Lucy punched him. We could hear Nicholas' nose break through the door. I heard Logan grimacing behind me mixed with Quinn's barely concealed laughter. They were fighting again. Lucy and Nick had always argued, for as long as I could remember actually, but this? This was different. They'd been acting weird around each other for about a week and shouting at each other over the smallest things but no one knew why.

"Shit, Lucky!" Nicholas yelled, "Stop doing that!" I could hear rustling behind me to see my brothers exchange money with each other.

I scowled at them, and Quinn looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said "Hey I won 20 bucks. Want in on the action?" I hit him round the head and went back to listening at Nick's door.

Lucy screamed, "Don't call me that!" and we heard another blow to Nick's nose. There was a thump as he hit the floor and a moan of pain. Then we heard footsteps coming our way.

"Shit, code red!" I hissed at my brothers and we scattered. They ran to their rooms and me, down the stairs. Just as Nick's door opened, three others slammed shut. I made it to my room just as Lucy stomped down the stairs and down the hallway. I breathed a sigh of relief as I slumped to the floor. I decided to let her cool down before I went to talk to her so I got up and went back to the boy's floor. Nicholas was still on his floor, clutching his broken nose.

He spotted me and called out, "Hey, Sol. Grab the first aid kit, would you?" I stormed in and went for him. He held his hands up to protect his nose, so I kicked him in the balls instead and walked out slamming his door behind me..