I ran for my life. There were about 4 of the Wizard's guards chasing me, but I was having a ball. The Wizard kept sending his puppets after me, and I managed to scare them all, just like I had scared the rest of Oz, including the Wizard himself. There are only a few who knew that I was only trying to make good...actually there's only one person. And she is working for the Wizard now, so who knows... I choked up and slowed to a jog.

"There she is!" A guard yelled behind me. I laughed at him, and he seemed scared at my laugh. I weaved my way into my favorite clearing and scrambled up into my favorite tree. I had never been graceful, but over the past months I had grown to like trees, they hid me pretty well. I propped my feet up on a branch and leaned my back against the tree. When all four guards were in the clearing below, I opened up the Grimmerie and chanted a spell. It warped my voice into a deep warbling echo, so the sound would fill the clearing and hopefully intimidate the idiots below.

"Go back to the Wizard. Tell him and Madam Morrible that you failed yet again to capture me, and each day you waste chasing me is a day I grow stronger. Tell him he is wasting his time and the only way to get Oz back to its former glory is to let all the Animals go free. Sincerely the Wicked Witch of the West." The guards were on the ground covering their ears. One got up as fast as he could and ran for it. I smiled to myself with another success, until one brave one got up and pointed his gun at the trees. "We're not afraid of you!" "GO!" I yelled at them in my echo. The other two got up and tried to scare me by yelling threats. But as soon as they got out of the clearing they ran as fast as the first one.

I cackled and swung down to the ground, Grimmerie in hand and ready to fly back to Kiamo Ko on my broom until a voice behind me made me stiff as cardboard and my heart stop. "Elphie?"