my laughter, but it does no good. I start laughing so hard, that Kacey comes to see what happened and then she bursts out laughing as well.

"What did the neighbors say," I ask after I stop laughing.

"Well one of them thought we were mentally insane," Kevin says.

"And another sent their dog after us," Nelson adds. I open the door to let them and then text Zander.

(Stevie, Zander)

hey where r u? evry1 is here

Srry, mom made me take out garbage, be right there


Seeya there :)

The smiley face he sent makes my heart skip a beat but I don't know why.

"So where's Zander," Kacey asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Uh, he's running a bit late, but he'll be here soon," I answer. Kacey just shrugs and sits in our family room.

Five minutes pass until I hear the doorbell ring, and I go to get it. I open the door to find Zander standing there with a grey v-neck and a red flannel shirt over it, and a black sleeping bag. I open the door to let him in. Once he's inside I tell him,

"Better watch out for my brother Leo, he thinks we're dating." He raises an eyebrow and says,

"Oh really." The next thing I know, he's crashing his lips into mine. And even more shocking, I find myself kissing him back. We break away after what feels like five seconds.

"I knew it!" I hear and I instantly know that Leo was watching.

"Leo! I told you not to bother us!" I hiss.

"I wasn't bothering you, I was just checking to see if Zander was your boyfriend and I was right!" he says victoriously. I run up the stairs into my room and I slam the door. I hear Zander calling my name but I just ignore it.

I look around at my room. The light lavender walls, my ukulele and bass, my music alarm clock. Ah ha! I finally find it. A dandelion! Okay, it's not a real dandelion, it's a novelty one. My brothers all chipped in and got it for my birthday. I make a wish, blow on it, and the little seeds go flying everywhere, and the best part is that I can do it over again. I sit on my bed and make a wish out loud.

"I wish I knew if Zander was in love with me," and I blow. The little fake seeds go flying everywhere and as I pick them up I hear Zander's voice.

"Well, I know Zander is in love with you," he says walking into my room. I can't believe I forgot to lock my door!

"You weren't supposed to hear that," I say.

"But I did," he says and takes my hands in his and he kisses me lightly on the cheek.

"I love you Stevie," he says and I know he means it.

"I love you too," I say back

As I walk downstairs with Zander right behind me I see Kacey, Nelson,and Kevin staring at us.

"What just happened?!" Kacey shrieks. I take Zander's hand in mine and I say,

"We are officially a couple."

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