Dallas, Rebecca's Behind Entwined In John Ross's Snare

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show Dallas, characters or make any money from the story. BIG Fan of the old Dallas show and we love the new show. This is a what if series of stories imagining what really happened behind the scenes of the electric, exciting new Dallas television show. Please keep an open mind, read, enjoy and review.

Author's Note: AU: This a story told in a series of letters between Rebecca and Pam, Bobby's past wife.

Dear Pam,

I bet you never thought in this day and age, you would receive snail mail, and a request to use this antiquated means of correspondence. I can assure you under the circumstances it is quite necessary. Let me explain. You could say in a way I am behind the Iron Curtain and that holds true especially for the wringer I have my behind in today. John Ross is monitoring all my computer activities. I know you prefer to remain invisible in Dallas, but have been so grateful you reached out to me when I married your son. Christopher and I are both appreciative that you after all these years have reached out to us and we promise to keep your secret.

My dilemma all started when I got a phone call at Southfork on my cell from John Ross. He informed me that he wanted to see me and discuss the infamous email Christopher had received right before he was suppose to be married to Christopher. The email was devastating news and I just know John Ross would use this information as leverage to get the oil drilling on Southfork restarted. I had a sneaky suspicion he would be asking a lot of me to keep quiet about his find, that has my behind entwined in the oil politics of the Ewing Family.

He informed me I was to meet him a downtown Dallas linear park in the middle of the masters of the universe cathedrals to commerce. Now I was ensnared by a formidable opponent and incredulously one of my own family members. It is very early in the morning and I want to leave this letter for our postman so you will get it and know my current plight in the big white house at the end of the Southfork's drive.

You're Daughter In Law,


Dear Rebecca,

You really put yourself in a pickle with the less than honest happenstance way you met my son on the train. John Ross is a chip off his dad, JR's block and you need to be careful how you proceed. I am afraid Rebecca you are dealing with a snake in the weeds when dealing with John Ross. It is quite apparent from the run ins between Christopher and John Ross should give you pause as you go to see JR's son when he has the upper hand!

I see you truly as a repentant young lady, but I can not predict how Christopher will react to your betrayal. While I think you are good for my son and wish you the best, you must be firm and remind John Ross what is at stake for him with his brother should he choose to divulge the origin of the incriminating email. When you do have your private meeting with him, remember no matter how bad he makes it for you, under no circumstances must you allow him to poison your marriage. I hope as you read this letter you do not find some comfort in the fact Christopher is worth the chore.

Hang In There,