EXPLANATION: 1.) I do not own Sea Quest or any of its characters. 2.) For the sake of this story the building of the second Sea Quest took about 1 year and six months instead of 2 as it did in the show. 3.) Ben and Katharine stayed on Sea Quest as while as Dr. Westphalen, however Tony and Dr. Smith also joined the crew. 4.) Lucas originally lied about his age when he came on board, he was only 14. Also I will use a date of Febuary 29 2004 for his birth. 5.) Also Tony was moved out of Lucas's room about two weeks into the tour as he complained he wasn't getting much sleep as Lucas spent most o the night on his computer. This story is going to be a rewrite of my story The Truth, but fleshed out a little more.

Lucas woke up one morning with pain in his abdomen that he had never felt before. He wasn't sure what he should do, should he just tough it out and if it got worse see the doctor or should he just go to her right away. He looked at his clock and saw it said 6:30 am; he really wasn't used to waking up that early so he decided that maybe he should go and see the Doctor.

He walked out of his room that was labeled Chief Computer Systems Analyst/ Mammal Engineering/ Resident Teen Genius. The first one was the official title that the UEO had given to him for helping design the new computer programs on board the new SeaQuest and for basically keeping them all running. The second title was a little joke from his previous quarters on the first SeaQuest which was more like a storage room that they had added a bunk and a desk for him, and the third had been Lt. Ben Krieg's idea, he had originally suggested "Caution Resident Teen Genius" but Lucas wasn't too happy about that.

Lucas made the decision to go see the Doctor; he got up and exited his room. He looked at the door and chuckled at the sign on it. His abs started to hurt him even more now. He headed down the hall towards Med Bay when he ran into the Captain who immediately asked him.

"Lucas why are you up so early and why are you roaming the decks of SeaQuest in nothing but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt"

Lucas thought for a moment should he lie to the Captain and make up some excuse or should he tell him the truth. He decided to tell him the truth.

He said "I woke up with pain in my abdomen and decided to go see the Doctor about it."

The Captain then decided to help the teen get there and also he knew that as the Captain of the ship the UEO had appointed him Lucas's legal guardian in the absence of his father who was off working on a second World Power project.

When they got to the Med Bay, Dr. Westphalen had just arrived and was getting ready just in case she needed to treat any patients today. Most of the time she just took care of minor cuts and bruises and sometimes in the case of Lucas minor electrical burns. She looked up from her office and was shocked to see the Captain and Lucas in Med Bay at this hour; she immediately suspected that there must be something wrong with the teen. She opened the door and told Lucas to get up on one of the examining tables. Normally the teen put up a fuss when she said this, but today he just lay down on it without a word to her. She figured that he must be really sick today or he had injured himself somehow, but since it looked like he had just gotten up as he was only in a pair of boxers and a t shirt not something that he would usually walk around the boat in she figured he must be really sick. She went over to him and stuck a thermometer in his mouth to take his temperature. She noticed that it was about two degrees above normal not to serious but it could be the first sign of infection.

She then asked "Lucas why have you come in to Med Bay this morning."

"I woke up at about 6:30 this morning with pain in my abdomen." Lucas said.

"Where does it hurt the most?"

Lucas lifted up his shirt revealing his somewhat scrawny frame, he then pointed to the area just above his right hip. The Doctor began felling his abdomen there when the teen immediately said that it hurt.

"Lucas have you had pain in this area before?"

"No, not in that area before, do you think it might be my appendix?" asked Lucas.

She then left the room for a minute and came back with a portable ultrasound machine which she used on his abdomen. Well she was doing this Lucas commented that he had had this done to him before, after one of the beatings from his father. He also said that they had needed to rush him to surgery right away and remove his spleen to stop the internal bleeding he had. The Doctor, as had the Captain, of course had known about this and as few of his other injuries from what he had told him. She also knew of some other scars that Lucas had that were not mentioned in his medical file and she wasn't sure why. Also there was a section from the time when he was four to six years old that was sealed off to even her, she had often questioned Lucas about this and he usually just gave her the answer that it was something she didn't need to know. It made her wonder all the more what was Lucas hiding, what had happened to him in those years that someone would want to seal his medical file. After she finished with the test she said to him.

"I'm afraid that your appendix is going to have to come out young man."

"Ah Man that really sucks. I guess that means surgery then right?"

"Yes unfortunately it does and also that means you will have to spend a couple of days here and then another week on LIGHT duty, and no swimming for at least three weeks."

Lucas looked at her and just moaned. He then decided to tell them something about himself that only he and his parents knew about him. He decided to tell them what was in the sealed portion of his medical file.

Then Lucas said to Dr. Westphalen and Captain Bridger.

"There was something I want to tell you about my past and I also want to show you what's in the sealed portions of my medical file. Is it ok if I use the computer in your office doc?"

She was puzzled by this, but told him to go ahead. She and Bridger helped him into her office, where Lucas immediately opened up his medical file and begin hacking into the sealed portions of it, Dr. Westphalen just stared at the information in front of her, and she looked over to the Captain and said.

"Nathan are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

The Captain nodded, he was just shocked as she was. The two of them looked at Lucas with a questioning gaze. Lucas then looked up at them and said.

"When I born, I was both blind and mentally challenged, so when I was four years old my parents took me to a Doctor that my father had found, they told me that this doctor would help me to be normal, whatever that meant? When we got to the doctor's office he talked about doing an operation on me. I later found out all the information you see in the file when I decided to hack into it well I was at Stanford. I found out that he had operated on my brain and placed a sort of computer processor in my brain. He had also replaced portions of my eyes with video cameras to give me somewhat normal sight."

He looked up at the two adults in the room; they just stared back at him shocked that someone would do this to a child.

"When I was six I had to go back to that doctor because I had developed a complication from the first operation. The Doctor had to operate on me again and put a shunt into the back of my head as I had developed something called hydrocephalus."

Captain Bridger immediately grabbed Lucas and held him in a tight embrace like he had done so many times before. He was now remembering the night when Lucas had first told him of his abuse. It was about a month ago when the crew was going to have some time off.

He had walked in to the teen's room to find out what he would be doing well they had two weeks of shore leave and I saw him crying well reading an e-mail from someone. I thought it a little unusual as Lucas was always in control of the emotions that he displayed in public.

"What's wrong, why are you crying?"

Lucas looked up to see the captain standing there he brushed the tears from his eyes and said "I just got an e-mail from my Dad's secretary telling me that my Dad was unable to look after me for the two weeks and I have to make other arrangements."

The captain had been shocked by this. How could someone treat their son like this, it was disgraceful. How Lucas could even call this man his father was beyond comprehension.

"Have you made other arrangements yet?"

The teen just shook his head no and buried his head in his hands, as he drew himself up into the fettle position on his bed with his back to the auqatube.

"Would you like to come and spend some time with me on my Island?"

Lucas looked up at him and wiped some tears away from his eyes with the sleeve of his turtleneck and said.

"Do you really mean that or are you just trying to get me off the ship?"

I was shocked by this.

"Lucas, I really want this. If I go back to my Island alone, I will be just that, alone. If I go with you maybe we can get a chance to know each other a little better."

Lucas smiled at me and asked.

"Do you have an internet connection on your Island?"

The Captain just looked at him and smiled and said.

"Yes but it's not as fast as the ones your used to on SeaQuest."

Lucas looked up at him and said "Don't worry I can work with that"

The next day we were on a boat heeding towards my Island, a solitary dolphin played in the wake from our bow. Both of us knew that it was Darwin, who had been released from the SeaQuest, he of course had decided to tag along with his favorite playmates Lucas and myself.

Once we got to the Island, I gave Lucas a quick tour of the house and showed him the guest bedroom which Lucas gusted my son Robert had might have had, I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn't quite sure as I didn't talk to him or anyone for that matter about my family.

Lucas left his stuff in the room and changed into a bathing suit to go and play with Darwin for a little bit. He stopped by the kitchen where he saw me looking through the cupboard and the fridge to see if all the supplies I had ordered were there. Lucas told me that he was going out to play with Darwin for a bit, as he left I told him that I would call him for lunch. When he left through the front door I noticed a lot of scars on his back and wondered where he had gotten those from I decided to ask him about them later or maybe to wait for him to tell me about them himself.

Later that evening, after we both had gone to sleep, for some reason I woke up and decided to check on Lucas and I saw that he wasn't in his bed. I went down the stairs and saw that Lucas was on the couch watching TV with his computer on his lap talking to his friend Wolfman on the Internet. Lucas then signed off and yawned but he didn't go upstairs to bed as I had expected him to do, he just put his computer down on the coffee table and lay back and continued to watch TV. I came over to him and said

"Why are you up so late?"

"Can't sleep, I'm tired but I just can't fall asleep. I've always had that problem since I was a little kid. I can't get to sleep the first couple of nights I'm in a new place."

"Robert was like that too. Why don't you sit up for a second so I can sit on the couch next to you?"

Lucas sat up and I grabbed a pillow and asked Lucas to lay down on it. I then began stroking his hair and just looking into his eyes, in a way that I had never before, I saw love in the teen's eye. I also saw a lost little boy in them, a boy who wanted to tell someone something about himself, but was afraid to do so.

"Is there something that you want to tell me?"

Lucas looked at me with a look of panic in his eyes and said.

"Not really Captain, Why do you ask?" I then gently I said to him.

"I saw the scars on your back and was wondering about them."

Lucas suddenly tensed up and his breathing quickened, he also sat up and I saw a look of fear in his eyes. I said to Lucas in a calm voice.

"Just relax kido, I didn't mean anything by that, I'm just curious that's all."

Lucas then calmed down a little bit and begin to tell me about how his father had beaten him and that the scars on his back where from when his dad had used his belt on his back. He told me how his father had called him an 'arrogant piece of shit' and told him that he was acting like a smart ass all the time, that he was a show off. He told me how this had started when he was in Junior high school and continued through high school. He told me how he had started Junior High School at the age of five.

He also told me how he had started high school when he was eight years old. He then told me about how he had begun at Stanford University at the age of eleven. I took this all in and just stared at the teen and wondered why anyone would beat their son because he was smart. Smart was just putting it mildly I knew that he was a genius. I then did something that neither one of us had expected I grabbed Lucas and held him in a tight embrace, the two of us just sat there. Me with Lucas's head on my shoulder stroking his back, Lucas had started crying during this, I just comforted him. I knew from raising my son Robert that sometimes you just needed to be there for your children (which I wasn't enough), and from what Lucas had just told me he didn't think that his parents had ever been there for him.

Over the next two weeks Lucas and I got to know each other fairly well, Lucas told me about how he had been dumped on the SeaQuest. I wondered how true that story was as I had heard about someone developing a device capable of translating dolphin sounds into human speech and that the Government was interested in it. I myself told him about the family I had once had and a little about the research I had done into translating Dolphin into human speech too.

Then one night after Lucas had woken me with a nightmare he had been having, he had actually called out to me with his mind. It felt exactly like the time that Amanda had done it to me, I was puzzled was Lucas like her and her family, was he like me as well. I went to his room and just talked to him and help him calmed down. Lucas then told me that he had a dream about a week before he came on to the SeaQuest. He said that it was about a beautiful woman named Carol.

"That was my wife's name." Lucas nodded and said.

"Yeah I know. I later realized who she was when I saw a picture of her in your quarters. Anyway in the dream she told me that I was going to meet someone special that would help me find love, and that I would also help them to find themselves again."

I smiled and realized that I had a similar dream about a week before Bill Noyce had come to see me, I told Lucas this and the two of us just somehow knew that we had shared something very special.

Back in the present Doctor Westphalen turned to Lucas and said.

"Young man, I really need to get that appendix out of you before your symptoms get worse." Lucas looked at her and groaned.

Dr. Westphalen just said to him "come on, you know it won't hurt."

Lucas smiled and said "yaeh I know, it's just that I don't really like operating rooms much."

"I can understand that perfectly, after all you've been through. Do you want me to sedate you before I take you in?"

Lucas just nodded, and then she showed him to a little room where she gave him a gown to put on while she got the Captain to sign the necessary paper work, after all, he was Lucas's legal guardian, well Lucas was onboard the SeaQuest.

A few minutes later Doctor Westphalen came into the room that Lucas was in along with Doctor Levin who would be assisting her with his surgery and the Captain who said he would be there to hold Lucas's hand well he was put under the anesthesia, Lucas smiled and thanked him for that. Doctor Westphalen then gently started an Iv in Lucas's arm, he said he barley felt it. She then injected the anesthesia into the tube in it Lucas quietly drifted off to sleep as it was given to him. Her and Doctor Leven then took him into the operating suite inside of the med bay and began to prep the teen for surgery.

They began by going in laparoscopicly threw his belly button, but they found that his appendix had ruptured and decided that it would be best to open him up. Once they were finished they took him back to the regular area of med bay and Dr. Westphalen went to go get the captain in the waiting room. He came over and sat beside his youngest crew member just as a father would beside his own son. He also told the Doctor that he had informed the senior staff about Lucas and that he would let them know when he was able to have some visitors. Doctor Westphalen knew how important Lucas was to the rest of the crew as most of them either looked at him as being a younger brother or a good friend or even treated him like he was their son.

She also noticed that the Captain had brought a teddy bear with him; she figured that it must have been Lucas's. She saw him put it beside Lucas who grabbed it and snuggled up to it well he was sleeping in the same way that any other kid would do.