Chapter One
The Beating

Harry fell into bed, in pain. Since he'd come home from school, after his fourth year, his uncle had tired of just yelling at Harry. He'd resorted to hitting him, and today had been no different. He touched his ribs knowing that they were broken. He got up and looked into the mirror in his bedroom and saw that the left side of his face was beginning to bruise.
"That's going to be lovely trying to hide at Hogwart's," he muttered to himself. He left for school in two days, and like the year before, the closer Harry got to going back to school, the more violent his uncle was. Harry touched his face and winced. It hurt badly.
Last year, he had been able to filch some of his Aunt Petunia concealer to cover his bruises, but last year they hadn't been so bad. He silently thought that he looked better after his last meeting with Voldermort, at least Voldermort tried to just kill him, there was no physical beating before hand. Harry felt his jaw line; it felt like his jaw might possibly be broken as well. He sighed. There was no use thinking about it now.
He walked back over and sat on his bed. He looked up at Hedwig's empty cage. He had let his owl loose after the first inclination that this summer would be half as bad as the last had. He didn't want them trying to starve his precious Hedwig again. He figured that she had probably flown to the Weasley's or gone back to Hogwart's.
Harry heard pounding on the steps and pulled his knees in close. His uncle couldn't be ready for another beating already, could he? Was he actually trying to kill Harry? The door flew open. His uncle and aunt were standing in the doorway. He saw his aunt look away when she saw him.
"What…what have I done now?" Harry asked in a small voice. His uncle sneered at him.
"Nothing yet, boy," his uncle spat.
"The people from your school are coming to get you, they'll be here in an hour," Aunt Petunia finally said. "They've sent a letter with that ruddy owl of yours."
"Pack your things," Uncle Vernon spat. "NOW!" Harry flew off the bed and began arranging his things, not that there were really many to arrange. It took him all of ten minutes to pack. His school things were locked under the cupboard, as usual. He figured that Uncle Vernon would give them to him at the latest moment possible. He put his clothing in a box and took it down the steps. He sat in the living room chair and wondered why he was to go to school early. Maybe Voldermort was after him again, he thought, and then realized that Voldermort was after him all the time. His thoughts were quickly interrupted by Uncle Vernon swearing loudly. Harry thought he felt his heart stop beating, he knew what was coming. He was going to get one last beating before he went off to school. He heard his uncle storm into the room and Harry was thrown onto the floor. His shoulders hit the ground hard, Harry was sure that parts of his back would be bruised as well.
"You ungrateful little bastard," his uncle hissed, hitting Harry in the ribs hard. Harry howled with pain and tried to get away, it was no use. Uncle Vernon grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back, careful to bash his head against the hard wood floor. His uncle threw the hair that he'd ripped out of Harry's head into his face. Uncle Vernon punched Harry again in the face, Harry tried to get away and his uncle grabbed his wrist. Harry yelled in pain and curled up on the floor in a little ball. His uncle was about to strike him again when the doorbell rang. His salvation. Uncle Vernon picked him up by his collar and shoved him back into the chair.
"We're here for Harry," he heard a female voice say. He recognized it as Hermione's.
"You're early," his uncle spat.
"Is that a problem?" he heard someone else ask, it was Ron. Harry looked in the big mirror in the sitting room, his friends couldn't see him like this. His whole left side of his face was turning an ugly purple and there were bald spots from where his uncle had pulled out his hair. He began trying to get his hair to cover the spots but it was no use. He bit his lip, they would figure it out.
Harry sat shaking, waiting for the moment when his friends would enter the see him. Finally Uncle Vernon had called for him. He walked out to the door and heard Hermione and Ron gasp. He looked up to see that they weren't alone. His old Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin was with them, and he looked just as shocked.
"I've been in a car crash," Harry muttered. He knew that they hadn't believed him.
"Petunia was taking him to the store," Uncle Vernon told them. He gave them Harry's trunk and Harry followed his friends outside. No one wanted to say anything to him, or so it seemed. Finally, they stopped a ways from 4 Privet Drive when someone finally talked.
"You haven't really been in a car crash, have you Harry?" Hermione finally asked.
"Yes, I have," he replied.
They were silent for a few more minutes while they walked. The pain was making it hard for him to breathe. "Where are we going?" Harry asked, already winded.
"My house, there's a port key up the road a bit further," Remus said. "We'd take you back to The Burrow, but that's not safe, Voldermort would surely look for you there."
"I can't make it," Harry said as they walked a bit further. He was getting dizzy. "We have to stop." Then he passed out.

"He had a concussion, which made him black out, but don't worry, I think he'll be okay," Poppy Pomfrey said. "I've fixed his jaw, which, yes, was fractured, severely. He had a broken wrist as well, also fixed. The ribs though, he's got six broken ones, are best left to heal by themselves, but I did give him a potion to hurry up the process. The bruises I cannot fix either, poor dear, having to face his classmates with his face mangled like that." Remus nodded. He had appareted with Harry immediately, leaving Ron and Hermione to find the port key alone, then he had spoken to Dumbledore via the fireplace and Dumbledore had allowed the school nurse to Floo over immediately. "He'll be back on the Quidditch field in no time." Remus gave her a small smile. "Don't worry, Harry is strong boy. I'll be leaving now, but I'll come back to check on him tomorrow, then the day after that, he'll be back at Hogwart's safe and sound."
Poppy left at almost the same time Ron and Hermione came crashing down onto his floor.
"Is he okay?" they asked detangling themselves from one another.
"He'll be fine," Remus told them. "Madame Pomfrey has just left. Harry should be waking up soon." He heard Hermione sigh as she fell onto the couch, Ron sat in an armchair.
Remus looked at poor Harry lying on a cot he had conjured up. Remus sighed, noticing some of Harry's features had changed. Harry's cheekbones were no longer smooth as they once had, they were more prominent now, and his face was narrower. Even Harry's hair had become finer, well what Remus could see was left of it, and no longer stuck up in odd places. Remus was certain that Harry features had changed since the last time he'd seen the boy, just at the end of the last school year.
Remus got up and moved to his kitchen table, he could hear Hermione and Ron talking softly; he was sure about Harry's condition, he didn't believe the his story at all. He had to finish going through paperwork before school started again, he had been offered his old position at Hogwart's. He was going through Lily's old journals, trying to learn as much as he could so he could finish her projects. Lily had been researching possible ways to fight off the three Unforgivable Curses, and as far as he could see had gotten pretty far along with them.
He opened the top notebook and glanced at the date. It was the day after her and James' wedding.

December 29, 1979
James and I were wed. Thank God that he was willing to do this for me. He alone knows my terrible secret, which I am now so ashamed of. Now that I know who he REALLY is. A monster.
I'd been interested in him since our school days, terrible I know. I always thought that he was just shy and aloof, that's why he never told me who he really was, or what he really did all those long months while he was away. He swore that he loved me, something now that I don't believe. For, I am pregnant with the child of a Death Eater. James has been a doll though, he was after all my best friend while I was away at Hogwart's. He stood by me, even through my affair with THAT man who is the father of my child.
But he really won't be for long. James has agreed to adopt the child and call him his own. James said that we all make mistakes and even though we may not be in love, he does in fact love me. He also swore never to reveal the true identity of the father. For I know that if Voldermort were to find out, he would try to claim the child as his own and demand that they child be brought up his way. For I have already heard of it happening so many times. But, my child will never have to endure that, never.
Nor will he ever learn that his truth father is in fact, Severus Snape.

Remus gasped at the last line. Lily was mad when she wrote this? Correct. He flipped through other pages, but Lily was proven to not be mad. In fact, it was all she seemed to write about, how she felt Severus had betrayed her. He put his head in his hands and tried not to sob. He flipped to a later entry, one right after Harry was born.

August 7, 1980

I've put a spell on Harry so that he will resemble James until his 16th birthday, it's the strongest one I could find. So on his 16th birthday, I fear he might begin to look like his biological father, even though on paper he is James'. I just hope that I will be able to either create a stronger charm or will be able to find another one.

"What are you reading?" someone asked, pulling Remus out of his stupor. He looked up and found Harry standing in front of him.

"Hermione you better not be making me look like a girl," Harry told her. Hermione smiled and continued to put the concealer on her friends face. He had begged her to use some of her Muggle make-up to cover the bruises, Hermione had happily obliged, realizing how important it was to Harry that he look normal today. She spread a bit more make-up on his face and stood back and looked. He looked mostly normal. There was one particularly dark bruise that still showed through on his jaw line, but Harry still maintained that he'd gotten it from a car crash.
"I can't cover the bruise on you're jaw, but everything else is covered," she said.
"Thank you," Harry said. "The last thing I wanted was Seamus and Dean to ask me what nearly killed me this summer." Hermione gave him a weak smile. "Will you do this for me until the bruises fade?"
"Of course," she said softly. "We don't want the Gryffindors to worry about their Quidditch captain, now do we?"
"Of course not," Harry replied. They left to room and headed to meet with Ron and Remus in the living room. They'd be leaving soon.