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"So, explain it one more time for me, Doctor," Rose asked as politely as she could considering the Doctor's current erratic mood, "Why are we here again?"

The Doctor, who was fiddling around with a bizarre, flashing device in his hands, took a while to answer her question. It was only after Rose emitted a small cough that he realised that he probably should reply.

"Funny sorts of readings," he muttered, "My timey-wimey detector, for the first time since I built it, has been making noises. And I made this thing when I was drunk for a bet. It isn't supposed to make noises. It's supposed to boil eggs."

Rose raised an eyebrow in disbelief. Sometimes she thought that he made half this stuff up- but then she noted the seriousness of his expression and realised that every single word was true. "Well, maybe your 'timey-wimey detector' has sensed some eggs. Speaking of eggs, I'm starving…"

The Doctor ignored Rose's hint, much to her disappointment. "It boils eggs, Rose, it doesn't sense them, otherwise we would've crash landed in a lot of supermarkets by now. And a lot of farms. And nests, too, I imagine." he flicked a switch on the side of the machine which made the whole thing glow orange. "No, as I've recently discovered –and by that, I mean ten seconds ago- my aptly named timey-wimey detector detects just that. Time."

Rose shot him a quizzical look. "What do you mean, it detects time? Why would you need to detect it? It's just not possible…"

"Well, not time exactly, more…" he paused for a second, scrunching his face in concentration. "Time displacement."

Rose narrowed her eyes at the Doctor's device. It really was a weird looking thing- it was made from lots of random objects that just seemed to fit together to make… Well, she wasn't sure what they made. All she knew was that it was making a lot of noise for something that was originally made to boil eggs.

"Time displacement?" Rose repeated, "I'm guessing that's not good."

"Not good, no… More horrifically terrible than you can imagine." he replied, not seeming to take his eyes off the detector.

"Right," Rose murmured to herself, not entirely encouraged by the Doctor's dismissive tone. She hated it when he was like this. "That sounds brilliant. Care to elaborate?"

The Doctor took a second to drag his attentions away from the detector and to Rose. "The timey-wimey detector picks up time displacement energy- the particles which are left over after someone has, well… Been displaced in time."

"You mean, like…" Rose began, "Sent back in time? Forwards? Anywhere they're not supposed to be?"

"Correctamundo!" the Doctor beamed at Rose, then frowned when he saw her amused yet disapproving look. "I definitley said that I wasn't going to say that again. Ah, well. I'm nine-hundred years old. It was bound to happen at some point."

Rose shook her head with a smile. "Anyway, how would they be able to do that? Because, judging by the buildings we've walked past, this century doesn't look quite ready for time travel."

"No, you're definitley right about that one. No century on Earth is ready for time travel- but especially not the mid nineteenth. But it says, right here, that the displacement energy is coming from…" he squinted and pointed northwards, "That direction. And the detector never lies. Well, I assume it never lies. I've never used it for energy detecting purposes before, but it was always truthful when it came to eggs."

The Doctor appeared to be pointing in the direction of a church. Rose couldn't see all that clearly because the sky above was already blackening as the sun began to set, and as it was the mid nineteenth century, no street lamps were out to guide the way.

But there was no denying that the silhouette just a few hundred metres or so ahead was definitley a church, surrounded by other rounder silhouettes- tombstones.

Oh great. A creepy looking stereotypical Gothic Victorian graveyard with spooky signals coming from it? There was something a bit too cliché about that.

"You are kidding me." Rose announced. She was familiar with horror and ghost stories- her and Shireen used to scare themselves stupid watching scary movies when they were kids. She couldn't sleep for weeks afterwards, but mum had always said that they didn't exist. And that got rid of the nightmares in the end; the ghosts and the graveyards were just stories. Not real.

But Rose sought no comfort in that theory anymore.

"Why would I be kidding?" the Doctor pointed back at the detector, "If anything, this is kidding. But it isn't. I can almost taste the energy…"

"Almost?" Rose queried, dubiously.

"Fine. I can't yet. But I can assure you, when we're up at that church, I'll be able to feel the irony tingle of time displacement." the Doctor opened up his palm, reckoning Rose to take it. "Come on!"

Rose still looked sceptical. "Are you sure about this?"

The Doctor grinned, wriggling his fingers. "Are you scared of a graveyard, Rose Tyler?"

"No!" she protested, a bit too loud and slightly too fast, "I mean… No. It's just a bit, well, conventional, isn't it? Spooky graveyard, spooky signs."

"Nah. Ignore conventional. Conventional's rubbish. Conventional is the one who is always there to spoil the party." he held out his hand further, "Are you coming then? I could always leave you here…"

Rose quickly gripped onto the Doctor's hand. "You must be joking if you're leaving me behind. Strange readings?" she raised an eyebrow with a grin, "You need somebody to keep an eye on you before you get too excited."

The Doctor laughed loudly, triggering Rose to laugh too. "That's my girl."

-Don't Blink-

As the pair reached the churchyard gates, Rose immediately wrapped her arms round herself. Maybe it was just the night drawing on and lowering the temperature, or maybe it was something else…

"Is it just me…" she whispered, "Or did it just go cold? I mean, seriously."

The Doctor's brow furrowed with confusion. "Probably just the energy. Blimey, there's so much of it here, this detector could go into override." he propped the device into Rose's face, pointing to a tiny clock face in the corner, "It's going at full capacity. And that really strikes me as odd."

A cold bluster of wind made the gate in front of them rattle against the feeble latch, making a somewhat disturbing squeaky noise. Rose grabbed onto the Doctor's arm for comfort- she was so glad she wasn't alone around here.

The Doctor could sense her fear- and he didn't like it. Rose was hardly ever scared. Not like this, anyhow.

"Is there anybody else here?" Rose asked, trying to keep the tremor out of her tone, "Apart from us, I mean."

The Doctor rummaged through his pockets for his sonic screwdriver. When he found it, he pointed it at the churchyard and scanned the area. "Yes, yes there is."


"Not exactly…"

Rose frowned. "Who, then?"

The Doctor stuffed his screwdriver back in his pocket. "I don't know. They, however they are, aren't showing up on my scan."

Rose shivered. This was going beyond cliché now. This was just… Stupid. She stared around the churchyard to see if she could see anything out of the ordinary, but it was all normal as far as cemeteries were concerned. A big, crumbling, old church with black lattice windows, with two small plots of grass either side; each of the plots peppered with tombstones made of weathered rock and the occasional statue of an angel with its hands over its eyes. Like it was crying.

Nothing weird at all.

Rose let her eyes linger on the angel closest to the church for a moment longer, before turning to the Doctor. "Whatever they are must be in the church, then."

"Yeah," the Doctor glanced around the yard just like she had moments earlier, "Must be. This energy is unmistakable. It has to be here where the displacement occurred."

Rose looked back up at the church door- but something took her by surprise.

The statue closest to the door had moved.

"Doctor…" she trailed off, her breathing heavy and laced with fear, "I swear, that statue, it moved…"

The Doctor grabbed onto her hand before she could say anything else.

"Don't," he whispered in her ear, "Blink…"

Something was behind them, something cold…

She didn't even have time to scream.