Deidara and Itachi shared social studies together. "Okay, students," The teacher said. "Thanks to extra funding, we can go on a camping trip as a school! Suprise!" The class cheered. "Hmmm this should be interesting..." Itachi whispered. "Now let me chose your bunk mate. Boys are mixed with girls, for your information." "Even better." Deidara whispered back.

"Ume, Hoshiko.
Takako, Itachi.
Arata, Hanako.
Deidara, Hidan.
Nobu, Shinobu.
Nana, Masuyo.
Katsuo, Shiori."

"This is the first time I realized how small our class is." Deidara mumbled. "Yeah." Itachi replied. "I Wanna me your bunkmate. Somehow, the name rings a bell." "Find your partners, class!" Everyone shuffled around the room. Deidara wasn't paying attention to where she was going and slammed into someone. "Oooow! Watch the fuck where you're going!" The person yelled. 'Oh, SHIT.' Deidara thought. "Um, excuse me, I'm looking for Hidan." She said, standing up. "You're looking at that sexy beast." The silver-haired guy said. "Goddammit, are you fucking kidding me?!" She yelled. "I'm stuck with THIS bastard?!"