Innocent's Violence

By Kimra


She twisted on the spot, her eyes followed her prey with the ease of practice. Her breaths where short and inconsistent when she drew them in. Her soft red tongue sweeping out to wet the corner of her mouth as her ears listened for the possible interruptions.

"Waiting for something, Usagi?" Her friends bitting voice demanded from above.

Her head slanted up, eyes sliding along the mossy surface to meet the deep violet eyes of the girl she would at times consider calling her best friend, but that was only at times. "You take away my fun Raymond." Usagi snapped with animosity. Her friend's eyes darkened another degree with rage.

"I've told yo-" The hissing girls began, but Usagi disappeared down the alley after her prey knowing it would irritate the girl more.

Her feet took her silently and swiftly down the silent maze of alleys, her body no longer in the mood for a hunt, to perturbed to care for stalking anyone even the little minx her friends had brought her for dinner.

"Come out little kitty." Usagi managed half heartedly when she came to a juncture in the alleyway. She ran her tongue over cracked lips eyeing each direction with boredom but a mild interest. Her mind tried to make it more interesting for her, trying to make it a matter of deduction. It whispered in game show tones "Which way lies dinner? Would it have gone left where the path gets cleaner and looks more secure, or would it have gone right where lights dot the distance, promising civilisation?" But even the stupid comical voice her overboard mind made for her didn't help.

"Come out little kitty." She muttered once more, and did a half spin on her left foot, her eyes fastening shut and lifting her nose to the air. The sudden invasion of night air as she took a deep breath tickled her senses, the tinge of wet stones, and rotten garbage where pushed aside as she searched a little deeper. The musky sent of a dog, old blood, whisky, and the acid smell of vomit set aside as common. Then woven finely into the damp night air, the brief sent of fear. It wasn't an uncommon scent in the night air of the city, especially in the dark alleys that wove through the skyscrapers, but the fear was fresh, and it was tinged with the smells she had already caught off the girl, straw, powder and roses. It was an innocent smell, and any other night she would have enjoyed the hunt.

With slow and deliberate movements she turned to the right and began a casual stroll through the dark passage. Twenty pace's in she turned to the girl huddled into the darkness behind a dumpster.

"Don't worry." Usagi whispered catching the girls blue eyes, noting only briefly they where of the lightest shade, perfect for complimenting her terrified expression. "I'm not in the mood for games tonight." Usagi reached in for the girl and a timid hand slipped into her own. She sighed at the contact, a little disappointed, but drew the girl up to her anyway. "Now." Usagi whispered, her lips falling to the girls neck where they rested against the main artery, feeling the fluttering heartbeat like butterfly kisses teasing her lips. "I've a little job for you." She murmured before her mouth opened and smoothed over the soft neck, teeth piercing into flesh allowing the pulse of blood to fill her mouth before she drank it down.

It wasn't until she began suckling the wounds that the girl tight in her arm began to struggle, but by then she already had what she wanted, and the few grains of hope the girl might have held at the beginning where swept away without a thought. Slowly the girl in her grip drooped with weakness, and Usagi followed the movement of the victims body, laying her to the ground, still drawing every drop of blood she could from the small body beneath her until no more came.

Then weakly she stood, disregarding the body as she stumbled up the alley, ready to return to her friends. Her stomach clamped down as the blood traced it's way around her internal organs. Her body trembling with disgust, but although it confused her, she knew the feeling wasn't from the kill.

* * * * *

From above the alley four figures watched the slaughter, heads tilted with analytical curiosity.

None of them noticed the man standing behind them until he spoke. "Well?"

They all turned towards the man leisurely, each of their minds reaching for the others instinctively. Their reaction's where concealed behind the identical looks of curiosity they had turned to the killer below them.

Slowly one stood, sweeping her brown hair back and glanced over her shoulder at the alley again.

"I don't like it." Her voice was blunt her green eyes shinning with determination.

"She shouldn't be reacting like that." The second spoke, blue-black hair falling across concerned blue eyes. The two speakers turned to the silent ones curiously.

'Raymond' or Rei as she was actually known to be called turned and stared down into the alley while the others waited silently.

"There is something disturbing her. But I can't see what it is." She admitted disheartened.

"Is that why you set her into a mood, Rei?" The brown haired girl jibbed looking agitated. Rei's expression shifted into uncaring as she flipped her hair back behind her shoulder. "We wanted to see if she reacted well with a proper hunt." The girl continued to berate.

"Can it Makoto." Rei warned frowning down at the alley. "She wasn't in the mood for it before I got there. When she's in the mood for it not even I can bring her down." An exasperated sigh escaped Rei's purple tinged lips as she continued to frown down at the alley as if it would surrender to her anger and answer all her questions, if she just scared it enough.

"And you Minako? What do you think?" The man asked and all eyes where back on him. Distrust streaked the expressions turned on him, but he ignored it. Only the blonde who had not spared a glance at the alley did not watch him with distrust.

"It's why I called you." She whispered, looking fragile and weak, although the others knew it was rarely the case. A smile split across his lips and he looked at the other three girls who watched his expression with curiosity.

"She need's a mate." He told them, voice patronizing, as he brushed white hair behind his ear. He counted the seconds it took for comprehension to take place. Their expressions almost priceless, and entirely worth his visit.

He would admit he had thought Minako to be losing her sense's but even he couldn't deny what he had seen that night.

"But!" The blue haired girl began then stopped, not sure where to take the outburst. Her friends where not so uncertain.

"She's too young!" Rei shouted, her fists beginning to curl, and he turned to face Minako more, aware of the anger the insult would summon in the black haired girl.

"At least a hundred!" Makoto shouted, looking rather confused. "You said we wouldn't have to worry until we were at least a hundred!" Her hands where firm on her hips.

Well formed hips, he noted absently and his eyes skipped over the other three girls before him. The blue haired girl, Ami, was perhaps the youngest looking of the four, but she too seemed like she was maturing faster then predicted.

He still didn't know who made them, or where they had come from, but he did know when they had appeared and they had been newborns that day. It had been three years ago and that scared him. Three years as vampires and they where nearing a stage that usually did not approach until they where well into their hundredth year. It meant they were not ready, none of them, physically he was sure they where ready, but they had not adapted entirely to their lives as vampires. They had not had a chance to grow into the slight powers his kind was renowned for, the strength, the night vision, the heightened senses.

He tilted his head and walked past the girls, looking down into the alley with a frown. The kind of senses that would tell you which path the prey had travelled. His head tilted to the other side recalling the empty hunt. Yes, he could remember the girl-woman, stopping to sniff the air, he hadn't thought anything into it. Some newborns did that for show, but then she had known exactly where the girl was when she had passed her.

"She need's a mate." He restated, aware of the girls argument's continuing behind him. He was frowning though, three years and she was ready to mate, and even with the physical capability's, even with the skills acquired as a vampire, there was something that only time could do for the newborns. The girl, Usagi, she was dangerous, and her friends, loyal and protective. They had been the ones to ask for help, not her.

"Not you!" One of them gasped suddenly and he turned a cool smile to her, amused by the idea but not even the possibility of infuriating the four girls behind him would make him tempt fate in such a way.

"Not me." He reassured them, his eyes catching a sudden jerk of movement in the alley. His head turned to fix on the spot and found the vampires victim crawling along the pavement, dragging flesh against concrete, and he was sure doing herself damage. "Don't tell her." He warned, his attention riveted on the crawling girl, he could detect the clammy white of her skin, the feeling of lifelessness that came from her and he was more worried. "She has to come to us."

"No!" Makoto shouted suddenly, jumping at him with a surprising amount of strength which he didn't even need to put aside as another sign she was maturing, he could smell it on her now that he was thinking about it. That standing before him where four well primed, although young, vampires, all on the edges of the mating needs, was extremely distracting. He managed to dodge what he noticed would have been a fatal hit, the blow would not have killed him, but the fall directly behind him would.

"She doesn't go anywhere near that side of town!" Rei shouted venomously.

"It's not safe." Ami interjected, and he saw fire in her eyes. Perhaps she was calm and controlled, but he could see a weak spot when it presented itself.

"Very well." He laughed. "Lock her up until you're all in heat. I bet she wont survive a month." He glanced at their bodies wondering if they would, but decided against worrying about it. He needed to move, he knew it as any other of his kind would. He was being a little too overwhelmed in the presence of the four girls, and he needed to follow the dead girl.

Then with a mock bow he jumped neatly onto a fire escape and made his retreat, his attention immediately focusing on Usagi's new little pet. He was impressed once more, though impression did not overpower his fear. She shouldn't have been able to do it, giving a semblance of life to the dead was an exceedingly difficult task, and she had done it beneath his eyes without his noticing.

Too many question's tumbled through his head as he caught up with the automaton. And he took his frustration out on the girls body, glad for some relief as he threw her against the wall, ripping into her flesh with curved nails and meticulously pulled her apart. His only disappointment when there was little semblance left to the corpse before him was that there had been no blood to make the assault more enjoyable.

He flicked pieces of flesh out from below his nails and began the journey home, sorting through potential mates for the five girls.