Whoa. I'm sorry.

I forgot to put in an AN saying that I was making a new account... Heh... Heh... I want a new account that's not cluttered with a bunch of alerts for a bunch of stories I don't care about... I also connected it to an email that was especially for my writing.


The new account is The Girl Who Fakes Her Smiles. The rewrite of the rewrite (yeah, I'm pathetic...) involves a new character. Named Aurelia. Yeahh..

I felt like Ira was too Mary Sue-like because a lot of OCs are sarcastic and closed off like Ira was, and I wanted to make Aurelia different, more original. Ish. Original-ish. Somewhat. Whatever...


So. Yeah. Again.

Sorry about rewriting the story and not really giving you anything new D: I'm sure I will keep the rewrite of the rewrite and not rewrite it (Is it just me, or did you get lost too?) But, after Love and Respect (the new name for the Iron Sister), I have a brand new idea for an Iron Fey story (It's based off a story that I saw earlier, but not really the same... just somewhat) ;)

Well, ttylz :D