Roger didn't speak.

He didn't say anything anymore. He didn't think of anything. It was as if his ideal life had died when they were rescued, as if he had hidden himself in his shell again. He didn't feel the need to talk, sing, study, nor even breathe, but what could he do?. He didn't want to remember the rescue nor the moment he found his parents, they didn't understand, they forced him to see a therapist, and now, he didn't even get out of his bedroom. His mom had said that he'd go back to school soon, but he didn't want to go. For the only thing he did now, was to let his mind go blank, his mouth shut and his eyes lost in the world he looked from his window. He wanted to go back, he wanted to be free, he wanted to hunt and to hide behind a hideous mask made of blood, dirt and lies, he wanted to see Jack and have something to talk about, he wanted to return to the island but it wouldn't be possible. Unlike Simon, who was shy and quiet like him, Roger had chosen his dark side. While Simon would enjoy seeing how the butterflies danced around the strikes of light, Roger would rather to kill pigs, while Simon would help the littluns picking fruits, Roger would destroy their sand castles . Simon had been the opposite of Roger, everything that Roger should've been -He thought- but had Simon gotten anything out of being good?, no, and now he was dead. Dead like a pig, extinct like a dinosaur, and lost in the sea. Roger sighed with hatred. He wanted to go back.

Sam and Eric slept together, ate together and talked together, lately, they didn't say anything. Yeah, lately, they just thought and concluded that they had being bad, they were happy to be home, they had warm beds, food and toys, they had everything!. That night, they were sitting on the table along with their parents and their uncle -who looked exactly like their dad.

"What did you guys do today?" Asked uncle Peter

"Nothing" they both answered

"Nothing?" asked their dad




"Oh well, and…"

"Same as usual!" they repeated in unison. All of them fell silence

After dinner time was over, Sam and Eric went to their room and got ready to sleep, it had been another day and everyday was the same, but that day was, someway, different. Apparently, the twins had thought about it and were planning to talk that night. As they liked to do, they lit on a candle and put it in the night table between their beds. But now, fire meant a lot of things for them, betrayal, destruction, feast, … death.

The boys got in their beds and waited in silence until ane of them said something before the fire went out and silence ruled one more night. Eric was the first one to talk

"I've been thinking..have you been thinking?"

"Thinking about what? I've thought about a lot of things"

"I've thought about a lot of things too."

They both looked away, they had betrayed Ralph, under presure, but still. They had participated in the hunt and before that, they both had ... well, let's just say that they were starting to accept the fact that they hadn't really left early that night...

"What have.."

"...We done!?"

Without bearing one more second of seeing each other's face as if it was a reflection of their own face, they both blew the candle out, feeling how the darkness put them apart one more night.

Finally inside of his bed, Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he already knew what was about to come. Every night, the dream was the same, as soon as he'd close his eyes, he would go back to the island. In his dreams, though, the island was just the way it was when they first got there, it wasn't burnt as they had left it. And in every dream, Jack appeared meters away from the sea, leaned on a tree, under it's shadow. His hands dirty and blood stained, and in the seashore, a destroyed body in fetal position, Simon.

Every night it was the same, the dream wouldn't change and it would haunt him forever. Jack would never get closer to the shore, he'd just stand still under the tree, seeing Simon's body being dragged away by the ocean

Over and over again.

That same night, while Jack dreamt of Simon, while Roger didn't sleep and while the twins tried to forget and clean their consciences, Ralph had a dream too. However, this time it wasn't a nightmare, he wasn't running in the rain or through the fire. No, this time, he was just sitting on a fallen trunk in a calm place, surrounded by plants and where butterflies danced along with the light, somewhere peaceful, somewhere… familiar. Ralph knew that he was waiting for something, and that something came fast.

He was shocked as soon as he saw the one he'd been waiting for, it was the first time in a long time that he saw his old friend, but it made sense, it was as if he'd called him that morning while blowing Will's conch shell….it made sense

"Hello Ralph" He smiled

"Piggy…" Said Ralph, and then, he approached the other boy and stared at him from a short distance, he had his specs on and they weren't broken, -maybe God had given him new ones- Ralph thought. "Piggy!"

He hugged him tightly, Piggy responded to the hug. He was still fat and his voice sounded the same. Ralph was so happy to see him

"Oh, Piggy… I…" he didn't finish the sentence, instead, he hugged Piggy again with tears in his eyes, Piggy smiled, even in death, he felt joy when being accepted by Ralph "I…"

"I know"

"I'm sorry, Piggy, I'm so sorry, you should've came back, you should be home, you…"

"I'm gonna go home."

"I don't get it."

"You've freed me, this morning, with the conch, you freed me, thank you."

"Did I... free you?. From what?.. I don't get it."

"Ralph, you have to gather them together, you have to call an assembly."

"I've heard that before…It was you!, when I closed my eyes this morning, I heard you, it was you!"

"yes, it was me."

"Why would I call an assembly?, they're all freaking mad, the last time I saw them, they wanted me dead, and may I remember you that one of them actually killed you?. I don't want to see them. No, no, no."

"Things have changed, Ralph, you have to call an …"

"And what am I supposed to tell them?, what?"

"Everything. I mean, it is necessary that you gather them all…that's the only way"

"The only way of what?"



Piggy nodded and stood up,


"You'll understand soon, but nothing's gonna happen if you don't do what I say. Will you do it Ralph?"

"I…what if.."

"Will you?"


"Listen," He continued " this doesn't have to be this way, you can fix it, you can save yourselves, you can save us… Will you do this for me, Ralph?"

Ralph was doubtful for a couple of seconds and then he stood up and slowly nodded.

"I promise."

Piggy smiled and turned around, that made Ralph remember two things, the first one, was that maybe, it was his time to wake up, and the second one…

"Piggy, wait!"


"Where's Simon?"

"He's trapped."

Ralph soon remembered the beginning of the conversation, Piggy had said that he'd freed him, but from what?, from the endless shadows of the demons from death?.

"You said that… you said that I freed you, is that why you can be here? In my dreams?"

Piggy nodded.

"You helped me contact with the real world, so that now, I can see everything. Simon's still traped on the island, on that seashore. I feel bad for him, but…"

"Can I do something?, like… what I did for you!"

Piggy shook his head and touched his specs

"That's someone else's job"



There was a brief moment of silence.

"JACK?!, JACK!?"


"Jack!?, Simon's gonna be trapped forever… FOREVER!"

"You can still do something, though"

"Anything, tell me"

"Call the assembly"


"You'll know what to say Ralph, you always know what to say"

Piggy smiled at Ralph and stormed away. Ralph wanted to scream and to ask more questions but he couldn't move, as if Piggy had taken his capability to move or talk away with him. Great. Now he'd have to face Jack Merridew and the others to know what Piggy hadn't tell him.

Just great.