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100 Addresses

In the lobby of the Bee Hive Lag lay soundly asleep while waiting for Connor to return from his last delivery of the day, so they could go back to Sylvette's and try to avoid eating the disgusting soup that she made for them ever night. When Lag woke Connor was standing above him munching on a slice of pizza, as always.

'How long have you been standing there?' Lag mumbled out, getting up slowly and rubbing his eye to see clearly. Connor was holding a letter covered in thousands of stamps, just by looking at it you could tell it had been around AmberGround at least twice maybe more than that.

'Not long, but we have to go on a delivery. Zazie gave up on this one,' He held up the letter looking over all the stamps, he looked disappointed.

'He still doesn't put the letters first after all these years.' Connor sighed and then looked at Lag smiling, 'Under the mountain of stamps there's a list of addresses, I've counted them there's 100 altogether. Zazie has been to most of them but the recipient wasn't there each time. Mysterious, don't you think?'

'Yeah… but we told Sylvette that we'd be home for her tonight, we'll be eaten alive if we are late again!' Sylvette had almost killed Lag and Niche last time they were late home, for someone in a wheelchair she can do a lot of damage.

'Well then we will go and tell her before we go, that way you can get some lunch for us too.' Connor was always thinking about food, even if it was yucky soup.

'I need to go and find Niche, ok?'

'Ok then, I'll wait for you outside.' Connor and headed for the door, he'd already pulled out another slice of pizza from his bag…How he kept eating was a mystery to the entire Hive. The thought of having to eat that soup was enough to make Lag feel sick, and he hadn't eaten it yet…

When Lag found Niche she was arguing with Dr. Thunderland as he'd taken Steak again, trying to dissect him. Niche had seen Lag coming from down the hallway and ran to him waving her gloved hands in the air.

'He took Steak! We need him the fry for you when we need him! It will be his honour Lag help me get Steak back to fry for you!'

'Niche was always on about frying Steak, to be honest I don't think he would taste nice dead or alive.' Lag chuckled to himself and walked up to Dr. Thunderland who was trying to look inside Steaks mouth. Dr. Thunderland was one of those people who creeped Lag out, he was weird but he had shown his normal side once before.

'Dr. Thunderland we need Steak now, you see we are going on a delivery and Steak is our companion. So please can you give him bac-' Lag was cut off by Dr. Thunderland as he shoved Steak into Lags hands.

'Here, I'm bored now. Have fun on you delivery, Lag Seeing.' Dr. Thunderland turned on his heel and stalked off in the opposite direction towards his lab.

Lag turned to Niche and put Steak in his usual spot (on Niches head) patting Steaks head in the process. Lag gestured to Niche to come with him and they set off towards the front lobby.

Connor was sitting on the steps at the front of the Bee Hive waiting for Lag and Niche when Aria Link walked up the steps towards him. Aria was wondering why he and Lag hadn't set off for the delivery yet, so decided to investigate into the matter.

'Hello Connor, how's the delivery going?' She sat next to Connor on the steps, smiling kindly to him when he noticed who had disturbed his thoughts.

'Hello Miss Link, I'm just waiting on Lag then we will get going. Actually we need to tell Sylvette we are going too.'

'I'll tell Sylvette for you if you want?' Aria offered. 'I haven't seen Sylvette in a while, it would be nice to see how she's doing.'

Just then Lag and Niche burst out the doors of the Bee Hive. Lag jumped down two steps at a time to reach them, almost falling down in the process.

'Right then, thank you Miss Link, let's go Lag!' Connor clapped his hands and got up ready to set off. He grabbed Lags arm and started to tow him off down the rest of the stairs.

'Wait, what about Sylvette?' Lag struggled against Connors grip. Sylvette's house was in the opposite direction, they were going the wrong way.

'Oh, well I'm going to see her for you instead.' Aria looked and the young boys and remembered when she was a Bee, rushing about. 'Have a safe journey boys.' Aria waved to them, as Connor dragged Lag down the rest of the steps. Once at the bottom they waved back and set of down the streets.

'Right then the first address is…' Connor pulled out the long list of addresses and looked for their new destination. The list was long but most of the addresses had already been crossed off, probably by Zazie in his attempt to deliver the letter. If you looked at only the addresses that weren't crossed out there were only 35, this at least meant Zazie had done most of the work for them thankfully.

'Why don't we start there?' said Lag as he pointed to an address from Yodaka. 'Zazie has left most of the ones from Yodaka; it would be easier to start there.' There were 7 addresses from the Yodaka in total and most the towns were close together, apart from one or two.

They decide to start at the far out towns first and choose to start at the furthest which was in the town of Kyrie 'The Dead End Town'. Lag had been here before when he met Nelli who stole his crossing pass back when he was just becoming a Bee but they had got it back and made it to his Exam in time. He wanted to see Nelli again to see how she was doing; he wondered if Jiggy Pepper had replied to her letter too.

With the destination set the two young Bees set off to Bifrost Bridge to cross to Yodaka.


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