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100 Addresses

Chapter 5

Lag stood there in shock. He didn't want to think about his friends dying. But they were going to if he didn't do anything. Laurence still had a hold of Lag and Niche was still unconscious, the only way he was getting out of this is if he could struggle free. He looked at the so called Noir wondering how he could have forgotten him how would he have forgotten his life, his sister.

'What about Sylvette? Don't you remember your sister?' Lag pleaded.

'I've told you I don't know who you are.' Noir said looking annoyed.

Laurence was getting impatient and squeezed Lag tight until he struggled to breath, which caused Lag to scream out in pain.

'Now, now Lag. Let's have your pick or should I choose?' Laurence whispered.

Lag closed his eyes why couldn't he be like them unconscious, unknowing. He wished he never accepted the letter, wished he was with Niche somewhere safer than here. But no, he was here and he was a Bee who deliver letter no matter what.

'Me. I pick me.' Lag said shaking at the thought of dying.

'Well now isn't that noble but I'm sorry your too late.'

Lag looked up and Noir had Nelli in his arms by her collar. Lag started to thrash and kick at Laurence to get out of his hold. He wasn't letting Nelli die!

'No! Not Nelli! Don't touch her!' Lag wanted to cry. This was too much.

Noir held up the gun to her head and loaded it. Lag had kicked Laurence until he was exhausted and now all he could do was watch. All he had done was brought Nelli to her death. He closed his eyes tight shut, he didn't want to watch his friend die, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life either way but at least the last image he had of her was a smiling happy one.

'Resonate! BURAUN!'

A brown light flashed through Lags closed eyes and he heard shouts and guns being fired. He felt the wind getting knock out of him and then the warm sand of the floor. Lag opened his eyes and saw he was on the floor on his stomach, he knew a full-fledged shoot out was going on. Then he saw Nelli on the floor unharmed, Noir must have dropped her to shoot at the intruder. Lag tried to crawl over to her but something stopped him.

'Stay still kid or I'll shoot your girlfriend there!' Laurence shouted over the fire followed by a harsh stamp on Lags back.

Lag was frozen by the thought of him shooting Nelli and slightly annoyed that he'd said she was his girlfriend. Then someone dragged Nelli away. Lag shouted and wriggled under Laurence's foot causing him to lose balance. Once lag was free he darted up and to his Nocturne 12 then he searched through the gunfire and dust trail of sand for Nelli.

'Get the boy Noir!' Lag heard Laurence shout.

Noir was in front of Lag in an instant, he reached out to grab him but Lag ran. Running was his only option. He hoped he was fast enough to out run he old friend. Suddenly Lag was lurched to one side by an unknown hand into a nearby alleyway. Lag thrashed out and hit the unknown with the top of the Nocturne.

'OW! What was that for?!' Connor voice blurted out.

'Connor!' Lag hugged the boy in joy.

Connor shrugged out of the hug and looked out the end of the alley way.

'Niche and Gus are on the outskirts of the village, I told them to get Nelli on the way. Let's go.' Connor snuck through the alley beckoning Lag to follow.

By the time Lag and Connor got to the outskirts of the village they were exhausted. The gun shots had stopped and there wasn't a sound anywhere.

'How'd you wake up?' Lag asked while they sat on a nearby waggon for a hiding place.

'I woke up when they threw me on the floor. The impact must have woken me. Nelli was out cold though.'

'You were awake! Why didn't you help me?!' Lag was disappointed in Connor he had let him do everything on his own.

'I didn't know what was happening!' Connor exclaimed.

'Fine…Where's Niche and Gus?'

Lag had realised that they hadn't turned up yet and they had been here for a while now. But just as he had asked, Niche jumped onto the waggon behind them making both Bees jump.

'Niche can't find Boyish girl!' Niche announced.

'What?!' Lag and Connor said in synch.

'Boyish girl isn't here we searched everywhere.' Niche sat down looking drained.

'It's okay Niche have a rest now.' Lag patted Niches head hoping it would make her feel better.

'Lag do you think they have her?' Connor whispered as not to wake Niche and Gus.

'I hope not.'

Lag couldn't think straight, why would they want Nelli? Why couldn't Gauche remember? It was all too confusing. Lag thought the events over remembering every word that was said, replaying every over and analysing every move made.

'Connor I've got it!' Lag shouted excitedly.

'What?' The chubby Bee looked up from his pizza.

'They don't want Nelli they want me. They refused to kill me, they only wanted all you guys dead.'

'That makes no sense explain, but slowly.' Connor sat close to Lag and beckoned for him to start.

'Well, who brought us here? Mr. Harold Dean. Why would someone randomly protect us then run off? Because they don't want me hurt. I was exhausted and almost certain to end up Gaichuu food. That's why he killed the Gaichuu instead of just saving me.

But then he pointed us here, to where Laurence was. This was to get rid of my friends so I was alone. Then again someone saved us randomly and they've gone now as well. See yet? It's Mr. Harold Dean he wants us to do something but I don't know what yet. I know this because the second time, the man said Buraun just like Mr. Harold Dean and you told me every bodies spirit amber is a different colour.

What do you think he wants us to do?'

When Lag had finished Connor sat silent staring at the artificial sun. Then he looked and his white haired friend.

'Maybe he wants change. You know not everyone likes the government. Maybe he wants to use you for that?' Connor looked at Lag wishing he was wrong.

'What? Sorry I…erm…yeah.' Lag looked at Connor wishing he heard what he had said.

'Nothing, Lag.' Connor looked at Lag feeling sorry for him; he should have helped him when he got the chance.

'Come on we'll have to follow them to get Nels back. We'll use the wagon. Go find a horse, will you?' Lag had jumped up and started sorting things out on the wagon.

Connor stood up and nodded and the busy boy. He looked up at the sun once more and wished he knew his idea was wrong. But lag was right they had to get Nelli back first.

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