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100 Addresses

Chapter 3

After Nelli was filled in on what Lag had in mind they set off to find Connor, which wasn't really that hard, all they had to do is follow the smell of cookies and pizza. Connor was sitting on a wall munching on a cookie when they found the end of the scent trail.

'Lag, these cookies are amazing! They are honey and cookie! As we say Bee's love honey.' Lag sat next to Connor revealing their guest who had hidden behind him. Nelli was confused to why the fatter of the Bee's was just sitting doing nothing instead of delivering letters, whereas Connor was more confused by the person in front of him. He saw a young boy about one year older than Lag maybe, yet there was something girlish in the way he just stood shyly waiting for them to talk.

'Um… Lag who is this? Is this the person who can supposedly help us?' Lag smiled at Connors confused look and looked at Nelli indicating to her to introduce herself.

'Hi, my name is Nelli nice to meet you. I was asked by Lag to help you find Mr. Harold Dean.' Nelli smiled sweetly at the chubby Bee and bowed her head a little to seem innocent.

'Um… ok then how is Nelli going to help us Lag?' Connor realised something. 'Wait you, you're a-a-a-a-a girl!?' Connor was as flustered as Lag when he'd found out.

'Yep!' Nelli smirked at the boy, this happened all the time and it never got old.

'Ok then let's go.' Lag started to march away when he realised he hadn't told Connor what they are doing. 'Niche go on ahead please and keep out of sight.' Niche nodded and bounded away with Steak.

The plan was to hide nearby while Nelli went to Mr. Dean, Mr. Harold Dean's father and ask about him. Since Nelli was from the town she'd say there was work for him. Mr. Dean can't shoo her away since he knew her and then he wouldn't suspect a thing.

Now Connor was filled in the three walked up the steep path back to the hut. Connor, Lag and Gus found Niche behind a rock crouching low, waiting for them. Once they were hidden Nelli ran up the path and knocked on the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

'If that's you bee's again I'll skin you lot ali-' He opened the door with a walking stick raised high in the air. 'Oh Nelli… What brings you here lass?' He'd thrown the stick behind him and bent low to Nelli's eye level.

'Is Harold here? There's work in the town and I wondered if he wanted to do it too.' Smoothly Nelli lied to him in her sweet girly voice and Lag and Connor were impressed.

'Sorry no Nelli he left a long time ago remember? Of course not you were only young.' Mr. Dean thought to himself.

'Oh yeah…' Nelli looked down to give the effect that she had made a mistake. 'I wish I could see him again, you know I have loads to tell him. Oh well thanks Mr. Dean.' She turned to walk away but he'd grabbed on to her shoulder and whispered something into her ear. When he'd finished he let her go and went back into his home.

Nelli ran down the hill to the rock where Lag, Connor, Niche, Steak and Gus were and explained excitedly. 'He said that Harold is in the mountains and if you called his name twice then throw a rock at the entrance to his cave he will come out!' Nelli was waving her hands about and bouncing up and down at her discovery but Lag and Connor looked worried.

'So he went to the mountains, he must have thought he'd be safe up there.' Connor mumbled, he stood up and picked up Gus giving him a piggy back. Lag stood up to wondering if Nelli knew the dangers of the mountains. It was Gaichuu territory and it was famous for how many people were attacked there.

'Lag, what is it?' Nelli asked innocently.

'Nelli go back to the church now, you've helped us enough, thank you.' Lag was torn he didn't want to say goodbye again but he didn't want Nelli to be hurt. It was fun to see her again and they had fun but now it was time to leave.

'NO! I've helped you so far and – and…I don't want to be left alone again!' She burst out crying making Lag cry too and together they cried realising they weren't going to leave again.

'Lag, stop crying.' Connor whispered. Nelli had stopped crying and had stood up wiping her eyes.

'Fine, you can come but if it's too dangerous you have to turn back ok?' Connor had taken charge while Lag composed himself. Nelli looked at him with joy in her eyes she would get to leave Kyrie and go on an adventure with her friends. She jumped on Connor squeezing him into a tight hug to show she was happy.

In the mountains they were on full alert, Niche was up on the tops on the ledges to look out, Connor and Gus were in front and Nelli was behind Lag so she was safe. They had walked for hours and found no caves of Mr. Dean's description.

'LAG! GAICHUU!' Niche screamed from overhead. She was right too; a Gaichuu Daikiri was hurdling towards them. Lag pulled out the Nocturne 12 and waited for Connor to lay his Shells. Niche was looking for its weak point and Gus was distracting it. They all had a job to do apart from Nelli. She stood behind Lag feeling like a dead weight to them, she wanted to help.

'Lag I'm ready!' Connor shouted over he was out of breath as usual. Lag looked for Niche. Just then Nelli ran towards the Daikiri head on. The Gaichuu lost focus on Gus and went straight for Nelli. It had grabbed her and already was taking her heart.

'NELLLI!' Lag fired rapidly at the Daikiri, weakening his heart down. He was too tired but he had to save Nelli. His Nell…

'Resonate! BURAUN!'

*Black out*

When Lag awoke Nelli was next to him. Connor was hovering over them both making sure not to hurt them.

'What happened?' Lag mumbled out sitting up and looking over Nelli.

'You used too much of your heart. Don't worry she is alright. Mr. Harold Dean here saved us.' Connor pointed out the young man wearing a black trench coat sitting on a nearby rock. He looked up slightly when he heard himself mentioned but remained sitting.

'Wait who? Mr. Harold Dean! The letters recipient!' Lag jumped up forgetting about Nelli and ran over to the man. 'Mr. Harold Dean this letter is for you please sign this please and-'

'I'm not signing for any letters. If you're alright I'm leaving now.' He stood up and turned towards the East. 'If you still need me I'm going there to Falass.' He pointed to the little cluster of houses in the distance. 'Goodbye then little Bee's.' He ran towards the corner of the mountain and went out of sight.

'Wait! The letter you need to…' Lag gave up it was futile to try now.

'Sorry Lag that was my fault.' Nelli was awake and crying again. She was worse than Lag!

'No Nelli it wasn't we can just go there and find him again. Can't we Connor?' Lag looked at Connor for back up.

'Yeah sure!' Connor said while munching on more cookies.

Niche was staring at the man from her spot on top of the mountain. But what she couldn't see was the smirk plastered across his face.

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