what if.

Main Characters: Satsuki

Word Count: 261

Note: This chapter is based on a (semi-canonical?) reading which stated that Sakura was originally chosen by Shadaloo to become the 'Satsuki' Doll, but changed their mind to the current Satsuki when Sakura defeated the Shadaloo operatives who were sent to kidnap her.

Satsuki remains quiet as the doors to their house open, and her sisters enthusiastically greet their guest. Other than Cammy and Juni, the others are oblivious to her sudden introversion. Of course, she makes it difficult to catch; she smiles, greets, hugs and offers the polite comment here and there. But Cammy and Juni know that each one tears Satsuki apart.

The Japanese doesn't want to be spiteful, nor does she want to be mean. She simply can't help it. The constant thoughts of if… plague her mind every time she comes face-to-face with Sakura Kasugano.

Her sisters are slowly becoming close friends with the young fighter, and Satsuki knows she can't do anything about it. Besides, Sakura didn't really do anything to her, and she doubted she even knew why Satsuki felt such animosity.

Or even that Satsuki felt it about her in the first place. The former Japanese Doll was rather good at hiding her emotions. She knew Sakura didn't deserve her bitterness; she was actually a rather nice girl with a sweet personality. She was turning out to be a rather positive influence on the rest of the Dolls, and that was not something Satsuki could change no matter how she felt.

After a few minutes of polite mingling, Satsuki retreats into her bedroom, the thought what if's following her.

She would never wish ill on another person, especially an ill such as becoming a Shadaloo Doll. But she can't help but wonder how different her life would be if Sakura was the one in her place instead.