No one wanted him. No one wanted her. It was perfect.

When he walked down the hall people don't look at him. It's not that they hated him; they didn't care enough about him.

When she walked down the hall, she thought everyone was looking at her. But no one cared about her enough to even glance her way.

It all started when they were in an empty classroom together, waiting for Conspiracy Club to start. Wyatt had set out the cookies and Natalie was preparing the incriminating photos that displayed unexplainable creatures.

"I heard a rumor," she started. "You lost a girl to Gus."

Wyatt shook his shoulders, physically trying to let the comment roll off his back. He turned in her direction and offered the girl a fake smile.

"I heard a rumor too. No one likes you," Wyatt said.

Natalie's smiled faded gradually and she moved her body away from Wyatt's line of vision. The thought had crossed his mind that maybe he went a bit far. But hey, she brought up Roxanne. NO ONE brings up Roxanne. He thought that was an unspoken rule in Daventry Hills. She went back to the land of exotic Canadians and he was fine with that. She didn't want him anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Natalie crossed the length of the room and tried to avoid Wyatt's gaze; while still letting him know that she was hurt by what he said.

Wyatt, being so wonderful at human communication, stuck his foot in his mouth when he tried to mend things.

"Maybe people would like you more if you weren't in their faces all the time," he told her.

Natalie shook her head and turned. "Maybe people would like you more if you weren't an ass."

Wyatt shrugged. He wouldn't dare admit that maybe she was right.

There was an awkward silence when Natalie looked at Wyatt and tried to discreetly make sure her braces were clean and didn't have anything stuck in them. She walked to him; a little thought got stuck in her head that wouldn't go away.

"It seems like no one likes either of us," Natalie whispered, inching closer to him.

"Uh…." Wyatt murmured, unsure of what was happening.

A little voice in his head said run away, she wants you… but another voice said stay right here; she wants you.

"What do you think of that?" Natalie asked, spitting on him a little bit.

"I think that two halves make a whole," Wyatt said tentatively.

Natalie sighed and tugged on her jacket. Out of habit, she picked her braces again. Another reason why guys kind of find her repulsive. That and the spitting. And the lisp. And the nagging. And a whole bunch of other stuff too.

"I don't really understand where you're coming from," Natalie said, getting a little angry.

Did he get what she meant?

"Okay," was all he had said.

She crossed her arms and he gave her an awkward thumbs up and a nerdy giggle.

"Kiss me, Wyatt," she whispered. "No one else ever will."

So he did. Wyatt leaned in, ever so slowly, and kissed Natalie.

For some reason, he didn't really want to stop. Maybe because he knew no one would kiss him either. Maybe it was because he felt sorry for her. Or maybe, just maybe, they were perfect for each other.

No one wanted him. No one wanted her. It was perfect.

a/n: Just something a little different I wanted to try. I'm not sure how I feel about Natalie/Wyatt actually, but I think it could work. Thanks for reading and review please! 3