A/N:Okay guys this is my first story, and i'm actually really nervouse, so basically the reason i say "HE" instead of the actual name is beacause this "person" will be reavled in the later chapters, and also the reason she doesn't call this person "dad" is beacause her past caused her to not get to attached to people she cares about. sorry im rambling anyways i hope you enjoy this story :)

"I'll keep you my dirty little secret…" rang from Avas phone alarm telling her it's time to wake up, she searched for her phone without lifting her head, she took her time finding trying to listen to as much of the song she can. Finally she grasped her phone and pressed "stop" while finally rising herself to get dressed. While searching through her closet she heard her dad call from downstairs "Ava, are you up?""Yeah I'll be down in a minute!" Ava replied searching through her collection of clothes. She smiled, this guy wasn't her dad, but he did raise her like she was his own, he looked like her dad, it was a really long and traumatizing story but he, HE makes everything all right. "Well hurry up please, I have to go to work and if I'm late again my boss will feed to the rats, and I want to at least see you before I go!" her "Dad" said bringing her back from her memories. She laughed; He always said that every time he was running late, she mumbled to herself "what kind of boss feeds their employees to the rats." After getting dressed she looked in the mirror, she wore black shorts with white lace tights underneath and a black dolman top with a Cheshire cat on it that her mom bought her at hot topic a long time ago before she died, along with black high heeled boots that go up to her ankle, she smiled down at her outfit she looked like those girls from tumblr, her smile faded when she looked at her hair, her hair was dark chocolate brown and really REALLY curly, they weren't tight curls, in fact they were quite loose, but her hair was so thick and full of volume it was hard to tame all she did everyday was brush it and tease it a bit then tasseled her curls a bit to give it that rebel look, it was somewhat easy to take care of, but only because it was about shoulder length. She frowned and mumbled to herself she played with her hair a bit; soon she gave up and went down stairs frowning. He was always so happy and hard working, today he was wearing a light blue polo shirt with tan khakis', his hair was messier then normal, she liked it like that. "Hey Ava," He said turning around, he noticed Avas facial expression and crouched to her eye level. "What's wrong?" he said. Ava looked down, and said quietly "Why do you put up with me sir?" Ava said looking at the guy in front of her. She smiled at her, "Because you deserve better than what you were given." He played with Ava's hair for a little bit. "I love you like you are my own daughter." Ava smiled then hugged Him tight not wanting to let go. It seemed like only seconds went by when his watch started beeping. "Oh shit I have to go, bye Ava" he said as he let go of her embrace. "Can I come this time? Please, you've been working at this place for a month and I don't even know the name of this place, please?" she pleaded. "No Ava, this place is not for a fourteen year old like yourself." He replied almost immediately. "But! Maybe I could get a job there and we could work together! I mean you started working when you were fourteen why can't I?" Ava replied proving a point. "Yes but you wouldn't like it where I work, it's so boring and routine, look I have to get going I love you kiddo"He said while giving one last hug before rushing out the door. Ava waited until he was really gone before giving a half hearted evil smile, she's smarter than He thinks. She was able to steal one of the business cards from his coat pocket before he left. She looked at it; it had a purple radio and under said "My Music" with the company's phone number and address. "Hmm, My Music, that doesn't seem so boring, lets see what you have to offer." She thought aloud before grabbing her buss pass and heading out the door.

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