I hang up after my dad finishes yelling at me (twenty minutes later), he ends with a curt huff, "I'm disappointed." I roll my eyes and I flip my phone closed. Of course he is, he's never been proud of me, anyway. This is true. I disillusioned myself for years over it, making up excuses to myself that he was busy or had better things to do. The sad part was, he never did.

I go over to pick up Danny and open the door and Tucker and Ben are talking quietly. Upon hearing the door, they both turn their heads quickly and see me. Tucker looks freaked out, Ben looks pissed. "What are you trying to do?!" Ben asks, yelling at me, I try not to feel as small as I am. This is usually the first thing my dad says when he yells at me. "I don't know what you mean." I respond curtly, looking at him. "Oh, I don't know, first you kiss me- then you make out with my brother?!" I feel a presence behind me, but I pretend Riley isn't there. "First of all: YOU kissed ME! I freaked out and didn't kiss back!"

"I beg to differ!" he interrupted. "Sorry for leading you on, then! Truth be told, I won't pick you over Danny! He's had enough of that happen to him already! I'm going to be the one who doesn't date him to get to you!" I know that Danny can hear me, and I hope he isn't hating me right now.

"What?" Ben asks offensively. "Then why did you agree to go on the date?" I felt my eyes open in irritated surprise, "It was coffee! Not a dinner at the Olive Garden! Plus, I wasn't even there to be with you, I-" He cut me off, "Then why were you there, in the first place?!" I said under my breath, loud enough for only the hidden Riles to hear, "Don't hate me."

I, then raised my voice several octaves, "I was there to enlighten you on the fact Riley has a giant-ass (no pun intended) crush on you and you're too freaking BLIND to see it!" He looks like I just slapped him, maybe I should, for good measure. "It's true." Riley says from behind the wall beside me and steps so we're next to each other.

"Ben. Don't get mad at her, she just wants me to be happy, but if you don't like me-" she takes a deep breath, "it's fine. I'll get over it. I just want an answer." I look over and see Danny outside the open window, sitting on the fire escape stairs. I leave them to be occupied as I step out and sit next to Danny. Turner's long gone, he left out the back upon Ben's yelling. Yelling ensues within the room and I close the window.

"Danny." I say softly and he half-smiles at me. "Hey," he responds as I pull him into a hug. He closes his eyes and hold me close. At this point, I'm crying. "It's alright Becca, shh. Thank you for that, really..." he coos, pulling me into his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck and lay my head against his chest. I can hear his heartbeat, pumping soft and slow in his chest. "I think I'm falling in love with you," he says softly, cradling me in his lap. His heart beats faster, like it's overexerting itself. "I already am." I whisper, smiling and he laughs softly. "Wanna go on that walk on the beach?" I smile. "I'd love to."

We climb back inside, and the first thing we see is Ben and Riley, making out on the couch. Didn't need to see that one. We leave quickly, in a taxi, arriving to beach right before dusk. We take our shoes off and carry them as we walk down the length of the beach.

Then, I receive a call from my dad, I answer begrudgingly. "Hi, Dad." "I want you home this coming week, we need to talk. Urgently." I'll be counting the minutes, I think stoically. Danny takes the phone from me, "Hello, is this Becca's dad?" My father's voice is gruff on the other side, "Yeah, this is him. Who am I talking to?" Danny smiles at me before responding, "Her boyfriend."

"Then why has she never talked about you?" he asks sarcastically. "Because she wanted it to be a surprise, plus, who would believe her if she just brought up her boyfriend was a famous hockey player." At Danny's inquiry, my eyes widen. He knew exactly which buttons to push. My dad loved sports, never talked to me about them, but loved them just the same. "Oh, really?" my dad responded bemusedly, "Who might that be?"

Danny let the words sink in, "I'm Danny. Danny Wheeler." I could tell my dad was speechless, "Come with Becca to my estate next week." "Will do, Sir." he responds, hanging up the phone. I was officially impressed, my boyfriend, is a genius. "So, boyfriend," I say with a smile, making Danny blush, "Does that make me your girlfriend?" He smiled, "If that's okay with you.." "Of course, it's okay to me, ya big lug!" I smiled, hugging him. I knew that maybe, just maybe, my past love wasn't as great as I thought it was. Because I loved Danny much more now, than I did during the entire relationship with my ex.

I guess that Great Love I was always talking about was really Danny, I just didn't know it, yet.

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