AN- Hello my dears! First of all, I am NOT abandoning "A Fresh Start" by any means. Lots of delicious plans still in store :) I just had an idea and it wouldn't go away until I typed it out. This is much more light-hearted and fluffy, and will most likely be shorter. Please let me know what you think and if you'd like to read more! Your reviews keep me writing :) Love to you all!

Ok, seriously, get a grip. This is just for fun. You're the adult here. Act like one. Only a stroll through the woods... at night... the very, very, very dark night... crap.

Kurt briefly pointed the flashlight behind him to the string of ten-year-old boys. Thank god they looked more scared than him. Ok, well, maybe not thank god... He didn't want them to be scared. He was just glad that he wasn't wussing out more than the pre-teens.

It was the traditional beginning of camp night walk. Kurt had heard flitting rumors about how some of the more seasoned counselors liked to make things interesting for the newbies. He knew this was coming. He hadn't thought he'd practically be peeing his pants though.

Swallowing hard and giving his kids what he hoped was a reassuring look, he turned the flashlight back to the path in front of him.

Where the hell is everybody else?


Oh shit. Kurt froze, flashlight shaking.

Rustle. Snap.

Oh my god, there is a murderer in these woods and he's going to kill me and then kill the kids. No... Worse! He'll kill the kids and THEN kill me! I'll have to watch! I'll pass out from the sight of all the blood before he kills me. I'll die with the murderer knowing what a wuss I am...

"Kurt?" A prepubescent voice cracked with fear as it called his name in a high pitched whisper.

"It's okay, guys. I'm sure it's just an animal." Fabulous. My voice cracked as much as his did. Great show of confidence Counselor Hummel.

"Let's go ahead and get movin-AAAAAHHHHHH!" A masked, cloaked figure jumped down out of a tree in front of him with a fierce shriek. The flashlight flew out of his hand as he jumped and he desperately fumbled to catch it. As the light bounced and scattered, he saw more cloaked and masked figures dart from the surrounding trees. Every single boy from his cabin was screaming at the top of their lungs by now and frantically running in circles. Two boys practically gave each other concussions as they ran straight into one another, slamming heads.

Common sense kicked in, and just as Kurt started to realize how much this replicated some cheesy horror flick, the figure in front of him whipped off the mask and was practically doubled over with laughter.

"Ahahahaha! You... you should h-have s-s-seen your faces!" The curly haired boy was almost rolling on the ground by now. The other, and much smaller Kurt now realized, figures were taking their masks off and laughing too.

Kurt was livid. He quickly turned from the boy in front of him and started to check on his group. Most of the kids had stopped being scared and were standing in confusion. A couple looked as mad as Kurt and the two who had bonked heads were just plain embarrassed. After assuring himself that everyone was okay and accounted for he gathered them up and headed back toward the main campfire, not caring if the walk was officially over or not.

"It's okay, guys. You're fine. It was just an immature joke." He shot a glare over his shoulder that was directed toward the teen with the mask.

"Hey! Wait up! Don't be mad. It's just a prank. It's a tradition at Camp Arborwood!" The other counselor rushed to catch up with Kurt and lightly grabbed his arm to stop him, a huge grin on his face.

"Yes, it was freaking hilarious." Kurt jerked his arm away with a glare. The grin dropped from the other boy's face and was replaced by a look of shock. "Fine example you're setting for your kids by the way. Let's be sure to send them home knowing how to be bullies and successfully make someone crap their pants." He turned away, leading his group back down the path.

"Come on, boys. Let's head back to get some smores. We'll get there first and have the best seats by the fire." The youngsters followed happily, already forgetting their scare and excitedly wagering how many marshmallows they could fit in their mouths.

The curly haired boy could only stare, still a little in shock. He watched as the tall, thin teenager stalked away haughtily, his campers in trail.

Damn. Who knew bitchiness could be so freaking sexy!

Blaine watched, not so discreetly, as the new couselor sat with his kids. He was laughing and joking with them, officially taking over the position as judge in the marshmallow stuffing competition. One young camper was sitting a little bit away from the group, looking lonely and homesick. Kurt pulled the kid to his side. He smoothly included the boy in the game by handing him a stopwatch, instructing him to time how long his peers could hold the marshmallows before spitting them out in a gross gooey mess.

The new kid was good, Blaine had to admit. And really hot... Oh crap, he sees me staring! Blaine attempted a smile but it faded quickly at the look of irritation and roll of the eyes he received back.

Seriously? Why does this kid hate me? It was just a prank! ... and why do I care so much...

He shook his head and started strumming his guitar again, leading his own group of boys in a round of silly campfire songs. He kept fumbling the chords though, incredibly distracted as pair of gorgeous blue eyes kept coming to mind.

"Hey." Blaine nervously caught up with the taller boy as they walked to staff meeting. It was after eleven and all of the campers were settled in bed, asleep. Well, in bed anyway.

"God, what do YOU want?" Kurt huffed as he sped up, hoping to shake the other boy.

"Geez, what is your problem?" Blaine was just plain pissed now.

"My 'problem'," Kurt turned quickly on the boy, hands on his hips, "is that I found it incredibly irresponsible of you to encourage your boys to treat other campers that way... And you made me look like an absolute idiot when you scared me like that. I'm supposed to be in charge of those kids." His voice gew quieter at the last half of his statement and he looked at the ground.

Oh, so that's it. Blaine saw the insecurity in the boy's eyes now... and he felt terrible.

"Look, it really is a camp tradition. I promise. My kids weren't being mean, and now your boys will have a fun story to tell... and next year they'll get to pull the same prank on the newest batch of campers..."

Kurt muttered something like, 'Not if I can help it' under his breath.

"... Anway, I really am sorry that I scared you specifically though. I wasn't trying to make you look bad. Promise. You should have seen me on my first year." He was grinning widely now, and Kurt had the beginnings of a smile on his own lips. "I screamed louder than any of my campers and almost decked the guy before I realized what was going on. You caught on MUCH faster." He nudged the taller boy lightly with his foot, honestly surprised at his own flirtiness. He wasn't normally this forward. This kid HAD to be gay too though... I mean, seriously, what straight guy wears Marc Jacobs at a campground?

Kurt smiled fully then, nudging the other boy right back with the toe of his Converse.

"Well, knowing that you screamed like a little girl when it happened to you makes me feel much better. I accept your apology."

"I never said I screamed like a girl!" Blaine protested loudly, but didn't lose the grin.

"Ah, that was just me picturing it then. I can see it so clearly!" Kurt closed his eyes with a dreamy smile on his face.

"Hey! Stop that! Don't imagine me screaming like a girl! It takes away from my considerable manliness!" Blaine bit his lip and playfully pushed at the other boy's shoulder. Kurt laughed lightly and opened his eyes as he balanced himself.

"Now it's your turn to apologize to me," Blaine mock pouted.

"I sincerely apologize for calling you a little girl."

"That was actually the most insincere apology I have ever heard. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed."

They stood in silence for just a moment, smiling at each other.

"I'm Blaine by the way." The curly haired teen stuck out his hand.

"Kurt." The taller boy shook the hand almost shyly.

"Boys! Catch up! We're starting in thirty seconds!" One of the camp directors called from the front door of the main lodge.

"Come on! You can sit by me!" Still gripping Kurt's hand, Blaine ran excitedly down the dirt path.

Okay, this summer is definitely looking promising now. Kurt smiled as he let himself be led down the path and into the lodge, squeezing the other hand lightly.