Briar: So I decided to write a fun story. I read a few were Ichi is a baby and I thought it'd be fun to try a comedy.

Ichigo: So I'm not getting screwed?

Briar: Nope.

Ichigo:Horray!Wait what Ba-

Briar: On with the new fict.

Ichigo stood in the sands. With Grimmjow placing him down. The fight was over, the blue haired espada breathing in an out. Slowly he returned back to his original form. Ichigo figured that Grimmjow was not purified since the espada had not been turned to spiritual particals that would make its way to soul society. Instead Ichigo felt like he was becoming woozy. His world became dizzy and he noticed fumes that were being emitted from Grimmjow's body. The sound of blood pounding in his head made what should have been loud screamed of Orihime screaming his name very quiet. Looking down, Ichigo noticed Grimmjow was also confused as well. There had to be something wrong. Falling to the sands Ichigo laid beside Grimmjow. Panting try to stay conscious. There was a foot next to him and Ichigo noticed it was sandles from the arrancar attire and not soul reapers. Tilting his head up, Ichigo could barely make out the form of the thin man staring down at him. A psychotic grin on his face that clearly mirrored his inner hollow. The man leaned forward. Revealing pink hair. What a pansy. Ichigo also noticed a vial placed in the mans hand and before Ichigo new anything he was injected with something. Too exhausted to scream Ichigo could only close his eyes as he fell into subconciousness.

Grimmjow when awoken due to being held don by that annoying tramp a.k.a Orihime he noticed something off. Where was Kurosaki Ichigo? Looking around Grimmjow noticed Szayel aparro and his fraccion cartying a body off towards his lab. Did that mean his fight was over? Hell no! Kuosaki was his prey and his prey alone.

"Let me out!" snarled Grimmjow.

"I would advise you not move," ordered a monotonous voice.

"Ulquiorra," seethed Grimmjow.

"Sit down and be happy I do not kill you on the spot," spoke Ulquiorra," Lord Aizen says our plan is a success in capturing Kurosaki. There is no need to be vexed for he is now on our side wheather he likes it or not. The woman is not of use so much but we are to keep her as well. So like I said previosuly. Do not move, Grimmjow."

Half tempted to repeat the last part in a mocking tone, Grimmjow settled with allowing the tramp to heal his wounds that Kurosaki managed to give him. Once finished Ulquiorra had he and the woman follow him towards the meeting room where there would be a meeting. The girl would be placed in a new room since Loly, as well as Grimmjow, though no one knew about the last part, destroyed the room. Moving forward the walk was silent. The girl had no need to speak and Ulquiorra barely spoke as is. Grimmjow could only smirk as he passed the rubble that was caused by his and Kurosaki's destruction. Arrancars didn't really inhabit that part of Las noches anyway so Aizen couldn't get too mad at it. Harribel was far enough that he and her fraccion couldn't bitch either.

The walk seemed to drag on and on though. Seriously why couldn't they just use sonido? Or were they walking since the other espada had to drive out the other soul reapers. It made sense since they were a nuisance and if Kurosaki's spiritual pressure deplenished enough they would assume he was dead and realize they were no match for Aizen's ranks since Kurosaki was one of their most powerful members. Using his pesquisca Grimmjow noticed that there were few to no shinigami left and the ones that were were headed towards the garganta. It made Grimmkow curious as to how one was made since soul reapers did not have such a power. Only ones like Tousen, Gin and Aizen were capiable of such due to the fact that they had gained hollow powers.

"Grimmjow you will head to the meeting room already while I take the woman to her new room," informed Ulquiorra," you must do as ordered or else."

"Chu," sneered Grimmjow," what ever."

Using sonido Grimmjow made it to the meeting room in record time. A few espada already present. Harribel, Baragan, and Stark were there. Nnoitra was probably chasing some soul reaper trying to fight, Szayel collecting certain objects from his lab checking to see if anyone infiltrated it, Yammy eating and they all knew Annerio and Zommari were dead. Sitting in his regular spot, Grimmjow rested his elbows on the table. The espada were quiet note saying much. That was until Nnoitra opened the door loudly with a spartan kick and a piano grin on his face. He trudged forward, clothes shredded but didn't care. After him followed Szayel. Who ws caring something. Aizen had alredy joined, sitting on his thrown waiting for the noise to settle down.

"Ah Szayel please inform to me what you have," requested Aizen.

"Well this here would be Kurosaki Ichigo," informed Szayel," I had injected some fumes into Grimmjow, that if he were to be defeated would set off and attack the enemy. It had worked since he lost, which isn't a bad thing. The concotion also had an affect so I added a catalyst to speed up it's reactio rate. Now causing Kurosaki to turn into a infant. It is a marvolious plan since we can easily dispose of him."

"Fuck that!" yelled Grimmjow.

"Is there a problem my dear sexta?" asked Aizen.

"Yes," anwsered Grimmjow," that bastard stole my prey. Kurosaki Ichigo became my prey since you mentioned how strong he was. Then once Ulquiorra gave up he was mine to persue! Szayel has no right killing him."

"So you will do such?" asked Aizen.

"Hell no," anwsered Grimmjow.

"Are these your parental instincts coming out?" questioned Aizen.

"Tch," sneered Grimmjow," no. I have honor and killing Kurosaki as an infant isn't a fun way to fight, I want him at maximum level and by not having the influence of soul reapers and being here will make him stronger or else he will die."

"Interesting theory," said Aizen," I-"

Aizen was interrupted by more smoke appearing and Szayel began to say it wasn't his fault, that his potion wasn't suppose to do that. After it cleared there stood a pale version of Kurosaki. Grinning madly and cackling as he edge forward towards Szayel. Looking at the bundle in the espada's hands his grin grew tenfold.

"I see my King is weak,' stated the hollow with a grin," I guess I'll have to take him."

Since Szayel was sitting beside Grimmjow, Grimmjow snarled taking the infant Kurosaki and snarled at the hollow.

"I already said he's my fuckin' prey. Back off!"

The hollow moved forward but stopped once he somehow managed to shift forms and he too took on an infant form. If not for Grimmjow's cat like reflexes, not that he would admit his adhujcha level had effected him that much, Grimmjow caught the young thing. The two, looking like twins seemed to be at around six months old. Kurosaki had stirred away and sat there. Noticing the pale copy and began to squirm away.

"Oi!" Grimmjow called out," stop acting like a wuss he ain't gonna bite!"

Too late, the pale copy had a few teeth and managed to sink them into the young Kurosaki causing him to cry out in pain. Moving his other arm away Kurosaki became quiet at the distance. Even as a babe he knew to fear his inner demon. And since the brat couldn't get Kurosaki he tried biting the hell out of Grimmjow. Failing and only leaving indents since his hierro was strong enough to not be pentrated. AIzen only stared at the scene.

"So Szayel I assume you will take care of these infants," said Aizen.

"No," denied Grimmjow.

"Why not?" asked Aizen.

"Stark is too lazy," began Grimmjow," though strong I won't get Kurosaki to his maximum strength with that lazy olf. Baragan is too royal, so again it's a problem. That little shit always thinks he's better than me. Being raised as royalty ain't gonna help. Ulquiorra is a emotionless bastard. No fun fighting someone without any emotions to make it more interesting. Nnoitra is to rash and arrogant. Damn annoying saying he's the strongest even though he's quinto. Szayel is a fuckin' basketcase with his insanity and too smart. Yammy is a glutton. I'm more close in personailty to Kurosaki. That is unless Harribel wants ta play house with me."

"In your dreams Grimmjow," said Harribel," I would enjoy raising him but I will not be playing your mate. It is unbefitting since you are weaker than me."

"Ouch," replied Grimmjow sarcastically.

"Though it is insulting, Grimmjow does seem correct," admitted Szayel," if you look at them the two are similar."

"I also noticed the damn inner hollow of Ichigo's is damn strong. Now if we can get the two to get along, act like real brothers and convert them to our side we have a truimph card in the war. Soul Society looses since we have their strongest soldier," stated Grimmjow.

"Why Grimmjow I never knew you knew how to think," said Szayel.

Placing the hollow kid on his lap Grimmjow now had a free hand and formed a fist, causing Szayel to fly over the table and slam straight into Barragon's lap resulting in him smashing Szayel's head up against the stone table before throwing the pansy into the wall causing Nnoitra to laugh. There was also another laugh that echoed throughout the room. Looking down Grimmjow noticed that the pale one was laughing and pointing at where Szayel now laid. A big chunk of wall laying on his head.

"I'll..Get you for that Grimmjow," Szayel vowed.

"Had it coming," muttered Grimmjow.

"Well you can all go back to your barracks. If an enemy comes then you may take your battle stations," declared Aizen," Grimmjow you will not since you decided to take care of the kurosaki twins. See Szayel after this meeting is dismissed. You may all leave now."

Grimmjow's jaw droped at not being able to fight. This had to be some kind of punishment for attacking Szayel. He, the one who represented destruction, not allowed to fight? That was unjustified. How could he. Yet after his inner complaining Grimmjow followed Szayel to his lab, where many books were stored as well as chemicals. Before they left Aizen had told Szayel if he were to attack or get revenge on Grimmjow involving the Kurosaki twin's or Grimmjow himself it would be a painful reminder as to why Aizen was their leader. Aizen was not a force to be triffled with and it cause Grimmjow to shudder at the punishments that could be handed out...Like eight hours of chappy the rabbit, ugh the horror. Even worse is when your forced to drink liquids and have to pee during the middle of it. Yes, they were techicanlly dead beings but that didn't mean that they didn't have to take a crap or piss every now and then. Aizen often forced that crappy green tea down their throats. Grimmjow missed drinking soda or even juice or coffee! Aizen had forbeid it after a certain fraccion had around twelve cups coffee and went AWOL. Fucker ruined the best thing in the world.

Listening to Szayel talk was boring and Grimmjow almost tunned him out but refrained from doing so. Szayel said he was at the age where he could eat something known as baby food which was squished up or puread food. It seemed nasty at some of the food the humans coiuld eat. He was also nformed they still needed to drink milk. Formula to be exact since regualr milk would upset their stomache's. Since one was a hollow it made Grimmjow wonder if he ate hollows? But he didn't seem to be a vasto lorde so Grimmjow assumed it was some major evolved arrancar. He was the mirrored image of Ichigo. Szayel then said both would be on the same diet. He would concot a milk formula for the children containing similar enzymes to a mother. It wouldn't be as great but still hold the nutrients a babhy would need. Afterwards Szayel handed Grimmjow a cloth.

"What's that?" asked Grimmjow.

"It would be know as a diaper in a sense," informed Szayel," it is for when a child disposes of their waste. You may have a few of these but eventually they will need to be washed since a child will not be healthy if staying in dirtied clothing."

"Oh fucker!" snarled Grimmjow," is that the waste yer speaking of? Fucking find some serum to age them quicker. I am not going through this faze."

"Is Grimmjow scared of changing a dirty kid?" asked Szayel.

"Fuck no but this is the worst thing I've smelt since I saw a few rotting corpses that were left there for ! Why the fuck did no one eat it before?"

Szayel sighed but shok his head," I will just get the opposite ingredients. It will take no longer than a few minutes. Go to where my bathroom is and clean them off. Give them a bath. Afterwards drain the water and dry them. If they are wet this will not work on them. Afterwards just give him one of my uniforms or something. The potion should cause him to be at an age where he will be able to use a toilet all on his own, I hope."

"So how does it work? The potion?"

"Well it will get him to age to about a toddler stage. Afterwards his reitsu will slowly age him. Increasing. The more we train him the quicker an adult he will become. Since the potion I used on him first turned him to one stage of life the serum will give him another. Since reitsu is what helps him burn out the potion he will heal. He will have both memmories once he is old enough to have burned it all out. Though how we treat him is critical. If we treat him with love and care like a real family he will not see us as monsters and may reconsider killing us all for Ichigo is a protector. He priotects his loved ones and if he grows to love us we will take precedence over his precious friends."

Grimmjow grinned," Really? So to speak if they liked me the most and even though I'm his rival he would be confused and protect me if one of those captains tried to attack me?"

"Probably," anwsered Szayel," but that is if you do a good job. If not he'll try to kick your ass even worse."

"So his original memories only come back when he's back to what?" asked Grimmjow.

"Lord Aizen has informed that the boy is about fifteen," relplied Szayel.

Grimmjow's jaw dropped," He's that young?"

Szayel nodded his head,"He is after all a substitute soul reaper so it would make sense for him to be young."

"Hmm I thought he was full fledge since he has vast power," mused Grimmjow.

"Stop thinking and go bathe them," ordered Szayel.

Again Grimmjow was tempted to repeat what Szayel had said but in a mocking tone. Heading towards the bathroom, Grimmjow had some recollection of his human life. He had at one point a wife ad children, but they were murdered and Grimmjow had tried to fight but he was shot and died. Turning into a hollow. He regreted everything and stayed as a spirit for a while before becoming a hollow of his own. So he kind of remembered what to do with kids. Standing in the bathroom, Grimmjow kneeled down and removed the children from their heat source causing them to whine. Taking some toilet paper, Grimmjow used warm water and realized it was the pale one who stunk. Of course, he was going to be the worst. Trying to breath through his mouth Grimmjow began to wipe away the waste. It took a few more sheets and afterwards Grimmjow used a bala on the uniform since it stunk and burning it seemed the best since it disinigrated. Then he picked the two up, placing them in the tub and putting in the plug. Kurosaki didn't like the cold tub but as soon as warm water began to fill in he began to smile widely throwing Grimmjow off. He had no idea Kurosaki could look so...Happy. The kid usually looked arrogant, or scowled. Not smile. Grimmjow figured it must be because he was a baby instead of a teenager. Sighing Grimmjow noticed the water was deep enough and turned off the water.

While doing so Grimmjow was preoccupied and the pale Ichigo decided it would be best to attack. Taking water in his hand he began to splay and hit Grimmjow causing him to jump from shock. Turning around he saw that maniac grin on the pale Ichigo and he growled. The other growled back and threw more water at it but Grimmjow was quick to cover his arm and after lowered it only to get water in his face. Mouth open like a fish out of water Grimmjow started at the smiling jovial chid who was smiling brightly. Damn, Kurosaki followed the other one's experience and thought it fun.

"P-Pway Pway!" chanted the Kurosaki.

Grimmjow shook his head but began to wash the brats. It was quick to bath Kurosaki he was compliant and docile about it. Yet the other one made a fuss. Scratching bitting and hitting Grimmjow to assure he not get cleaned. Glaring at the kid Grimmjow was pleased once he was properly bathed and began to drain the tub. Placing them down on a matt in front of the toilet the Grimmjow got a towel. Kurosaki whimpered at the cold air touching his skin but Grimmjow ignored it.

"Is it okay if his hair is a little damp?" Grimmjow asked.

"Sure!" Szayel called back," just make sure it isn't dripping wet."

Running the orange locks through the towel, after a few minutes Grimmjow decided it was dry enough. It was slightly damp and he began to dry off the other parts of Kurosaki. Surprisingly the white one didn't put up much of a fuss. Instead he just sat there like a good kid. Grimmjow snorted, yeah, him good. As if, that was like saying Grimmjow would join the soul reapers. Not God damn likely.

After Kurosaki was dried off completely Grimmjow wrapped him up in the towel. Placing him on the tile floor and then moved to the pale one but was interupted.

"Yook yook!" Kurosaki pointed out.

Doing so Grimmjow saw nothing at the door and turned back only to be splashed once again. Grimmjow realized this was not tap water. Almost gagging he was splashed once again. Glaring at the laughing child Grimmjow pulled him away from the toilet and closer to him. He was going to need a bath once this was all over. Sighing he began to use another towel to scrub down the little devil. Using a little more force than normal to teach the brat a lesson. Yet he didn't cry or anything. Drying them didn't take much longer so once finished Grimmjow called Szayel over. He came at his own pace and had finished the potion. Holding arious clothes with different shapes and sizes for they didn't know what age they would be after the potion worked.

Removing the towels from the two, Szayel began to place the vile over their head, dropping the liquid inside over the twins heads. Grimmjow watched as the liquid was absorbed into their skin. After a few seconds the potion took effect. The twins crying out in pain. Kurosaki actually crying tears.

"What the fuck did you do to them?" asked an inraged Grimmjow.

"Calm down," said Szayel," they are growing and aging faster of course it is going to hurt. When human children go into something known as a growth spurt their bones often have aches and pains preparing their body for the change. It won't hurt for much longer. Look see."

Grimmjow turned anod noticed that the two had stopped being noisy. Kurosaki settled with quiet whimpering now and the white one just glared at Szayel, most likely wanting to test out his new set of teeth on the pink haired man. It wouldn't surprise him if they did. Szayel commented how they seemed to being around the age of two years old now and that they would no longer require baby formula. Regualr food would work. Grimmjow had found a shit that would fit them both, It made it to their knees and Szayel and altered a pair of Lilynette's pants creating a pair of underwear that would do for now. Grimmjow was told Szayel would see a tailor since he already had the measurments for the twins by looking at them. Grimmjow decided now was a good time to leave. Since Szayel wanted revenge on him, best to get out now then later. Before leaving Szayel said he would dispose of the soul reaper uniform. nodding his head Grimmjow left. Eventually his powers would unlock again, right now they were dormant but Grimmjow could feel imense spiritual pressure from the two. Not like when he was a teen, it was stronger then that Orihime girl though.

While holding the twins Grimmjow thought if he could love them back. He almost shuddered at the thought. Love wasn't his thing. He remembered his life as a human,a little bit. He had a wife and family. They had been murdered by a thief, Grimmjow died protecting them and he became a ghost. Staying around his home, moping. Watching as new people entered his home. Evnetually he turned into a bent on gaining more he love the kurosaki twins? He had no idea. He had emotions but he just wanted to keep them for fighting. Yup, that was all he needed them for. If he managed to have them love him it was a plus and maybe Aizen would stop hounding his ass for being so destructive. Not his fault.

"Hungwy," said a voice.

Looking down Grimmjow realized it was Kurosaki that had spoken. It made sense if he was hunger. Apparentoy in rukongai if souls were hungry it meant they had some spiritual pressure. Since Kurosaki had a lot for his age it only made sense for him to be hungry.

"Be patient I'm heading to the kitchen anyways," Grimmjow told him.

Kurosaki managed to wrap his arms around Grimmjow's neck, Grimmjow ignored it not minding him doing such even though it was strange. If it were the other one Grimmjow would be more concerned. He knew he had to make it look like he loved both, because then the pale one wouldn't have Kurosaki turn on him. If that happened Grimmjow was in for a world of hurt.

The kitchen wasn't too far off from Szayel's lab. Walking around a few corners he entered the room. Sitting down, Grimmjow noticed Harribel's fraccion looking at the children in his lap. Apache was the first to come forward, taking the pale one from his lap. Grimmjow snarled and almost lunged forward, but remembered how defensive Harribel was over her fraccion. Sitting down Grimmjow noticed all the others eyes were trained on him. Sneering he went back to looking at Kurosaki who was sucking his thumb, content as could be.

"Does he have a name?" asked Apache looking at the white one.

Grimmjow shook his head.

"He needs a name," Gin pointed out.

"Shiro," stated Grimmjow and then noticed all the looks he got," it's cause he's the pale copy and Shiro means white."

Everyone went back to eating. Shiro looked at Apache and thne reached out touching her flat chest. Apache screamed and dropped him, but Grimmjow caught him glaring at the idiot woman.

"He's an infant he didn't do it in a perverted way," stated Grimmjow.

Apache reached for Shiro again but Grimmjow moved him away from her reach.

"I'll be careful this time," said Apache.

Looking warily at her, Grimmjow ended up handing Apache Shiro. He really was a trouble maker. Tugging her hair and hitting her face and even grabbing her horn. It was like Shiro was trying to break her. The thing that almost, made her drop him was when he sunk his teeth into her. Grimmjow noticed and took him back. After doing such one of the arrancars came in handing him three plates of food. One for himself and one each for the twins. In front of Grimmjow's plate was a steak with mash potatoes and brocoli. The only time they could have coffee, juice and other things that were banned but only when a responsilbe arrancar had it. The ones who cooked were too weak to be fraccion. So the one in charge of coffee was one who thought of it as disgusting. It was a woman. She would treat those who would not eat like children. So when she saw the children she cooed over them. How she became an arrancar was unknown but she must have had some reason to get strong.

The twins had on their plate chicken cut up in little slices with garlic bread, peas and carrots. They had milk as well, which must have been what Szayel had made. Grimmjow didn't think having the children eat would be a hassel. Oh how he was wrong.

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