A/N: School and other projects eating my time up. Will try to play as many high school tropes as I can in this story. So anyway, this is the conclusion to the last chapter.

Let's see, I figured out how to end this series already. I think it's gonna be a good way. Then, I started thinking about a crossover with Den-O because it's popular and why not? But seriously, I am thinking about crossover episodes/chapters in this story. I know how to execute it, it just won't happen any time soon.

Anyway, let's get to the story.

So far on Kamen Rider Dreams...

"I wouldn't say I'm the school's protector. More like the world's. Everyone has nightmares you know." Schneider's Cable Company is seen being attacked.

"But on me liking it, I dunno. I'd rather just keep the status quo." Carrie screams at Little Dude.

"I'm not used to all this attention, and I probably don't want to. I'd rather keep it normal." People chase after Lannie.

A giant spider is seen ruining the hallways. Students and staff are running away. They just become one with the Spider too. "We're gonna need a giant newspaper." Katie fears. The spider's mouth disgustingly moves. "You'll never survive the wrath of the Spider!" The Spider threatens. "The Spider? Sounds like a stupid name for a nightmare to me." Barry quips.

Lannie looks up, screams, and points. Katie, Carrie, and Barry look up. All the students and staff are knocked out in a giant spiderweb.

"Get out of here!" Little Dude shouts. "Huh?" Everyone shouts. "Did Little Dude just talk?" Katie asks. "I think so." Carrie answers. "Let's get out of here!" Lannie shouts. All, except for Lannie and Little Dude, of them make a run for it.

Lannie, on the other hand, is helping Little Dude fight off the Spider. "We're the same species!" The Spider yells. "No we're not!" Little Dude shouts. "You're a Nightmare. I am a spider!" "Who can talk." Lannie adds. "I'll explain later!" Lannie starts throwing more cans.

Outside the building, the three students catch their breaths. "How about explaining your spider situation?" Katie asks. Pete just stares into space for a while.

Little Dude and Lannie manage to weaken the Spider. It runs away to rest up. "I'll be back!" Outside, Pete is still staring into space. "Can I tell them?" Carrie asks. "It's not just me being afraid of spiders." Pete finally says. Inside, Lannie and Little Dude are trying to figure out how to get everyone down.

They try a ladder, but it's too short. "What is it then?" Katie asks. They try two ladders, but Lannie falls and lands on his butt. Little Dude facepalms. Lannie shouts and one falls down. Lannie catches him. "Dude just say something!" Barry yells. Little Dude makes a giant spider web at the floor. Lannie shouts some more, and one by one, everyone starts falling down. "Come on dude, spill it!"

"I'm allergic."


The students and staff murmur around. "What happened to the Spider?" Principal Barlon asks. "I fought him off." Lannie answers.

"Thanks, whoever you are."

"Kamen Rider Dreams!"

"Don't act like I know who you are when I don't."

"But you do know who I am! I was being interviewed live yesterday."

"Nope. None of us know who you are." Lannie thinks for a moment.

"Well, I'm glad to help. Go home."

"We can't! The school day just started."

"Then have a delayed opening. Just go home for the safety of the students and staff!"

"It's coming back, is it?"


"I'll call the buses. Everyone! Go home! We're coming back in a few hours."

"Why?" Asks the teacher who Lannie saved when he first got his powers. "The Spider is coming back." Principal Barlon replies. "See ya!"


"I found out when I was just 7." Pete begins. "I was playing with some bugs in the backyard with Carrie. Then a spider came along and crawled on my arm. I thought it was fun until an hour later. I got a rash on my arm, and it hurt really bad. I started getting hives too. My mom took me to the hospital. The doctor said that I was allergic to spiders. If I was within 3 feet of one, I would get hives in an hour."

"That would explain why you ran out of the room yesterday." Lannie says. "When did you get here?" Carrie asks. He points to the students and staff exiting the building. "They're coming back for a delayed opening." Little Dude explains. Pete freaks out, covers his nose and mouth with his shirt, and backs away 4 feet. "Now, I know you're surprised by Little Dude being able to talk-" Lannie begins before getting slapped and a shoe to the head.

"...but don't overreact?" Lannie gets another shoe thrown at him. "Little Dude is not your average spider." Barry states the obvious. "Yeah! He can talk!" Lannie shouts.

"Shut up." Little Dude says. "Okay." Lannie nods. Little Dude spins a web and clears his throat. "A spider, I am..." He begins, "...not. I am from the planet Arachne. We are a species of arachnids with special powers that the normal spider does not have. We cannot access those powers until we've chosen the right partner. That's what the legend says, anyway. I am the first of arachnids to come to Earth to find my partner."

"Did you find that person?" Pete asks. "What are those powers?" Barry asks. "What's your real name?" Lannie asks. "I don't know what the powers are. Yet. My name is Phgegfiryufh." Little Dude replies. "You can continue to call me Little Dude, though. And yes. I have found that person."

"Who is it?" Pete asks. "It's you, Pete." Little Dude answers. Pete stammers. "No. No. No! It can't be me! No offense Little Dude, but I'm just too afraid of spiders. I'm sorry." He rushes back in. Lannie swings the door open ans is about to go in, but Carrie stops him. "I'll go talk to him." She says. She walks in.

Pete is sitting, fetal position, under a table. "Pete?" Carrie asks. "Go away!" He shouts. She finds him and sits with him. "Why are you acting out all of a sudden? We're not 5 anymore." She scolds. "What if the spider from the first time was from Arachne?" Pete asks. "What if I'm allergic to aliens?"

"The doctor would've said something."

"I was 7, Carrie. If he said anything about alien spiders, I'm sure my mom would've slapped him and made him tell the truth."

"Maybe he was afraid of your mom. Most people have that sixth sense of knowing how aggressive she is. Did he tell you anything when your mom wasn't there?"

"He never told me anything when we were in private."

"See? That just screams that it's just average spiders."

Students and staff walk into the cafeteria again. They form the Spider once more. "I shall now take over your school." The Spider announces. "Anyone who resists will be exterminated." "Sounds kind of pointless when there's only 4 people still alive." Carrie quips.

"Everyone died that quickly?" It looks up. "You lie. They have escaped. You shall be exterminated for lying." "It's scary that he can say this so calmly." Pete observes. The Spider roars and exhales the mist which knocks Pete out. Carrie drags him around while running away.

"Think happy thoughts, Pete. Just think happy thoughts." She tells the unconscious cameraman. "Where the hell is Lannie?"

Outside, Lannie, Barry, Katie, and Little Dude are seen fighting black and purple figures. "Scares. These are the incomplete Nightmares that serve as grunts for the Nightmare Kingdom." Barry tells them. "What made them incomplete?" Lannie asks. "A specific amount of people got over that specific fear." Barry answers.

"How do you know all this?" Katie asks. "Don't know." Barry shrugs. "I'll go inside to squash the spider." Lannie announces out of left field. "You are horrible with puns." Katie pats Lannie's back. "Actually, I have an idea." Barry chimes in. "It's going to utilize Little Dude's sticky stuff and a lot of newspapers."

"I don't have time for this! You guys go do that." Lannie runs in.

Lannie screams at the sight of the Spider. He runs to Carrie and Pete. "Henshin!" The suit materializes on him. "Carrie, I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to drag me around too." He spins the smiley face belt buckle and collapses.

"Oh great!" Carrie screams. She drags the two of them around. "You guys are just heavy!"

Lannie stands up. He is in a dark place. "So this is the Nightmare Realm." He tells himself. Everything is just black. That's all he sees. At least, until he sees Pete. He seems to be running away from something. That something is just another giant spider. Lannie runs to Pete. "Lannie!" Pete shouts. "Pete!" Lannie shouts back. "What are you doing here?" Pete asks.

"You're having a nightmare."

"I know that. You're here."

"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Ignoring me?"

"...that's here!" Pete points to the giant spider.

"Oh yeah, that thing. Look, if you wanna get out of here, you have to think happy thoughts."

"I don't think I can have any when that's there."

"Then get over your fear!"

"I can't!"

"Yes you can!"

"How are you so sure?"

"Carrie believes in you. Little Dude believes in you. I'm supposed to believe in you because it's in my character!"

"Thanks, I feel a lot better now."

"Just get over it, or you'll-" Lannie disappears.

"Or I'll what?" Pete turns to see the spider licking its lips.

Lannie is crushed from a spider leg. Carrie is knocked out with blood running down her face. Katie and Barry are still with Little Dude in some other place. Lannie kicks the leg off of him and starts to fight.

He punches the leg repeatedly. He does the same with the others. He manages to injure the Spider's legs enough for it to be temporarily paralyzed. He kicks the abdomen. Pete starts moving around and fading away. "Pete!"

Pete is tied up on a spider web. The spider slowly approaches him. "You're in a nightmare." Lannie's voice echoes in Pete's thoughts. "Carrie believes in you. Little Dude believes in you. I'm supposed to believe in you! Think happy thoughts."

The spider is face to face with Pete now. It licks its, um, lips. Pete shuts his eyes and reopens them. The spider is gone. In fact, he's not even on the spider web. He's at his school. He can see Lannie beating up the Spider for a second before it gets up and tosses him to the side. He gets taken out of his henshined state. He can see Carrie with blood trickling down her face. He realizes where he is. He's awake.

He rushes to Lannie. "You okay?" Pete asks. "Gee, I don't know. Ever been tossed off a 50 foot spider?" Lannie replies. "I'm sure I'm fine." "Oh, you're awake?" The Spider asks, "I can just knock you out again." It hisses the mist out, but it doesn't work.

"Huh?" "I'm not afraid of you anymore." Pete boasts, "I'm not even afraid of spiders anymore."

"How come?"

"Because there are people who believe that I can overcome my fears. And one of them is a spider."

"There you go." Lannie pats Pete on the back. "Just in time too." A familiar voice announces. It's Little Dude. "We're ready!" Barry shouts. "Little Dude!" Pete shouts. "Yes?" Little Dude asks. "Let's go.""Yeah!"

Little Dude swings over to Pete's palm. "How's this supposed to work?" Pete asks. Little Dude crawls to Pete's back. Little Dude extends his legs to wrap around Pete's body. Little Dude then grows 3 sizes. "Does that hurt at all?" Pete asks. "Not at all!" Little Dude says.

"So what did you bring?" The Spider asks. "Just this." Katie answers. She and Barry drag out a giant newspaper. "A giant newspaper. Who knew I was right?" "Get Carrie to a hospital." Pete shouts. Barry lifts Carrie up and walks away.

"Alright, my turn." Lannie presses the button and instantly touches his temples. "Henshin!" "Took you long enough." Katie scoffs. "Hey, he's tough. Okay?" Lannie argues. Katie slaps him on the back of the head and shouts, "Go!" Lannie runs and kicks the Spider's legs. Pete, with the spider powers, climbs to the top of the room and jumps to kick the Spider in the eyes.

"He's considerably weaker now." Little Dude points out. "It's probably because I'm not afraid anymore." Pete smirks. "Pete, I have an idea!" Lannie shouts. "Gimme this!" He confiscates the giant newspaper. "Lift me up!" Little Dude shoots web, and Pete and Lannie climb up. "This is really heavy!" Pete grunts. "It's a giant newspaper." Lannie reminds him. "Not that, you!" "I'm only 110 pounds!" "That's what makes you heavy!"

"You cannot beat me!" The Spider hisses. "Dude, your ass is being handed to you. It has been for the past 2 minutes!" Lannie shouts. "Jump!" Lannie and Pete jump and whack the Spider with the giant newspaper. It explodes.

2 hours later, everyone in the school came back. "So, you're keeping Little Dude as a pet?" Barry asks. "Yep. He's the only spider I'll ever have." Pete answers. Little Dude appears.

"You're different from the other Dreams." Little Dude tells Lannie. "You know him?" Lannie asks. "My friend was the one who gave him the belt."

"I thought he made that belt."

"He just made the belt buckle and slapped it on a regular belt. Poiuytyuwe, my friend, was interested in its design and how he wanted to be a Kamen Rider for Halloween. So, he made an actual belt to transform him. We just didn't expect the fears of everyone to come to life."

"And now it all makes sense. Sorta."

"I'll see you later." Pete tells Little Dude. Little Dude does a spider thing and leaves. "But now no one knows about your identity." Carrie remembers. She has a bandage on her head. "Good. Let's keep it that way." Lannie says. "Where's Katie?" "Over there." Barry points to Katie taking a nap on her backpack.

2 football players tackle Lannie and drag him outside. "You still owe me some math homework!" The first one says. "Algebra 1 ain't gonna do itself." The other threatens. "You guys are Juniors, right?" Lannie asks. They just sucker punch him.

Barry, Carrie, and Pete ignore this and kneel down next to Katie.

"I see." Dreams realizes. "See what?" Katie asks. "I heard the outside. A friend of Little Dude's made the real belt."

"Did he explain why the fears came to life?"


"Then how did they come to life?" She starts to fade away. "Ah, tell me later!"

Barry shakes her. "I was having a nice dream!" She flicks him. "Where's Lannie?" They point to Lannie being beat up by the football players. "Well, he wanted normal. He got normal. Who wants breakfast?" The others raise their hands and shout, "Me! I do!" They run to the cafeteria.

Lannie, outside, sees this. "Thanks a lot you guys! I wanted breakfast too!" "Shut up, and do our homework!" "You're supposed to be learning Algebra 2!" They just throw an Algebra textbook at him.

Next time on Kamen Rider Dreams...

"To overcome fear, you must become fear."

The teacher, who Lannie saved on his day of getting his powers, protects a student from a human-sized bat.

"You don't understand a good teacher's job, do you?"

Principal Barlon runs away from the Scares.

The teacher jumps off a building, taking the human-sized bat with him. "Mr. Wayne!" Katie shouts.