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Kuroko Tetsuya

Appearance: He has blue eyes that are always blank or soulful, depending on how you want to describe them. Either way, his eyes don't tend to show much emotion. His hair is a lighter shade of blue styled to the left...they tend to defy gravity after waking up though, also known as his infamous 'bed head'. He's not very tall compared to the others; in fact he's short for a basketball player.

Clothing: Kuroko's always wearing something sports-enabled. If it's not his number 11 jersey for official matches then it's a simple shirt and shorts for practice. When not playing basketball or practicing for it (which doesn't happen quite often) he can be found wearing his school uniform. Nevertheless, I'm sure he would have a formal attire somewhere in his closet. Hopefully.

Intelligence: Yes Kuroko would be quite intelligent. Seeing as he sleeps in class and still manages to be a member of the basketball club then you can assume that he's not dumb.

Personality/Socializing: He's blunt and very honest. Kuroko doesn't tend to go beating around the bush and would tell you right off if he likes you or not, don't expect to be used or anything of the sort because he's a straightforward person. He's calm and rational, always always being the one to calm down (hit) Kagami when he loses his temper. However, he does have his silly moments. Don't expect the blank face to go away though, as proven when he chased the scared Kagami around with Tetsuya #2 as if it's normal to make big guys run away from cute dogs, it's there to stay.

Finances: He won't be filthy rich if that's what you expect but you won't be homeless either if you marry him. More likely that you'll live comfortably in a normal house. A word to the wise, get a job. It's better to be safe than sorry when your husband's vanilla shakes gets you two in a snitch.

Home Economics: Nothing much is known of Kuroko's cooking abilities. Assuming that he lives with his parents then he doesn't have much need to cook for himself. I would advice to learn how to cook and get acquainted with the kitchen.

Combat: As much as I'd love to say that Kuroko would suddenly be a fighting expert whipping out several black belts in different martial arts and showing off super-hidden-secret abilities in hand-to-hand combat when your honour is on the line, I can't. Rest assured though, I'm sure he'll figure out a way to get you two out of the fray unscathed. His misdirection is very useful in escaping and he won't just leave you there to get hurt. Nevertheless, if that doesn't assure you then most of the Generation of Miracle and the members of Seirin Basketball Team (See: Kagami Taiga) is going to be on his side too.

Competition: There will be a lot of (AoKuro) fangirls. A lot. Most of them would be pushing for Kuroko to be paired up with Kagami and/or one or more from the Generation of Miracles (especially Aomine). They will be vicious and dangerous because you're threatening the future of their Kuroko/ANYONEHOT fandom. Then if you escaped the massive fangirl life-threat, there's also the Kise Ryota and Momoi Satsuki issue. You should probably learn self-defence so you can stand up for yourself, maybe ask Kuroko to teach you how to escape so efficiently.

Family: Kuroko's family life is yet to be revealed but you should really get close to them. One of them is sure to be protective and very concerned about their son if not both so make sure that you show them how much you love him. If he has any siblings then you get in there and please them too because they will have the key to the baby photos of your boyfriend/husband wherein he may be smiling, grinning, laughing or even crying. We're not picky so long as there's a physical evidence of his lack of blank-face. When you get your hands on said photos then I ask you to send me a copy for evidences' sake. That's not all; you have to get the approval of the Seirin Basketball Club and probably the Generation of Miracles as well. Just for the heck of it, be friendly with Tetsuya #2 too.

In Bed: Once you actually find him and manage to get him in bed willingly, he won't be the dominating type. You'll probably have to take the initiative and start things off. Be bold but don't be forceful, I don't think you'll be able to force him if you can't see him but still. He's very hardworking in his basketball and doesn't stop until he perfects a certain drive therefore the same can be assumed in bed. Remember: practice makes perfect so be ready to practice a lot!

Conclusion: Watch your back from the rabid fans and play nice with his friends. You'll have to get use to the basketball aspect of his life in order to make the relationship work. Always be ready to cheer and support him enthusiastically in official or unofficial games even if he appears like he can't see or hear you. His bluntness and lack of expression makes him who he is so don't expect or try to change him. Get use to the vanilla shakes and his frequent 'disappearances' though if you truly love him then you should get use to his lack of presence. He's not likely to be overly affectionate but he won't be lying or stringing you along either thus if he's with you then it's because he loves you no matter how rare he says or shows it.


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