Author's Note: Be nice since this is my first X-Men story. I am uncomfortable doing a crossover. But Troll ended with Dr. Banner mentioning a teacher position near New York City and him talking to Hank McCoy, the Beast. Hopefully, my readers can put two and two together and get four. I don't own any of the Marvel Characters from X-Men or the Avengers. This story takes place after the events of the second X-Men movie because I refuse to believe Professor Xavier is dead. He will live forever! And the first of, hopefully, many Avenger movies. It is also the sequel to Troll which was the sequel of Three Faces of Bruce. The three faces are Bruce, Hulk and Bruce/Hulk as one integrated person. This integrated person was brought about by the events in my earlier stories.


The Avengers were called in to prevent some giant robots from destroying oil wells in an Arab nation. Hank Pym claimed they weren't his robots. Bruce had heard that story before. Yay, right, Hank. Stark technology had bitten Tony on the ass a number of times. These robots may have not been built by Hank Pym, but they were, definitely, built from technology stolen from Pym's labs.

Bruce didn't know why a man into bugs would build giant robots anyway. Small robots made sense. Bruce worked on nanotechnology with Betty and might be interested in seeing Pym's work on the small scale robots. If these robots didn't have Pym written all over them, this would just be one oil company sabotaging another and not the Avengers' problem. As it was only 4 of them came, Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne, of course, and Tony because he didn't want Hank to clean up his mess alone (although it would serve him right) and Tony had to drag Bruce along.

Tony teased Bruce about needing to keep his shirt on or he could be arrested for indecent exposure. Bruce ended up fighting in a tee shirt and jeans that Hank grew to his size. His black tee-shirt said, "There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who know binary, and those who don't." On his feet were fine leather boots from Asgard. Adding to the ridiculous ensemble were his metal-framed glasses with the impact-resilient lenses. Janet made her own costumes and claimed to have a different one for every occasion. Maybe, she could make him one.

As much as Bruce enjoyed smashing robots, Hank and Janet saved the day by shrinking small enough to get inside the robots to cut their power. Since he was now permanently a large beast of a man, Bruce knew very well that it wasn't how much force you use, but it's how it is applied. Fury arrived to help clean up the broken giant robots. Now that Bruce was staring down at the one-eyed man, Fury didn't look as scary. "Dr. Banner, you need to have a physical. Company policy."

"Fine," said Bruce. "But if you remove any bodily fluids, I get to watch the lab technicians to make sure everything is disposed of properly."

"You could have the cure to Ebola or AIDS in your blood," said Fury.

"You aren't interested in a cure." Bruce had no cures in his blood. The pathogens simply died because his blood was radioactive at the time and, now that his blood was no longer radioactive, his blood had no special properties. "You want to use my blood as a weapon."

"No, removal of any bodily fluid," said Nick. "We'll just check your height, weight and reflexes. You still fight like the Hulk."

"How else would I fight?"

"Didn't Thor train you?"

"I sparred with the King's men once. I broke a few bones and dislocated someone's shoulder. Thor is the only Asgard warrior that's a challenge. Don't get me wrong; I like weapons. Axes are great for butchering an animal after I snap the beast's neck with my hands."

"I'm glad you're on our side."


After Bruce returned to his room at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, he kissed his wife. "Did you miss me?"

"Always," said Sif. "However, I can understand English when you're gone, so I feel like an outsider when you're here."

"I don't believe in magic," said Bruce. "I don't understand the science of why my presence keeps you from hearing other languages as your native tongue. I'm not doing it on purpose." However, it benefits her because she can learn English while in her husband's presence and they could talk privately in Norse.

"I realize that." Sif pulled him into another kiss, dragged him onto the bed. She rolled on top of him. "I love you."

He looked up at his wife, sitting on top of him. "Do you think I'm too violent?"

"No, you're one of the most gentle people I know."

"Fury seems upset that I'm still that angry little boy that wants to break things."

"Do want do see Susanne, again?"

"I'm not sure," said Bruce. "I'm going to talk to Professor Xavier about it."

"The other professors say he reads minds." Sif rested on top of him, looking into his eyes. "Do you want him to see into those eyes? Look at your beast."

Right now, Bruce wanted to enjoy his pregnant wife. His talk with his new boss could wait. The ultrasound said they were expecting a daughter. In seven short months, Dagmar Edith Banner would be born. Professor Summers took over a dozen students without families to visit on some sort of holiday. In three days, all the students would be returning from summer vacation along with Professor Summers.


With Sif sleeping soundly and it still being early, Bruce went for a walk. His feet were going in the direction of Xavier's office. He didn't get very far when a hand grabbed him around the waist. Bruce pushed the hand off him then stared down at Mr. Logan, an unattractive brut of a man.

"Don't touch me!" Bruce growled softly.

Logan growled back. "You don't belong at this school. You're not even a mutant."

Bruce said in a soft voice but threatening voice. "I wasn't hired by you and I'm as much of a mutant as you are."

"Being the victim of a science experiment gone bad doesn't make you a mutant."

"No, living through said science experiment that should have killed me several times over does." Bruce smiled down at the man who looked more like trailer trash than a teacher at a private school. "When I worked for Mr. Stark, he built me a safe room, but Professor Xavier has children to consider and would never have hire me, if I wasn't cured of my condition."

"One dose of gamma radiation and you're the Hulk, again."

"It would have to be a pretty strong dose," said Bruce. "And I'm not planning repeating past mistakes."

"You don't belong here." Logan growled, again.

Bruce stared him down. "I no longer have the Hulk fight for me, so I'm able to kick the asses of people that desperately need their asses kicked myself."

Logan draw out his metal claws. Bruce backed away.

Storm said, "What seems to be the problem?"

Logan withdrew his claws. "Dr. Banner threatened me."

Bruce said, "He started it."

"He growled at me," said Logan.

"You growl at everyone," said Storm. "You can't take a taste of your own medicine."

"Logan never seemed to learn that sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me," said Bruce.

Storm said, "It sounds like you were both acting like children."

"Logan seems to think I don't belong here because I'm a victim of a lab experiment gone bad when I look at those Adamantium claws one thinks he is talking about himself."

"Children," said Storm.

"I'm glad I'm no longer the Hulk because Logan would have learned what happens when an indestructible object meets an impenetrable barrier," said Bruce. "Although that might have been interesting on a scientific level, I cut and bruise the same as any other man. Tell Mr. Logan he needs to put away the sharp objects. There are children wandering the halls."

Logan huffed and walked away.

"Hello, Dr. Banner, I'm Orono Munroe," said Storm.

"We met when I was hired," said Bruce. "I'm sorry about that."

"You handled yourself well," said Storm. "Logan had no business drawing his claws on a professor."

"It was a threat display," said Bruce. "I doubt he would have used them. I've warned enough people not to make me angry in my time."

"Did it work?" asked Storm.

"It did with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. She put down her weapon and the other guy didn't have to make a mess. But most other people that bother me must want to be ripped limb to limb because she was the first to listen."

"You must be glad to be free of the Hulk."

"I'm now the Hulk full-time with Dr. Banner's intelligence. However, since I no longer adsorb gamma radiation, I'm no longer green or indestructible. When my radiation level got low enough, my green skin started flaking off and I went from indestructible to being flayed by my fellow hunters."

"Flayed?" Storm winced.

"I was a bloody pink mess when my so-called friends were done with me." Bruce winced thinking about it. "I was all healed by the morning, so everything worked out."

"You're still the Hulk?" Storm said.

"All the time," said Bruce. "You don't listen. I was going to talk to Professor Xavier about it. You can come with me, so I won't have to repeat myself."

Storm smiled at him. "I'll walk with you."

"What does Logan teach?" asked Bruce, walking along side Storm.

"He's a student," said Storm. "You were arguing with a sixteen year old."

"He's sixteen?"

"His memory goes back sixteen years. He heals so no one knows how old his body is. It could easily be a couple centuries old. His dog tags were Vietnam era or earlier."

"Ah," said Bruce.

"He's in love with Rogue, but she can't see the lost sixteen year old boy inside the man's body. She can't touch anyone due to her mutation. So it's sad all around."


Author's Note: By the way, my son has that same shirt and he gets lots of odd looks from people when he wears it. How it is Applied is a filk by Echo's Children based on the short story, "Labyrinth" by Lois McMaster Bujold. Miles and Taura had a long fulfilling relationship (and they have a bigger size difference than the Hulk and Sif).