A week had now passed and Lucas was feeling a little better than he had the previous week. His abs were still hearting him a little bit, but Dr. Westphalen had told him that that was perfectly normal as she had to cut open his muscles to remove his appendix. He really liked the nice little scar he had from it too, it was about 4inches long. Lucas was still on light duty for the next couple of weeks well he was healing, he took a lot of the off time going over his thesis for his doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and doing some more work on the Vocorder.

One day while Lucas and Captain Bridger were going over Lucas's thesis together when Lucas's pal started paging him, it took him about 10 minutes to find it in the mess that he called "organized ciaos". The captain commented to him "no wonder it takes you to long to answer it."

Lucas just smiled back at him, and said to him "maybe I do that on purpose so I can tell if it's really important," he also laughed as he said it too.

When he answered it was Tim from the bridge telling him that there was an incoming call from his father. Luaus seemed shocked by this but he said that he would take it and he asked Tim to keep monitoring it. The Captain then turned to him and asked if he wanted him to leave Lucas just shook his head no.

A few seconds later the face of Lawrence Wolenczak appeared on the screen in Lucas's quarters. Lucas gave him a somewhat rude greeting of "what do you want?"

Lawrence looked a little annoyed by it and said back to him "is that anyway for a son to great his father."

Lucas just glared at him and said "only if they call you when they need something. Do you even care that I had appendicitis a couple of weeks ago or did your secretary not tell you that?"

Lawrence was stunned by this and tried to say something to Lucas that sounded like I'm sorry, and I hope your felling better, but Lucas just ignored it and asked him "What have you done now crashed your laptop again? Can't one of the techs at world power fix it for you?"

Lawrence seemed to be getting a little mad at his son now as he said "No I am not having problems with my laptop. However we do seem to have a problem with a computer virus here at world power and the computer techs can't seem to fix it. When I called the UEO they told me to contact you, at first I went just to Secretary General Noise who said that it would be best if I contact you personally to ask you this rather then getting you ordered to come here. Lucas we need your help please."

Lucas considered it for a moment and looked to the Captain as he wrote something on a slip of paper that said "can I have a couple of crew members go with me?"

After getting a quick nod from the Captain he said to his father "I will come but only on two conditions first two members of the SeaQuest crew will be with me at all times, and two you pay me for my time. If you don't agree to these terms I will refuse to help you."

Lawrence glared at him and said "fine you can have your crew members with you. I'll see you then, but why should I pay my son to do something for me."

Lucas glared at him and said "why should you pay me, maybe because my time is valuable and I'm not some trained animal that comes to your call, I'm the Chief Systems Analyst on board the SeaQuest for a reason."

With that he hung up and the screen went blank. The Captain looked at Lucas and asked him if he was still going to go, Lucas turned to him and said "yeah but not for my Dad, it's more to help out the techs there as it must be a bad virus if they are calling in the big guns"

The Captain smiled and laughed as he ruffled Lucas's hair, he thought it was funny that Lucas considered himself to be the big guns in the computer world. It was true though his genius was un matched in the world he had the highest grade point average that Stanford had ever had and was still unmatched, he was also their youngest grad ever at the age of 14 and also the only grad ever to be given Latin honors as they didn't think that awarding him man of distinction was enough of an honor for his achievements.

The Captain then picked up his Pal and paged Commander Ford on the bridge and asked him to set a new course to world power. He then turned to Lucas and said "what's with you wanting two crew members to come with you?"

Lucas looked at him and said "protection."

The Captain nodded as he knew exactly why he had said that. He immediately grabbed Lucas and pulled him into a hug, something that he had been doing a lot of with him lately, as he rubbed his back he told him "it's not your fault, an don't worry anyone you want will be available to go with you¸

Lucas looked up at him and said "Crocker and Ben,"

The Capitan smiled at his selection. He then picked up his Pal and asked Commander Ford to call a meeting of the senior staff in the captains ward room. Just after he had done this another vid phone call from Secretary General Noise called for the captain, he had them put it through to Lucas's room.

During the call he confirmed that there was a problem and that a UEO computer tech had already been there and had made an attempt to fix the problem but when it was found to be worse then what they had originally thought it was and he had recommended calling Lucas in. Apparently Dr. Wolenczak wasn't too happy about that and wanted Bill Noise to order him to come in. He then turned to Lucas and asked him what his plans were. Bill laughed when he heard what Lucas's requests were, and he said that if he doesn't get paid by Lawrence he would make sure that Lucas was reimbursed for his time.

The Captain and Lucas then made their way to the front of the SeaQuest and to the captains ward room where the senior staff were assembling.

Once they arrived there Captain Bridger called the meeting to order and informed them that they were heading to World Power at the request of Doctor Wolenczak. The crew then looked at Lucas who had a fairly blank look on his face. Lucas then took the floor after Bridger asked him to explain further to everyone.

Lucas looked at everyone and said "basically what's going on is there's apparently a particular nasty virus at world power and a UEO computer tech had a lot of trouble with it and recommended calling in the big guns, me."

The senior staff laughed at that but many of them remembered back to the first SeaQuest and the virus that Lucas had managed to hack through that had been put into the computer system by the former Captain Stark in an attempt to capture SeaQuest, so they knew that even though he was trying to make a joke by referring to himself as the big guns, the teen was being serious as he was the hacker that hackers feared, and the SeaQuest was no pretty much hack proof ever since the UEO let Lucas redesign it's computer systems.

Lucas then informed the staff about his requests to his father and they also thought it was funny that he wanted to charge him for his time but at the same time they also knew that Lucas getting paid had been a note of contention at one point on the old SeaQuest. They also liked his choice of Ben and Chief Croker as his body guards per say as they knew that between those two the chances of him getting hurt were pretty slim.