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Haizaki Shougo

Appearance: He has an angular face with thin lips in a complementary angry-scowl. His head is topped with could-be-long-gorgeously-gray-locks but instead is I-can't-believe-you're-this-cruel-gray-cornrows braided in the back. The bad boy look is emphasised by the two piercings on both ears—because obviously, small hoop earrings scream 'delinquent'. We don't judge but, he's definitely better looking in middle school.

Clothing: The list goes on and on, there's so much to choose from. Not. The norm still applies; this bad boy wears Fukuda Sogo basketball jersey. Unfortunately, there are no chains hanging from his bad boy shorts. He has been seen wearing Teikou uniform before but it didn't really make him look like a model student. In fact, it just further establishes that he doesn't care about how he looks in his uniform.

Intelligence: Considering he knows how to 'steal' people's move—a technique that just screams 'Psychological' then we'll assume that he's more than capable of surviving in the outside world with other people. However, his academic prowess is yet undetermined. Let's just assume that he has a passing average since he was a starting member in Teikou and is still currently a member of his high school's basketball club; we all know that you can't fail any subjects if you want to be a part of a club. Don't expect him to start spouting off details about historical events—unless of course said historical event is something to do with basketball. In which case, you're good.

Personality/Socializing: This bad boy has an antagonistic streak to him. He would more likely want something that he can't have, something that someone else probably treasures or want. He can be rather violent when he's provoked and unfortunately, he is easily provoked. So maybe try to lay off the hair. Your beau also seems to be a prideful person—he'd rather walk out and throw a tantrum than swallow that damn man-pride. Suffice to say that he won't really make a lot of friends in a normal situation. But that's okay, that's why he has you!

Finances: He doesn't seem to have any bad habits or hobby that needs funding. Of course, you'd also be able to save some money on the shampoo and conditioner that he will not be using on his hair. He's a fantastic basketball player, if not a bit forceful and (quite) violent, so that could be his job. You won't be living on the streets when you get married, don't worry. We do suggest a job though for saving up money. You'll never know when you'll need bail money. Not that we're saying anything. Just in case you're in a hypothetical situation where you get a call from your husband to bail him out because he accidentally punched a cop. All hypothetical.

Home Economics: Yeah, you're going to have to clean after him. We don't know if he can cook but we can imagine that he makes great instant noodles! Especially the ones when you just add water. Look on the bright side: he can boil water successfully! This means he can probably-hopefully-maybe make you coffee or chocolate in the morning. So yeah. You're cooking when it's not take-out night.

Combat: Delinquent. Need I say more? No. He's so readily in fight mode that we're not even sure that he goes out of it. He'll more likely punch someone than wait for the reason why they said something that even remotely insinuates an insult to his person. Or to his important people (hopefully you). He's strong and doesn't discriminate between male and female, obviously you will be kept safe from all those vicious fangirls.

Competition: There are the fangirls. There won't be as many as the other guys because your man is quite intimidating on his own. Never mind that scowl and glare when he's not happy. Or when he's not asleep. We're sure you can handle it, if you're tough enough to deal with this (very violent) temperamental male then you can easily handle the fans. Remember, brass knuckles aren't just for fashion! They're quite useful in protecting yourself when random girls start ambushing you for doing what they can't.

Family: We gathered that he lives with his mother and older brother. Obviously he doesn't have much of a feminine presence in his life so far, that will be your role. We're sure if you show his mom that you only want what's best for him and that you're the caring, adoring and steel-fisted girl that you are then she would no doubt love you! I mean, she definitely would want someone who can control her son—so he doesn't go off and do reckless things (like punch a cop)—but still takes care of him. His older brother would also like this, older siblings (especially male) likes nothing more than see their younger sibling embarrassed. Just go be yourself and you'd surely have access to those adorable baby photos you've always dreamt about.

In Bed: It'll be down and dirty, he'll be the one leading and you don't get a say about it. It doesn't matter that you want to lead, you won't. It can be rough but hang in there; it's not like its BDSM. Unless, of course, if that's your thing. In which case... you'd probably still not lead. Remember, all good things take time. You never know when he might end up handcuffed to the bed, waiting like a present for you.

Conclusion: He won't be the clingy, affectionate bishie-husband nor will he be the perfect gentleman. However, you can be assured that if he's your husband then you won't have to worry about anyone hurting you. Sure, you'll have to worry about him hurting people but never you getting hurt. Except if it's caused by his cooking or his brash words. We'd like to remind you about the whole sticks and stones saying; if he says anything mean then just throw sticks and stones at him. Fair's fair. His cooking... only you can protect yourself from that. Call upon your infinite patience, practice martial arts and cook for the both of you like your life depends on it (which it probably does)—these are the things that will make your relationship work.


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