As the World Falls Down
Auggie, Annie; implied A Squared
K+ for very minor swearing
Covert Affairs belongs to USA and NBC/Universal. Characters used without permission. The plot of this story is fanmade for entertainment purposes only.
Author's Note:
A post "Speed of Life" drabble that focuses on the aftermath of Auggie's little breakdown. In keeping with the season three theme of episodes being titled after David Bowie songs, this one is titled after "As the World Falls Down" from the Labyrinth soundtrack. Also, it's a fitting song for Annie and Auggie. I seriously dobut they'll use it as an actual episode title (if they do, I'll be surprised) which meant I felt safe using it for a ficlet complete the feel of this story, listen to "As the World Falls Down" as you read it.

It's only after the fact that Annie realizes that Auggie needs her. She realizes that there are hazards to working for the CIA, but seeing your best friend arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and assault and battery was not one she would have immediately guessed. She bails him out, of course, because her guilty conscious tells her to – Simon be damned.

She takes him back to his apartment, shocked to find it in complete disarray. Clothes are strewn about, lamps and chairs are knocked over, all in all it looks like a bomb went off, taking more than just Auggie's sight.

"You're gaping," he mumbles as he picks his way through the debris, aiming for the sofa. He stumbles against an ottoman, but otherwise arrives at his sofa unscathed.

"Auggie, what happened?" she asks as she goes to sit next to him. She pulls him into her arms and cuddles him protectively against her chest.

"Parker couldn't deal with it," he answers dully.

"Oh Auggie," she whispers. Part of her is heartbroken for his loss, but another part of her rejoices because maybe now she can finally tell him about her feelings. Maybe not now, as he clearly needs time to lick his wounds and deal with Parker's rejection, but in due time she'll confess that she cares about him as more than just a friend, that she loves him more than anyone in the world and she'll never, ever leave him.

He's disoriented, still lost in his feelings, but he can feel Annie's pull. He can feel her anchoring him to reality, and he knows that he needs to hang on. He has to get to the bottom of what happened with Jai, he can't just fall to pieces because Parker left him. He'll move on, he's sure, but part of him is afraid of being rejected again. He can feel Annie's hands moving in soothing circles on his back, the press of her cheek against his forehead. She is silent because that is what he needs. She doesn't bother with empty words of condolence, knowing that whatever she says is meaningless. Annie understands him. Annie understands him better than anyone.

And then he understands.

It's a bit of a startling revelation. He knows that Annie is his best friend. He knows that she'll put her neck on the line for him; she has put her neck on the line for him. He knows that he worries when she falls of the grid during an op. He knows that he won't stop worrying until she makes contact again. He knows that he feels comforted by the sound of her heels and the smell of her perfume. What he doesn't know is if she feels the same way.

He still has to let Parker go, of course. He's got to make peace with that part of himself, and then bury it.

Afterword, he will start paying more attention to Annie. Start asking her out, building their relationship. Perhaps fate was right in pulling Parker away.

Because as the world falls down around them, Auggie and Annie will always have each other.