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"Hey, Kurt. Can you grab the bags?" Blaine asked softly, as he reached into the back seat to grab Bethany from her car seat. The two-year-old was sound asleep and curled into her papa's arms automatically. Kurt smiled at his husband and daughter.

"Sure, babe." He closed the driver's side door and went to the trunk to grab Ethan's bags. The eight-year-old jumped out of the backseat excitedly and dashed off down the dirt path to the main campground without waiting for his fathers.

"Don't you think he's a little young to stay away all summer?" Kurt fretted as they walked. Blaine worked hard to hide his smile.

"Do you really wonder if he's too young or are you just not ready to let him go?" Blaine gave him a knowing look. Kurt sent an annoyed look right back.

"I refuse to answer that on the grounds that you know me way too well."

Blaine laughed out loud, forgetting that he had a toddler asleep in his arms. She lifted her head slowly and blinked sleepy blue eyes at him. She gave him an annoyed look that was an almost scary replica of the one Kurt had just given him, before settling back down on his shoulder.

"She is so much like you it freaks me out sometimes. It's like they cloned you instead of using your sperm."

"You calling me a girl?"

They looked at each other and grinned. Even after sixteen years of being together those jokes had never gotten old.

"Still, it doesn't seem too young to you at all?" The sadness in his husband's voice broke Blaine's heart a little. He shifted his daughter so that she was in one arm and grabbed Kurt's hand.

"I know that it's a younger age limit than when we worked here, but they wouldn't be doing it if they thought that the kids couldn't handle it... and seriously, Kurt... look at him!" They glanced down the path to where Ethan had already succeeded in making some friends in the five minutes they had been there. The group of boys were making a contest out of seeing who could jump the furthest and Ethan was far and away the most excitable one there.

"You think it's scary how much she's like me? I'm completely unnerved by how much that boy is exactly like you! You were almost as excited about camp when you were seventeen."

"Come on! I was slightly more mature than an eight-year-old!"

Kurt cocked his head to the side as if to contemplate this. "Slightly."


"Love you."


"Daddy! Papa!" Ethan called out, waving his arms excitedly as they drew closer. The two men smiled at their son, dark curls flying everywhere as he leapt in the air, trying to gain their attention.

"We're coming, baby." Kurt called out. Ethan rolled his eyes and ran up the path.

"Don't call me baby in front of people!" He whispered frantically before grabbing his daddy's hand to pull him down the path. Blaine saw the forlorn look in his husband's eyes just before he was dragged ahead by their son. The curly haired man smiled to himself and shook his head. Ethan's growing up was so hard on Kurt, but Blaine just found himself more in love with the man because of what an amazing father he was.

They quickly got Ethan settled into his cabin, the boy was thrilled that a couple of his new friends were staying right with him, and went off to explore a little with Bethany. The little girl was awake by now and happily toddling around, walking between her fathers and grasping a finger of each. They reached the lake and sat down on the beach to enjoy the view while Bethany played in the sand.

They had threaded their fingers together and were leaning into each other, contentedly watching their daughter play, when they heard something from behind that made them jump.

"OH. MY. GOSH! Look, Brody! They got even cuter!" They broke into laughter even before turning around. They knew that voice well. They quickly scrambled to their feet and brushed off the sand, finding themselves with an armful of Justin moments later. Brody was not far behind, grinning widely and waiting his turn for a hug.

Kurt and Blaine took in the couple who were just a few years older than them. Besides a couple of gray hairs scattered through Brody's dark locks, they looked almost exactly the same. Justin was just as exuberant as ever and Brody had the same calm confidence. They loved them for it.

The two couples had stayed in touch over the years. The younger couple had attended Brody and Justin's long-awaited wedding during their junior year of college. The older couple had, in turn, come to their wedding the year after they graduated. Ethan had been born when they were twenty-five and Brody and Justin had happily shown up for the baby shower. Since then though it had been texts, emails and Christmas cards. All, unfortunately, getting fewer and further between as the years went by and all four adults got busy with life.

The four men hugged each other closely and the older couple proclaimed Bethany's cuteness as they held and played with the little girl.

"So, old man. You still keeping up with these young campers?" Kurt teased Brody.

"Hey, I'm in incredible shape!" Brody exclaimed indignantly. "Better shape than this one," he teased, reaching over to poke Blaine in the stomach. Blaine had, indeed, filled out a little over the years. He was still decently slim, but had just the tiniest bit of a soft belly now. He pretended to look hurt and rubbed his stomach sensitively.

"I can't help it! You try having a pastry chef for a husband and not put on a couple of pounds."

"I do my best to see that he works it off though." Kurt winked at his husband and the other couple laughed.

"You two and your overly-exuberant sex life." Brody shook his head with a grin.

Blaine sighed and reached into the diaper bag to hand Bethany her sippy cup.

"Not so much lately," he grumbled. "Believe me, I love our life and wouldn't trade the kids for anything, but right now it feels like we never have time alone anymore." Kurt leaned back on his elbows in the sand, laughing but nodding in agreement.

Justin and Brody looked at each other and grinned, knowing they were having the same thought. Justin grabbed the diaper bag from Blaine and Brody stooped to pick Bethany up from the sand.

"We're giving you a gift! Brody has today pretty much wide open since the campers are just settling in. We'll watch the slobber monster. You two go off and have some fun!"

The younger couple looked like Christmas had come early. They glanced nervously at their daughter for just a moment, wondering if she would be okay with this, but she was already happily engrossed in a game of peek-a-boo with Brody. They looked at each other, feeling a wave of excitement sweep over them. Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand, yanked him to his feet and they dashed off down a path leading into the woods.

"Thank you, guys! We love you!" Kurt called over his shoulder.

"Ooo, yay! I know where we're headed!" Kurt exclaimed as Blaine led the way up the incredibly overgrown trail. It was even worse than when they were campers, which made them fairly confident that it was still their little secret. Kurt had happy memories flow through him of all the amazing moments they spent on this little cliff overlooking the forest and lake.


Well, shit. This suddenly feels familiar too.

Blaine turned around at the muffled thump to see Kurt down on his knees, holding his hand over his face with one hand and pounding the ground with the other. He was confused for a moment before glancing up to see the swaying branch that he had just let go of. Kurt slowly looked up, giving Blaine a death glare that was all too familiar and wiping some blood from his nose. Blaine crouched down to the ground and gently helped to wipe away the blood, looking both guilt-ridden but incredibly full of amusement at the same time. Kurt sank back to sit down, dabbing at his nose with his finger to see if the bleeding had stopped and eyeing Blaine warily.

"Seriously, babe? How have we made it sixteen years without mortally wounding each other?"

"Divine intervention?"

Kurt snorted his laughter.

An hour later they were lying next to each other, looking out over the lake as the sun was starting to sink. They were both panting heavily and feeling completely blissed out.

"We haven't had sex outside in forever." Blaine breathed into his husband's ear. Kurt sighed in contentment.

"Yup, this was a pretty nice way to round up our little blast from the past."

"I will be forever grateful for your lack of extracurricular activities for your college applications." Blaine grinned into the brown hair.

"I will be forever grateful for your insatiable need to hold my hand, every chance you got, when we first met." Kurt reached out and pulled the other man's hand into his own.

"I fell in love with you here," Blaine whispered.

"So did I, baby... in fact, I think I'm falling more in love with you as we speak."

The End... for real :)