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"Whatever way you wish to put it, but you are here now just as I hoped. Everything went according to plan. In fact, it went smoother than I predicted," hummed Kovarian in a voice laced with approval. "And you brought the baby. How nice."

"You stay away from her!" River's tone was thick with venom and undertones of threat, but the woman in black only smirked in response.

"Oh, I won't, but for now she'll stay with you. Ah, you are just as feisty as I remember. You always were an obstinate little child, Melody Pond."

"You deserved any trouble she ever gave you. I hope she gave you hell!" piped up Amy in her fiery way. She couldn't keep quiet whenever a conversation turned to the topic of her little girl's childhood which she had never been able to be a part of.

"Oh, Amy, I know you're still angry with me for taking your baby, but I did it for the benefit of everyone, dear. Poor Melody would have been in danger all the time traveling around with the Doctor, and you wouldn't know how to raise an alien child. It was best that I took her off your hands. Don't you see that?"

"Don't you say that! Don't you ever say that! A child belongs with its mother no matter what. And she wasn't safe with you. She was never safe with you-always performing tests on her and hurting her. You hurt my baby and you'll pay for that!" shouted Amy as she tried to go after Madame Kovarian. The men restraining her almost lost their grips because the strength of the red head was more than they had suspected.

"You think so, do you?"

"Oh, I know so, Madame Kovarian," interceded the Doctor as he gave Amy a look attempting to request she calm down. The situation would not get any better if they all flew off the handle in a passion. "See, you've kidnapped not only myself and my friends, but also my wife and my baby. Upon principal I just can't let you get away with that." At this speech Kovarian cackled joyously, but she did not respond to the Doctor's threat. She turned the conversation back in the direction of River's childhood.

"Doctor, did you ever figure out why all those tests were done on little Melody Pond?" she asked as she subdued her less than appealing laughter. In response the Doctor clenched his teeth and if his hands had been free he would have ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, but this was answer enough for Madame Kovarian. She knew enough about the Doctor to know that this meant he was frustrated.

"No? I didn't think so. Would you like to?"

"It was to check and see how much Timelord she had in her," suggested Rory. This had been the hypothesis they had all come to about what River had gone through as a child, but they weren't certain.

"In the beginning that is what the tests were for, but they soon grew into so much more than that. Doctor, you are a clever man; though, you are very unobservant at times.. Surely you have guessed at what we were trying to accomplish. I'm sure you have a few ideas," Kovarian insisted, enjoying the little game she was playing with them immensely. She knew they would have to play along because none of them were getting away from her soldiers, and she knew they wouldn't try when the innocent life of Imogen was at stake.

"What does it matter now? Whatever those tests were they failed because I haven't killed the Doctor, and there is nothing in any time or space which could make me," blurted River in the same passionate tone as her mother. The red-head, and the curly-haired woman were alike in more ways than anyone could imagine. One of these ways was when it came to their children; they could be ruthless if the situation demanded it.

"That was never my intention, dear," chuckled Kovarian with a knowing glint in her eyes.

"Then why don't you enlighten us. What was your intention with all the testing on her? You must have been trying to accomplish something," snarled a very frustrated Doctor.

"Oh, we were, and we accomplished it," she smiled devilishly at the Doctor as she said this before turning to one of the soldiers standing beside her and barked an order.

"Bring it to me." The soldier she spoke to gave a curt nod then turned and marched from the room without a word.

"What? Bring what?" demanded the Doctor as he rebelled against the men restraining him. He wasn't trying to get away, and he didn't manage it. His struggling was more of a way to vent his frustration. He needed to think, but he couldn't think properly unless he was moving.

"Oh, you'll see. And I'm sure you'll be very surprised and proud of what we managed to accomplish," was the cool answer from Kovarian.

"I will never be proud of anything accomplished by you unless it is a complete and total surrender," hissed the Doctor.

"You would like that, wouldn't you?" The Doctor did not have time to respond; for, the soldier who had been dispatched to get the object for Kovarian had returned with the object and it left the Doctor, his wife, and her parents speechless.

"Isn't it beautiful? Melody, dear, we never meant for you to kill the Doctor. We knew that your ties to him through your parents would make that an impossibility, so we created something without those ties with your same DNA. You were simply a distraction. Here is what will kill the Doctor," Kovarian purred as she laid her hand gingerly on the brown-haired head of a little girl they all recognized. Shock was written all over River's face. Amy's was filled with anger and Rory's horror, but the Doctor was expressionless. But it was easy to see that the wheels of his mind where spinning rapidly. That was cause to make anyone worry, but Kovarian stood calmly stroking the head of the little girl at her side. The child's eyes were fixed on River.

"She is superior to you in every way Melody Pond. I like to call her Melody 2.0." And the name was accurate. The child looked the spitting image of River as a child. Amy remembered the day in the orphanage and all the pictures of young Melody Pond. There was no freckle out of place. The only difference were their eyes. Melody's/ River's had always been green and full of life, but this child's-they were black. Lifeless. Dead.