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Wizard Protection Program: No Place for Pride

Harry Potter sat at his desk and loomed over piles of unfinished paper work; after losing his childhood and adolescent years to the greatest war the wizarding world had ever seen, he had been reduced to spending all his time filling out the paper work from all the Aurors who actually made attempts to leave their offices.

It was late, but going home to an empty flat was not something that seemed particularly appealing to the young man at the moment. It was 11:30 p.m: on a Tuesday night, which meant his lovely neighbor Luna would already be asleep. So he dawdled at his desk, spinning in his chair and staring off into space to pass the time.

It was a soft knock on the door that had started it all.

" ?" His receptionist called out following the squeaking of the door.

Harry quickly shoved papers in front of him, to give the pretense that he was actually working, and keeping u the illusion that she was still here for more than just company. Harry cleared his throat, and called back to her. "Yes Padma?"

"You have a, uh," She glanced behind her, worry now clearly etched across her face, her voice seemed unsure. "There is someone her to see you." She finally spit out in a rush.

Harry, although surprised, waved and gave a small nod, signaling to for her to send them in. He rarely got visitors; unless you counted the occasional visit from Hermione, but her last appearance was months ago. His only bewilderment grew as a pale, disheveled, sharp nosed man stepped into his office.

Harry leaned forward, and squinted behind his thick, circular glasses, just to make sure her was seeing everything correctly. "Malfoy?"

The sofocating smell of smoke, and burnt skin wafted into the room behind Mr. Draco Malfoy as he sat down in one of the seats on the other side of Harry's desk.

"..Potter." Draco Malfoy managed to cough out to him. "I need your help."

Harry then noticed the bundle that Malfoy held close to his chest, little tuffs of blonde hair stuck out of the black blanket.

Harry sometimes played this day over in his mind, the day a Malfoy would walk into his office and ask for his help. He always imagined himself making it difficult for the man who had terrorized him and his friends through their school days; but seeing him now, every single hint of pride demolished, and clutching a small child to his chest. He couldn't bring himself to put him through anymore of the grief that he had already been through.


Hermione Granger sat in the garden of her ranch styled home with a book in her lap, some book she had read a million and a half times, but she was paying no attention to it. She had tried to clear her thoughts and just focus on the text before her, but time and time again she found herself trapped in her thoughts, and chewing her nails down mercilessly. It was a nervous habit her mother had broken her of before fifth year, and Hermione hadn't done it since. However, she couldn't help it at the moment; thinking about what she had agreed to, and what Harry had asked of her, and how mad the whole thing was. But, there was too much desperation in his voice to say no, and this is what Hermione had signed up for after all.

But Draco Malfoy?

Hermione could feel herself scowling as she bit too far into her skin, and she cursed under her breath as a speck of blood pooled out of her finger. She grabbed her book and walked toward the house to get a band aid, but she was about three steps into the kitchen when she heard a loud and familiar POP!

Hermione's book tumbled to the floor as she froze in place, she could feel sweat begin to pour on the back of her neck and forming on her palms. Desperately wiping her hands on her jeans and steading her breathing, the witch changed her direction and walked toward the front of the house.

"Hello?" She heard a familiar voice call out.

She quickened her pace to a slight jog and rounded the corner of the house, and jumped into the arms of her dark haired friend. All uneasiness seemed to escape from her at the feeling of his strong arms wrap around her. "Harry!"

Harry nearly crushed her in his hug, but it had been ages since they had seen each other. When Hermione had moved out to the middle of nowhere to hide from Rita Skeeter and The Daily Prophet, Harry was devastated, but they tried to keep in contact as much as possible.

They were both too caught up in their reunion they completely forgot about the person who had accompanied Harry. That was until he let out a very uncomfortable cough. Harry jumped back, reasling Hermione, and the two friends suddenly seemed embarrassed.

Harry cleared his throat and turned to the guest, gesturing to Hermione, he spoke. "Draco, I'm sure you remember Hermione."

It was a little odd hearing Harry reference to Malfoy by his first name, but Hermione's face showed none of the waves of uneasy awkwardness that was now slitting through the air as Malfoy have her small nod.

Hermione didn't expect more than that, but neither id Harry really, because he just went on with the introductions. "Hermione, this is Draco's son Scorpius."

Hermione was taken aback a bit, she looked down to where Harry had gestured, and mentally cursed herself for getting caught up in her own feelings about Malfoy, that she forgot the reason she decided to do this in the first place. A blonde boy of about four stood huddled in his father's robes, clutching to him with his father's arm around his shoulder protectively. Hermione smiled at the young boy, but he only seemed to sink back into the black of his father's robes. This only made Hermione's smile grow, as she kneeled down and spoke to the small boy.

"Hello there Mr. Scorpius, Would you like something to eat?"

The young boy's face lit up and he seemed to lose every bit of bashfulness he had previously had. He stepped forward and Draco stiffened, not releasing the grip he had on his son's shoulder. Hermione rose and looked gathered the courage to look Draco in the face, he seemed different. His features had become softer with worry it seemed. She raised her hand in front of her, not suspecting him to take it, and couldn't even hide her surprise when he actually shook it.

Hermione cleared her throat and regained her composure. "Welcome to the Wizard Protection Program ."


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