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The month had passed. After hearing from Shiro, Ichigo's spirits lifted more and more everyday. Dodging his father's attacks and hitting him back in retaliation. However, he was not allowed to go hollow hunting. A rule of Toshiro's since he thought after Ichigo's good mood that he was planning on going through one of the hollows portals. That wasn't how it was. Ichigo still couldn't contact Shiro but he knew he would escape.

During his second week of house arrest Ichigo would spend more time with the twins. Asking them how school was. Bringing up a conversation with them startling them. Karin even hitting him to make sure that it was Ichigo there and not Kon. Yuzu had smiled and cried in happiness to see Ichigo return to his normal self. Glad to see that the brother she grew up with was back instead of the walking zombie that had hung around. When she asked about Shiro and Grimmjow she even noticed that Ichigo didn't flinch or had sadness in his eyes. It was a shocking turn of events and she held a feast. Renji being ever so grateful since he ate like an army of men. Toshiro had been thankful as was everyone else. Each soul reaper guard enjoying the meal.

Even their father laid off on the attacks making Yuzu more at peace. Not liking how at first her father had to make up for the time Ichigo was missing. So she decided she'd make cakes as a surprise. Giving Ichigo his favorite and even asking the soul reapers what they liked.

With Ichigo's recovery Yuzu noticed that his friends came around more. His human friends. They had been taking care of the hollow hunting for Ichigo and were glad to see that he was better. Yuzu inviting them for dinner making it more like a party with the amount of house occupants rather than a dinner. Everyone eating in the living room rather than the dinning room.

It warmed Yuzu's heart. Knowing her brother was getting better even though she knew how close he must have been to Shiro. Knowing that if she were to loose Karin she would never be the same. Not fully being able to understand ow her brother felt either. Yuzu knew that Ichigo and Shiro had a closer linkage. The two telepathic due to the hollow soul reaper relationship. How they had grown up together as well in hueco mundo. She wished she could bring Shiro back. Even though Ichigo was starting to get better. Then things would be back to normal with an extra addition or two to the household.

Then there was the third week of being under house arrest. Ichigo was gaining more of his weight back that he had lost in the first week. Getting stronger. Ignoring his guests as they watched him doing push ups and sit ups. Ichigo managing to do one hundred push ups and sit ups ten times. Shocking them but Ichigo had been bored as hell. Not receiving so much homework and that his friends were doing the hollow hunting. Nothing major coming to town either. Surprisingly since the winter war was coming close.

So for the past week Ichigo was gaining muscle mass to make up for the ones he lost. Not able to even spar Renji in his human form but Soi Fon had been glad to offer. So when he wasn't doing push ups or sit ups Soi Fon would spar with him in the back yard. In their gigai's of course. Ichigo didn't have the same speed as she did but he had his reflexes and power.

Toshiro had been against it but Ichigo had claimed it harmless fun since he was in a gigai. It wasn't like Ichigo had zangetsu and Soi Fon Suzumibachi. They could only rely on hand to hand combat. Shuuhei was their referee. Each time deeming when the match would be over. Even though Yuzu had been concerned for Ichigo she cheered him on and unfortunately Isshin did as well. Having a air horn and confetti. Throwing them around. At one point one of the elderly neighbours came by and told Isshin to quiet down. Then Ichigo was scolded for fighting a woman. Ichigo thought Soi Fon would be insulted but she had a smug grin on her face. Yoroichi even came by since Isshin and Kisuke talked over the phone, placing bets on who would win. Ichigo was outraged when Yoroichi said his own father bet against him. So of course, being the man Ichigo was he was determined to win. Managing to pin Soi Fon. Embarrassing her in front of her hero. That helped Ichigo since his father have a large wager on Ichigo loosing to the captain of the stealth force.

Then there was Ichigo's final week. He had become restless. The soul reapers worrying but to cover it up Ichigo started drinking coffee. Blaming the caffeine for his jittery state. The soul reapers believed them since they had seen Hanataro on coffee once. The shy soul reaper becoming more talkative, energetic and shaky. It make him an easier target on his fellow members but they figured Ichigo was like that too. Just not as easy to scare.

So Ichigo would end up pacing in his room. Though when it got closer to the soul reapers leaving Ichigo managed to be more relaxed. Sleeping a little more. Claiming that it was the crash and burn from all the caffeine he had drank and the lack of sleep. Isshin being one to back Ichigo up as well. Shockingly, but it managed to get the soul reapers off his back.

With the week up the soul reapers were getting ready to leave. The collar being removed since it only blared an alarm if Ichigo tampered with it or anyone who might help him like his human friends or the outlaws of soul society. The only one who could remove it being Shuuehei, Toshiro and Soi Fon. Renji was not allowed since he was a friend of Ichigo. So with the collar removed Ichigo felt more liberated and happy. A senkaimon would open soon and Ichigo pulled Soi Fon aside. Intending to talk to her. She may try to hide it but Ichigo still sensed how she missed Ggio. So he would confront her. Now that he was free Ichigo could go to Hueco Mundo. Able to open and close a garganta before anyone could enter. So when he was alone with Soi Fon he could sense her unease. Most likely thinking Ichigo were up to something. Which was not a lie.

"You want to see Ggio," stated Ichigo," don't deny it. I can read people so you might as well as admit it. Might as well forget about your pride for this one time."

Soi Fon crossed her arms but nodded in agreement. A faint blush on her cheeks. Which lead to Ichigo's next question. If she would join him in Hueco Mundo to be with him. That causing the assassin's eyes to widen in shock. He could see her brain as it thought whether or not it was a good idea. So Ichigo gave her the reassurance she might want. Explaining how he was stronger than Aizen himself. How Soi Fon would be under Ggio's watch and that Ggio Vega was the fraccion to the second espada making him strong as well. No one could harm the mated. It was a hollow rule.

Also that if soul reapers even thought about trying to harm her Ichigo and the others would defend her. Knowing that this is where she belonged as well. Someone else could replace her. Soi Fon didn't need to worry about the work of being a captain. She now had a mate to relieve those tensions.

After a few minutes of silence Ichigo saw her head nod in agreement. Ichigo cheering internally. So since Soi Fon was already out of his gigai Ichigo popped out of his. Keeping his spiritual pressure at the same level. What he didn't expect was his father to enter the room as soon as he left his body. Mouth dropping and opening and closing Ichigo tried to form words but failed. That was the last person he expected to catch him.

"Go," insisted Isshin," my time as a parent to you is up. Spend time with Masaki and Grimmjow. You seemed happier there. You'll find away to keep yourself safe. Just...Try to visit after everything cools down okay."

Ichigo nodded his head. Thanking his father for allowing him to leave. Internally he was thanking every god out there that his father was not acting like a complete goof ball and making a scene that might alert the other soul reapers. Leaving the house in a hurry Ichigo made one pit stop. Entering Orihime Inoue's home.

Orihime was inside. Sitting at her coffee table in her living room. Pictures still on the shelf as well as stuffed animals Things hadn't changed since the last time Ichigo was in his house. Tatsuki wasn't there either so it made things simpler. Orihime was the only occupant. Drinking a cup of tea with some snacks out as what it looked like that she was studying for an upcoming test.

With his footsteps coming closer it caused Orihime to jolt in shock. Not noticing Ichigo nor expecting him to visit. So when he looked at her with a simple gaze that gave away what he was doing he saw her sad smile. Knowing Ichigo was going against what the soul reapers wanted. But when he offered her to come join him Ichigo was surprised that Orihime agreed. Never expecting her to want to visit the same place she was a prisoner to. Yet, Ichigo was grateful. Giving something Ulquiorra could look forward to. Ichigo owed him after all.

After all the trouble he had gone through. Ichigo owed all the espada. For taking care of him. Dealing with his childish self. Taking care of Shiro. He was so young and Ichigo knew Shiro was most likely unhappy. Worrying all of them, even about Ichigo. Unaware if he were alive or not.

So opening a garganta Ichigo knew the alarm bells in the research and development were blaring. Sounding that Ichigo was leaving the world of the living. Pushing Soi Fon and Orihime first Ichigo entered afterwards. Knowing he had to act quickly before any of his guards had figured out what was going on. He only had one chance to escape and he had to make it perfect.

Just as it was closing he saw Renji standing there in shock but Ichigo could only smile in happiness. He was going home. He didn't care what the soul reapers wanted. Ichigo would not fight this war. At one point telling them why it mattered where Ichigo was. How he was just a substitute soul reaper. They didn't need his help. So really him not fighting meant they didn't loose or gain an advantage. He had made up his mind that he wouldn't fight when he had forced Shiro to return to Hueco Mundo.

So as they moved on Ichigo took the lead. Telling Soi Fon to run beside him but Orihime to be behind him since he wanted to surprise Ulquiorra. Also having Orihime reign in her spiritual pressure. Making the surprise all the more better.

Ichigo had no idea where he would land in Las Noches but he hoped that it wouldn't be in a place too far from Grimmjow-oops a place that wouldn't be too far from his Daddy or even Shiro or Lauren.

The path wasn't too long. The garganta opening on the other side and when Ichigo came out he was shocked to see all the espada. He was in the meeting roo,. Looking around he saw each of their flabbergasted expressions. Gin even opening his eyes. Lauren and Shiro jumping up and grabbing him in a hug. Kissing them each on the head Ichigo told Shiro to sit down. Shiro did not do such a thing. Instead hugging Ichigo and not letting go. Bawling like a five year old and saying how he missed Ichigo and how happy he was to see him back. Ichigo's eyes softened and he too told Shiro how much he missed him as well as Lauren.

Turning to Lauren and asking for her to take Soi Fon to Ggio. Ichigo knew Aizen was giving him a disapproving look to Ichigo for bringing the stealth force captain but he turned to him speaking of how Soi Fon was loyal to Ggio now. Since Soi Fon would not listen to the other males as the month had passed in the world of the living. She had gone against Toshiro saying it was age that made her do so but in truth it was because that wasn't her alpha telling her what to do.

With the little tidbit of reassurance Ichigo turned to Ulquiorra gaining his attention. Moving aside Ichigo smiled when he saw those emerald orbs widen in surprise to see the ginger haired human standing beside Ichigo and moving forward towards Ulquiorra. The man seemed happy though he didn't show it. Oirhime had shown Ulquiorra where the heart laid giving him a chance to understand emotions more.

"Woman," gasped Ulquiorra.

"Ulquiorra-kun,"replied Orihime.

Orihime sat on Ulquiorra's lap. She was still in her school uniform. Ichigo casually went and took his place in-between Grimmjow and Shiro. Shiro's tears stopping for now as he sat in his seat holding on to his other half. Grimmjow and Masaki grinning to see the return of Ichigo. Aizen looking at Ichigo from the head of the table. A curious expression on his face.

"Why have you returned Kurosaki Ichigo?" asked Aizen.

"Well Aizen-sama it's because I didn't like it there in the world of the living," explained Ichigo," they don't trust me as it is. Placing a collar on me. I was unhappy there but they just wouldn't leave me alone. Plus I gave you one of the most dangerous assassins giving the soul reapers a disadvantage."

"But you are also giving captain Soi Fon a chance to exterminate my soldiers," Aizen pointed out dryly.

"She is loyal to Ggio," countered Ichigo," since she's his mate she has to listen to him. I'm sure Ggio told her not to kill anyone and she has to follow his orders. Hollow mating rules."

"I suppose you are correct," agreed Aizen and formed a smile," welcome back Kurosaki Ichigo."

"That's Jeagerjaque Ichigo," corrected Ichigo," Kurosaki Ichigo died when he defeated Grimmjow."

"Welcome back, Jeagerjaue Ichigo," repeated Aizen.

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