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Summary: We spent three years together, until he left me for that bitch three days before prom! Now, that she's out of the picture he wants something from me. I'm not sure what yet but I think it's more than a friendship less than a relationship. Great, friends with benefits. But I can't bring myself to care, as long as I'm something to him. Right?

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Let's make this clear. Inuyasha is 18. Kagome is 15 going on 16. She's a sophomore and he's done with school. He's only 2 years older. It's fiction people! No need to jump to rape or anything! Thanks.

There's lemon in this chapter!

Chapter 5: Back Home

It had been four excruciating long months. We sent letters back-and-forth saying how much we missed the other. In one of the notes he said he even wanted me back. I was past cloud nine happy. I got a few phone calls those four months. Each one ending in, "I love you too, baby girl." I could hear the smile in his voice when he would say it.

I was kind of nervous waiting at the airport. I didn't know how he'd react or anything. I didn't know how much he had changed, or if I had changed to him. A million questions, scenarios, etc., were running through my head. I barely noticed all the other new recruits were coming out of the terminal, running to their families. Then I saw him.

His hair was a little shorter than I had anticipated but he was still my gorgeous Inu. I literally sprinted to him, the second our eyes met. He dropped all his bags and held his arms out wide. I nearly tackled the poor boy. He held me around the waist as my legs wrapped his and my arms around his shoulders. I'm not going to lie to you guys; I balled my freakin' eyes out. Luckily, Inuyasha was strong enough to hold me the entire time I cried since we stood there. Honestly though, I don't think he cared how long we were there, holding each other.

After the whole one hour hug for him returning, we went out to a local southern diner. I knew he could use something deep fried and covered in gravy. I mean honestly, who wouldn't? We sat down at our cute little booth and for a few minutes just stared at each other; remembering each other's face. It was so nice to see his gold eyes for real, instead of just in my dreams. His strong jawline seemed more defined so did his cheekbones. His proud nose was still… proud? And his mouth was turned into his totally hot side grin, so one of his fangs was protruding out. (He looked great in camo, but that's just between you and me. ;-) )

"I missed you 'Gome," were the first words I heard his angelic voice say to me. My body shook hearing his voice say my nickname again. I never thought it could sound so sweet. I smiled a true smile.

"I missed you more Inu," I said, reaching my hand across the table to be met with his. His hand still felt round and calloused next to mine. It was such a good feeling, until the stupid waitress decided to bring our food to us at that moment, which meant, we couldn't hold hands anymore. Stupid waitress.

I watched Inuyasha take his first bite, in forever, of chicken fried steak. I couldn't help but laugh at his reaction. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he smiled. His cheek was protruding about five inches from his face from the mouthful he took. He opened his eyes then and glared at me for laughing at him. But then he went back to devouring his steak. I ate mine slowly, just enjoying be back with him.


"Oh, Kagome, that was a fantastic meal," he said while patting his belly. I had barely taken two bites from my steak. He was sweet enough though to wait on me to finish. He talked about what his training involved while I listened and commented when I thought I should, or when I didn't have food in my mouth. He told me funny stories of his friends, and how they would be "rebels" sometimes.

After we were done it was time to take the two hour drive home. I let him drive my car since he missed driving so much. I missed looking at him from the passenger seat. Watching him focus on the road, not knowing he's being watched. I memorized his face again and again and again. He held my hand with his left hand. He would bring my hand up to his mouth every so often to kiss the back of my hand. I couldn't stop smiling.


We finally pulled into his driveway. I missed his cute little house; with a carport and black shutters on the window. You walked up three stairs to make it to the front door. He unlocked it and let me into his living room. It was just as I remembered it, just a little cleaner. I took a big whiff of air into my lungs. I was surrounded by the smell of Inuyasha. All man. My favorite smell! I heard the door shut and then felt arms wrap around my waist. I leaned back on him and just enjoyed the feel of him.

Then I decided a hug wasn't enough. I turned around and kissed him. This kiss was full of longing and unspoken emotion. In this kiss I showed him how much I missed him. The kisses turned from longing to hungry, needy. Breathing went into panting, and he lifted me up to were my legs wrapped around his waist. He carried me down the hall to the left, his room.

He laid me down on his bed and then stood by up to take his shirt off and when that shirt came off I had never been happier for Army workouts. His abs were insanely defined and his pecs were huge. Then I noticed how much bigger his arms were and I got instantly wet. I guess Inuyasha smelt that because he gave his signature smirk.

"Miss me?" He said in a husky whisper as he was leaning down. I could do nothing but nod dumbly because my mind was going a thousand ways a second. I only knew two things: our clothes needed to come off and he needed to be inside me!

He started kissing me again, fiercely. My body reacted instantly to the way his hands roamed my sides, arms, and thighs. I could feel everything! My body was on overdrive. My nerves were tingling and my adrenaline was pumping. I never felt that way before.

Finally, his mouth started moving lower to my jawline and then my neck. He made his way towards my breasts and that's when he realized I still had a shirt on. That seemed to upset him. He looked up and gave a little puppy pout and then lifted my torso off the bed. He tore my shirt off and then took my bra off. That seemed to satisfy him enough because he pushed me back onto the bed and attacked my breasts he went from one nipple to the other. His hands would roam my stomach and the top of my shorts. My hips started moving on their own; wishing for him to touch me.

He finally got the hint and moved his hand past my shorts and panties to touch me. He barely tapped my clit and I was already moaning. I guess I was more sensitive than I thought.

"You're soo wet 'Gome," he said moving his mouth lower too. He kissed his way down my stomach to the top of my shorts. He got mad at those and removed his hand from me, that made me pout, and then he started fighting my button to take off my shorts. He had a small battle with the damn button by finally got them. He ripped them and my panties off. He put one leg over one shoulder and the other over the other shoulder. His tongue started at the very top and he did one long lick down, all the way my slit. I let out a half scream and felt him smirk against me. Then his mouth attacked me. The poor guy had to hold me down as I bucked and writhed in the pleasure his mouth was giving me. His tongue would go in and out of me and then he would go and suck on my clit. Then he brought a finger to come and enter me while his mouth stayed on my clit. I could already feel an orgasm building. I knew it wouldn't be much longer.

"Inuuuuu! I'm gonna –AH! - come!"

"Do it Kagome. Come for me," he demanded. I nodded and just enjoyed the feeling. The knot in my stomach tightened and I opened my mouth in a silent scream as I hit euphoria. Inuyasha let me ride out my orgasm as long as possible. After I was done he stood up, took off his pants and boxers, and then climbed back onto the bed with me. He settled his hips between mine and kissed me. That's when I felt how hard he was. I could feel him all the way past my belly button. My body started to tremble with excitement, knowing what was coming next.

"Inuyasha, I need you inside me. NOW!"

I felt him smirk against mine neck and then start adjusting himself at my entrance. He looked down at me and when I nodded he thrust forward. I tightened around him. He groaned and I moaned. I missed how he felt nestled inside me to the hilt. He didn't move for a second, but I was okay with just feeling him.

When he started moving, he didn't joke around. He started fast and hard. I didn't complain at all though. That's exactly how I needed him. He moved the bed. You could hear my moans, the bed squeaking, and his panting. My hips went up to meet his. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and neither was he.

"Kagome…" he all but moaned out.

"Me too, Yash." I said. Then it hit me. My back arched into him. My body went past euphoria, cloud nine, and nirvana, everything you could imagine. I was pretty sure I died until I heard him moan out my name when he started his. I felt his thrusting stop and then he cum shoot in my awaiting womb. I missed how it felt for him to cum inside me, so I moaned as he did. After that he gave a few strokes just to ride it out a little, and then he collapsed on top of me. Both of us breathing hard. One of my hands went up to rub hus back like I always had afterwards. He lifted his head up to give me a weak smile and kiss. Then he rolled off of me and landed to the right of me. He was lying on his side and pulled me into his chest.

And that's all I remember before I went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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