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Rose Tyler had spent just five minutes walking down the road with Amy Pond, and she'd already completely and firmly established one thing about her new, red-haired companion.

She was an absolute hoot.

Amy Pond wasn't your average twenty-one year old girl. It was like… She hadn't really grown up yet. Even though she was married and independent (Rose wasn't much younger than Amy but she wasn't even thinking about marriage quite yet) she had this sort of childish air about her. The way she put her words, her little mannerisms- and Rose loved it. It was like, with Amy, she could be a giggling teenager again. Not having to worry about anything.

That's what the Doctor did to you, though. He made you escape the troubles of reality in his blue box and take you on journeys of the impossible. He made you a kid again, despite facing deadly foes and terrible consequences. Because on the TARDIS, all you needed to worry about was the here and the now. Nothing else mattered because chances are, you probably won't come across it again for a long time.

Well, apart from this. Meeting a future Doctor? Rose knew that wasn't good. Not just for her Doctor- but for herself too.

It was the first time that Rose Tyler really considered that she wouldn't be able to stay with the Doctor forever.

"When did you meet the Doctor, then?" Amy queried, dragging Rose away from her rather depressing thoughts. The redhead was leading the way down the country paths, apparently to her parents' house because her flat was a bit of a mess. "I mean, he's mentioned you a few times. Quite a bit, actually. But he's never said how you two met."

Rose flushed a little with pride at Amy's sentence. The Doctor still mentioned her. At least, when she was gone, she wasn't forgotten. She had to grip onto that knowledge. "It was at this great big department store where I used to work, when I was a teen. No decent GCSEs, no A Levels, so that was the next best thing, I s'pose."

"Yep, I know the feeling." Amy replied, smirking a little. "Paid off in the end though, right? If you'd had A Levels and went onto studying law or medicine or whatever, you wouldn't have met the Doctor."

"Of course!" Rose exclaimed, "Don't regret for one second! Because meeting the Doctor, it's changed my life. I've never looked at life the same away since I got chased out of Henricks by a mob of possessed mannequins."

Amy grinned knowingly. "I heard that on the news. Few years ago, now."

The two walked on in silence for a few seconds, before Rose dug Amy in the ribs. "So, come on, how did you meet the Doctor?"

Amy's eyes glazed over for a moment with nostalgia, a little frown taking over her near-porcelain complexion. "I'm… It's complicated. I don't think I can tell you, anyway."

"Ah…" Rose nodded with realisation, "Of course. Right. Fracturing timelines, I'm guessing? One word in the wrong place can alter the course of the future."

Amy smiled, but it wasn't the one Rose had grown to love. It was sad. "Yeah, that's it. You've obviously learnt from the best."

"I don't know about the best… His ego's big enough already." Rose teased, shoving her hands in her pockets. "But he is pretty good. The Doctor."

"Yeah, I suppose he is," Amy leaned closer to Rose, "But don't ever tell him that I said that. I won't hear the end of it. Ever."

Rose confirmed that firmly. "And, Amy… Can I ask you a question? It's sort of been playing on my mind. Since I met you, actually."

"Sure. Go ahead." Amy responded.

Rose bit her lip. "I know I probably shouldn't ask you this, but… Has the Doctor ever said how I…"

"Here it is!" Amy announced, as she gestured her hands towards a big, white building. "My house! Well not technically mine yet, but when my mum and dad pop their clogs it will be mine. Probably."

Rose just stared on. The house was a big, white thing- though the walls had yellowed over time and ivy was creeping up the entrance. The blue front door was enclosed in some sort of porch area, with five paned windows round the front, as well as a black slate roof. The garden surrounding the house was well pruned and cut, with weed-less grass and big rose bushes and bright, colourful plants. There was a shed, in the corner, as well as an old, abandoned swing set.

A bit different from a two-bed council flat in South London, then.

"No brothers or sisters, then?" Rose pondered, still not dragging her eyes away from the building before her. She had no idea how that was possibly relevant.

Amy shook her head. "I was… A bit of a handful."

Rose laughed. Heck, she could imagine that. "I'm an only child, too. My dad… He died when I was a few months old."

Amy's eyebrows arched sympathetically. "Oh, Rose…"

Rose waved her hand dismissively. "No, it's alright. A long time ago now, I can't remember him." –sort of- "It's just been me and my mum. Seriously, she's so protective of me, Amy. She's slapped the Doctor. Mind you, she had a good reason."

Amy snorted. "I would've liked to have seen that. Anyway, do you want to come inside?"

"Are your parents in? Won't they mind a stranger in your house?" Rose asked.

"Nah. They've met my friends. They're not surprised by anything anymore."


Augustus Pond was a very loud man.

"Amelia!" he bellowed into the hall, coming through to greet his daughter. Amy flushed slightly at the use of her full name. "How nice of you to drop by! I thought you were on your travels!"

And by the looks of it, Augustus Pond was a very posh man too. He was balding, with patches of black hair at the side of his head. He was a lot bigger than Rose's dad was, too. Rose always found it weird speaking to other people's fathers, especially when she was younger. It was like she didn't really know how to address them.

"Still am, dad…" Amy shouted out back, hanging her handbag on the bannister. "I'm just stopping by. With a friend."

Augustus' head popped out from the first room. "A friend? How lovely! Hello, dear."

Rose waved awkwardly. This was just so surreal. "Hello."

"This is Rose. Rose and… Her friend are from out of town. They're just hanging around with me and Rory and the Doctor until they get their transport fixed." Amy replied expertly. She sounded like she'd had to make up excuses before.

"I thought you weren't from Leadworth, dear. I would've noticed you before, pretty girl like you!" Augustus boomed, "Stay as long as you like. If Amelia and Rory and your odd Doctor fellow are hanging around, I don't see why you and your friend can't stay for tea! What do you say, Tabetha?"

A woman's voice, from further in the house, replied. "Says the man who doesn't have to cook!"

"It's alright," Rose insisted, not wanting to put Amy's parents out. But Augustus insisted.

"Nonsense! You will all stay, and that's that. We don't see our Amelia and Rory that often so it would be lovely. Eh, eh, Tabetha?"

"Fine, fine!" Tabetha yelled out, walking into the hall where the conversation was taking place. "I'll have to go to the shop, but cook I will. It's nice to see that our Amelia has other friends asides Rory and the Doctor. If you count the Doctor as a friend, that is. Still not sure about him."

"Mum!" Amy hissed, and Tabetha threw her hands in mock surrender.

"That attitude of yours is getting worse, miss. You may be twenty-one, but your childish streak hasn't left you, has it? Ever since you took up that kiss…"

"Thank you, mum!" Amy scratched her ear, eagerly changing the subject.

Tabetha took the hint, even though she hadn't quite finished with her daughter. Rose thought that that her mum was protective, but this was a new level. "I thought marrying Rory would knock some sense into you, girl. But you met Mels, and everything just went…"

"Tabetha! Not while we have this lovely guest in our home, you and Amelia can discuss matters later." Augustus gestured towards Rose, and Rose and Amy smiled gratefully. "Where is young Mels, then? Hijacking the bus again? Now that was a new story."

Tabetha tutted her husband, but she too was interested. "Actually, where is the lovely Melody, then?"

"She's still in Germany, mum." Amy said, before gripping Rose's arm. "And me and Rose are going upstairs."

Tabetha made her way back into the kitchen. "And make sure your friends turn up for dinner, this time. I'm not having another one of your escapades."

Amy rolled her eyes and began to ascend up the staircase. "Whatever."

Rose looked at Augustus, and Augustus grinned; before shrugging his shoulders. Rose grinned back at him.

Nothing compared to Pete, but Augustus Pond came pretty close.


Rose looked around Amy's bedroom. It was easily bigger than her bedroom at home, with a big double bed and an equally massive wardrobe. Despite the fact that Amy clearly had a disruptive relationship with her mother, she'd lead a pretty cushy existence. Not that she could really tell just from her possessions, though.

"Sometimes I could just kill her," Amy muttered angrily, falling back onto her bed. "I swear she embarrasses me like this on purpose."

Rose smiled slightly. "I know the feeling."

Amy continued to talk about her mum, while Rose wandered over to the window. She looked across the garden- which was obviously well kept by Amy's parents. The lovely apple tree, the luxurious roses (her namesake just so happened to be her favourite plant) the beautiful blossoms, the ancient stone statue…



That wasn't there before!

A big, crumbling, old church with black lattice windows, with two small plots of grass either side; each of the plots peppered with tombstones made of weathered rock and the occasional statue of an angel with its hands over its eyes. Like it was crying.

That was the angel from the church! She would recognise that anywhere!

How the heck was it here, in Leadworth?

"Amy…" Rose kept her eyes on the statue, "Has that always been there?"

Amy narrowed her eyes. "Has what?"

Rose still didn't drag her eyes away from it. She couldn't. She just pointed. "That statue."

"What sta…"

Amy froze solid, all the colour draining from her pretty face. She looked so scared, so terrified, that Rose instantly felt so much more scared too.

"Amy, what is it?" Rose asked, but she wasn't replying. "Amy!"

"Don't blink," Amy said, almost too quiet for her to hear, "Just don't blink. Not ever."

"But what about…"

"My parents!" she answered for her, and then she looked a thousand more times scared. "Rose, don't stop looking at it. Don't blink. I just need to check my parents, okay? I'll be a minute. Don't blink."

Rose could hear the fear wavering in her voice.

Then they heard a yell from downstairs.