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Akashi Seijuro

Appearance: He's not the tallest person out of the Generation of Miracles or in Rakuzan but he's not the shortest either. Well, not in the GoM but it's questionable in Rakuzan. Not to worry, his overwhelming metrosexual prowess does not come with the height; it comes with his attitude and the sexy cut of his ruby red hair. Yes, ruby because being the best means having shiny hair and rubies doesn't just shine they sparkle. The attitude is given by the eyes, the heterochromatic eyes of gold and red. His sparkling red hair and sexy, mysterious eyes makes up for the lack of tall height. Don't worry, this just means you don't have to look up every time you talk to him and you can trade hair care secrets.

Clothing: No photos of casual clothes have grazed our mailboxes so we're deducting that our stalkers have not yet found anything on him. Often you can see him wearing his Rakuzan jersey but there are also instances when he wore his Teiko jersey back in days. The Rakuzan school uniform is not yet shown but we believe it has a tie and since he looked fantastic enough in the Teiko uniform with a tie then it's safe to assume that he'll be a beautiful sight wearing a suit. However, we would like to demand photos of him wearing his horse riding uniform or a yukata when you've successfully married him. If you truly want to thank us then you can send us photos when he's wearing air or after a shower, we're not picky.

Intelligence: Akashi is very smart not-just-bordering-but-jumping on genius. He always gets first on ranking exams in Teiko and no one has ever been better than him. Obviously his brain works like a machine and not a human's if you've notice how fast he can assess situations and then find solutions to them. Your boyfriend is a born tactician; he plays shogi and has never lost. Also he proves that basketball is not just a physical game, it's mental too. You may just get your world politics debate in him along with the best way to get someone to do your bidding and how to successfully conduct a war and win.

Personality/Socializing: This is where it gets complicated. Your love, your life, (hopefully) your Akashi has a very strange personality but that just adds to his charm in our opinion. He knows he's great and it's a fact. He doesn't consider telling his opponents that they would lose as boasting because it's just stating the obvious for him. He can be intimidating then understanding-like-an-old-friend in a blink of an eye but hey, he did lead the GoM and that takes a lot of talent to do. He has faith and respect only to those who deserves it—uber talented people in basketball—so you may want to impress him. If you're not the athletic type and a genius in basketball then you can try and beat him in shogi. Or be smarter than him. That will knock him off his 'I always win so I'm always right' pedestal and make him notice you. Don't go against him though because he can get violent and really, why would you want him to push you down so he can look down at you in utter superiority outside the bed?

Finances: He's a genius inside and outside of basketball. He can see the future (kind of) so if he decides that being a professional basketball or shogi player is not satisfying then expect him in a suit playing puppets with the people and the stocks in Wall Street. We can see him already topping rich lists left and right. Congratulations, you're not broke!

Home Economics: He's been called 'mother' by Aomine once because of his caring and considerate nature so it would be safe to say that he won't let you die of starvation. In fact, he'd probably plan your meals right down to the quantity just to make sure that you're getting nutrition. He doesn't seem like the person who would leave a smelly sock lying around either. We have this theory that Akashi knows how to cook but only a select few can taste his godly kitchen masterpiece because he's Akashi and only the deserving can eat his food. You should learn how to cook just in case you don't want your husband to act the husband and wife in your marriage.

Combat: He knows what people would do and counteracts it immediately. It would be safe to say that you won't get hurt if he's protecting you. I can't say that he's not one for violence because it's likely that whoever is trying to give you two trouble doesn't know him or heard of him so they might make fun of him and his height or question his abilities, in which case you better be prepared to meet 'Supreme Commander Akashi' rather than 'Caring Mother Akashi'. Alas, he won't be ripping any shirts while doing so but he won't be smelly either because he won't even sweat.

Competition: Fangirls and fanboys aside because we all know they exist and they may try to claw your eyes out if you get in their way, there's two people you should look out for. First would be Kuroko Tetsuya because everyone wants him to be with Akashi. Then second would be Murasakibara Atsushi because he follows Akashi's orders right down to the 'T' and everyone sees sexual tension there. Also, Murasakibara is tall and Akashi is not-so-tall. Ever heard of opposites attract? It's a law. Despite all this, if you do manage to capture the interest of the great Akashi Seijuro and managed to convince him that you're the best (non-basketball) partner he could have because you complement each other then you need not worry about anything else like wrath of fangirls. Psh. He'll protect you. Just bring a baseball bat wherever you go if you still haven't managed to ensnare Akashi's affections.

Family: We don't have any factual information about Akashi's family but we suspect that he got his 'I win, I'm right' mentality from one of his parents or both. This can indicate that his parents are influential and in high standing in society. They would also be the parents who trust their son's decision because they know that he's capable of deciding for himself. Just stick with Akashi and you'd get accepted in that family without problems. It's very likely that he is also an only child just because Akashi doesn't seem to be the type of person to have any siblings and share any attention with anyone. Your only passage to baby-album-heaven is through the baby-album-owner himself so ask nicely and explain to him why he should show you his cuteness before he became a winner. Another option would be to sneak into his house and then try to find it yourself but there's a high possibility that he'll catch you and then punish you... this option is greatly recommended.

In Bed: Yeah, he would top. No question about it. In fact, in your first night he would initiate everything. He would pull you to him and kiss you senseless; you may try and dominate the kiss but it would be a futile act. Since he can see even the smallest detail then you can be sure that he would definitely know what to do in order to make things the most enjoyable for the both of you. Akashi would no doubt be the one to suggest trying new activities out but you'd be used to it and agree because you know how he can be frisky with the scissors. He'll be adventurous but he can also do the slow-pace of romance that you know you want every other time. You can get both the sweetness of chocolate and a thrill of a new spice every night with him. You two would be mentally scarring guests and friends alike in no time!

Conclusion: There are two ways marriage to Akashi Seijuro can go. The first one would be that he would always be deciding for the two of you and you're just going to go with it. It will be a sham and boring marriage and you won't be considered his equal. The second is the marriage you want to be a part of. It's the one where Akashi will be hopelessly in love with you and you will be treated as an equal. Or a queen. Depends on what you both feel like but we believe it's the same thing really. In order to be an equal though, you'll have to beat him first and make it a regular occurrence. It's good to start training him before the wedding so he gets used to never winning when you two are married. After all, he doesn't care for victory so why should he have a say in what colour your walls should be, right?


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