"Sensei, we would like to try something." Itachi said. The teacher looked down at Deidara and Itachi, who looked very serious. "What do you want?" "School transfer." The teacher cocked an eyebrow. Deidara nodded. "To test a theory we have." "Explain, boys." Itachi and Deidara blushed. "Well, we want to see what would happen if a boy passed off as a girl and tried to get a boyfriend." Itachi explained. "We are going to transfer schools crossdressing for a few months and see what would happen." Deidara continued. The teacher nodded. "It could work." He mumbled. He looked at the boys head-to-toe. 'They could easily pass off as girls.' He thought. 'They both have their hair grown out to their backs, Deidara always seems to be wearing eyeliner…What's with Itachi's eyelashes? They're long as hell…They're both really small for their age…' "Okay," The teacher started. "You can do it." "YAAAY!" They yelled. "But I expect a report when you get back." They nodded. "Deal."

A few months later

The new girls walked down the hall side-by-side. "Hopefully this works." The blonde one said. "If it doesn't this will be extremely awkward." Said the raven-head. Deidara was wearing a sleeveless hoodie and a jean skirt that went down to "her" knees. Itachi was wearing grey skinny jeans and a long-sleeve with a graphic tank top over it. Both had fake breasts. All of a sudden, a kid with his silver hair slicked back appeared in front of Deidara. "Hey cutie!" He said. "Kyaaa!" Deidara screamed as (s)he jumped back. "Ho-HOLY SHIT! You scared the hell out of me!" "Oh, sorry!" the guy said. "I guess I should have been more approachable. "It's fine." Itachi said. "May I ask your name?" "The fuuck? What the hell does that even mean?" "Your name! She wants to know your name!" "Well sorry I am not fond with old English, blondie!" "My name's Deidara, not blondie!" "Okay, sensitive, much?" Itachi rolled her eyes. "Let's not bother with the likes of this guy." She mumbled. Deidara nodded.

The bell then rang for school to start. "I have biology. What do you have?" Itachi asked. "Math. See you at lunch!" Deidara said, running down the hall. Deidara sat down next to a boy with orange hair and a few piercings in his ears. "Hi! My name is Deidara! What's your name?" The boy looked at (her) with a closer look, Deidara noticed his eyes were ringed. 'Okay, that's a bit strange.' She thought. "Pein. And you, new girl?" "My name is Deidara. Nice to meet you!" Deidara gave him a friendly smile. "Good to meet you too." He said, turning to face the teacher, who was starting class. Deidara gave him a friendly smile and turned to face the teacher as well.

'If I'm going to do this, I might as well enjoy myself.' Itachi thought, as she chose her seat. A kid with blue skin and spiked up indigo blue hair leaned over Itachi's desk. "Hi, my name is Kisame! And you?" "I'm Itachi…" she mumbled shyly, curling her hair on her finger. "You're really cute. Hey, are you free after school?" Itachi blushed. 'immediately, Deidara and I get noticed by a guy with silver hair. Thus, in class, I am asked out by a guy named Kisame and first notice.' Itachi thought for the paper. "Sure, wanna go get some ice cream or something?" "Yeah, that sounds great!" Kisame replied. 'Bingo.'

The class period passed by rather quickly. Pein and Deidara didn't talk after meeting, and Itachi had won herself a date. The bell rang for five-minute passing period. "Guess who has a daaate!" Itachi sung.

"Fuck you." Deidara grunted. "These boobs are killing me."
"I haven't had a problem with them."
"That's because your sister forced you to crossdress to introduce you to her friends."
"Then she died!"
Deidara stared at her best friend. "The things you say, I swear…" Itachi smiled, putting her hands in the pockets of her skinny jeans. "I have to admit, I'm pretty damn amusing, though!" Deidara rolled her eyes. "That's what you say. But what about the rest of us?" Itachi shrugged.