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To Rise and Fall

Prologue: The Birth of the Chosen

"Siha...they're beautiful..." A navy-blue male dragon murmured. He nuzzled his mate, Siha, a pretty lavender dragon with darker violet legs and tail. She stared at her newborn dragons with endless love and affection.

"Of course," Siha replied. "They are your sons, Rehcra."

"Um..." A younger dragon, an emerald green male, whispered uncomfortably. "I hate to ruin the moment, but we really should test their PSI levels."

"Oh, of course, Raeps." Rehcra muttered. He apologized to Siha before gently gripping his two sons in his jaws and carrying them over to the center of the cave. Raeps stood before the two drakelings and lowered his head, so that it barely touched the newborns. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Within moments, he opened his now wide eyes and straightened his neck, his whole body rigid.

"Is there something wrong, Raeps?" Siha asked with worry.

"'s impossible..." The green dragon muttered.

"What is it?" Rehcra asked.

"Rehcra and Siha..." Raeps murmured. He then raised his voice to announce, " I am proud to announce that your two sons have level ten PSI, the highest level there is!"

"Level ten?" Rehcra replied, shock written all over his face.

"Wow, I know your level eight, Rehcra, but...for me, a level four, to bear level almost impossible." Siha stated.

"They must have a great destiny. Congratulations, Rehcra and Siha. You must be very proud," Raeps said. He then left the cave, saying, "I must report this to Vharsi. Good day, you two. Good luck to you and your drakelings."

"Wow, how lucky are we?" Rehcra murmured softly. "Our drakelings are level ten in PSI...amazing. What are you going to name them?"

"Well, they're higher than level eight, so I have to give them special names, like yours," Siha explained. She concentrated on her two sons, trying to think of suitable special names for them. "How about...Noitome for the bigger one, and Noen for the other one."

Rehcra smiled. "I like that...Noitome and Noen."

Noitome whined softly. He was average-sized for a newborn drakeling, and completely natural blue. He had four crest-like spines down the back of his neck, which turned slightly upward at the ends. He slowly opened his eyes, which were a sparkling amber.

Noen on the other hand, was a bright, fiery red. His parents could see now that Noen wasn't actually smaller than Noitome. Instead, he was unnaturally thin, both his body and his legs. His face was unlike a normal dragon's as well, being a bit long, pointed and narrow instead of rounded out. He whimpered and opened his eyes, which were a shining light sea-green.

Rehcra instantly became worried once he realized how thin Noen was. He saw that Siha noticed as well. "Noen's kind of you think he's sick?" He asked.

"I don't know..." Siha replied. "But he and Noitome will bring much change to our strict culture, that much I am sure of."

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So anyways, I realize some of the names might be difficult to pronounce, so whenever I put up a new chapter, it'll have a pronouciation guide for any new characters introduced or mentioned.

Siha: See-ha

Rehcra: Reh-kra

Raeps: Ra-eps

Noitome: No-eh-tome

Noen: No-en

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