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"Where's Leonard?" Penny asked a pale faced, red-rimmed eyed Sheldon.
Sheldon took a deep breath, "In hospital. He had a heart attack last night."
Penny's own eyes widened in fear, and welled up with angry tears, "Last Night! Its afternoon! You didn't even tell me!"
Penny stormed off and slammed her door shut before putting a jacket on and running down 3 flights of stairs to drive to the hospital. The moment she arrived she marched up to the desk. Penny asked where was Leonard Hofstater. The moment she found out, she rushed to the lift, and waited to arive on floor 4. She found his room and saw his body lying there. A tear escaped her eye. A loud beep came from the heart moniter. Nurses rushed in and she backed into the corner. One of the nurses noticed her and asked if she was family. Penny shook her head.
"Please leave then. I will call his roommate to let him know if anything happens." The nurse stated.
Penny left and waited until
Knock, knock, knock "Penny" Knock knock knock "Penny" Knock knock knock "Penny"
In front of the door was a crying sheldon, "L... Leonard's d... dead."
Penny told him to go home and shut the door. She should of told Leonard she loved him.

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