Chapter Seventeen
The Snake and the Lion

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Ginny walked into her bedroom, which she was sharing with Hermione over holidays, she and her brothers had decided to put the Weasley Matchmaking Foundation into order. She smiled to herself when she found Hermione sprawled on the cot she was sleeping on ready a book.
"Hermione?" she asked. Hermione looked up, her bushy hair all over the place.
"Yes?" Hermione asked.
"Can you help me get something down from the bathroom, I can't find the boys anywhere, and Mum isn't much taller than I am," she lied. She knew exactly where her brothers were, they were trying to convince Ron to play Quidditch with them, yes even Percy, they were going to lie and say that he was going to referee. Once they convinced him, they were going to head down the steps, and then throw Ron in the bathroom with Hermione.
"Where's Penelope? She's taller than I am." Drat, she thought. Penelope was downstairs keeping Mum and Dad busy. She bit her lip.
"She must be with the boys," Ginny lied. "Maybe she and Percy went for a walk or something. I really need your help though Hermione. Please help me. It won't take a second, I promise." She smiled, using the same smile that always got her brothers to do exactly what she wanted.
"Okay, okay." She couldn't help but notice that Hermione looked slightly irritated when she stood up. Oh well, she thought. Hermione would be much happier once they got Ron and her together in the bathroom. She and Hermione made their way there, and once they were in, Ginny finished her story.
"On the top shelf, there's a bottle, its blue," Ginny said. She watched Hermione try to reach for the top shelf, and while she wasn't paying attention, Ginny bolted out, and locked the door behind her. There was a special charm, thanks to her brothers, that enabled them to lock the bathroom from the outside, making it impossible to open from the inside. She grinned and waited for her brothers with Ron.
As Hermione banged on the door and threatened to do various painful things to Ginny, that she was sure she'd learned from Ron, Fred and George appeared with Ron. They each held one of his arms and he wasn't looking very happy.
"She in there?" George asked, as he and Fred pulled Ron down the hallway.
"Looks like I had an easier time than you did too," she replied. "Where are Percy and Charlie?"
"Right here," Bill said, he and Percy appeared from Percy's room.
"Good, help us get Ron in here, without Hermione getting out," Fred said. They nodded, Ron looked mutinous.
"What are you guys on about?" he demanded.
Percy grinned, looking a little too much like Fred and George when he did. "Ah brother dear, you see, your siblings, Penelope, and I have decided that you and Hermione need to kiss and make up." Ron's ears went scarlet, and before he knew what was going on, he was locked in the bathroom with Hermione, while the rest of them stood outside.
"Now," Ginny said with a grin, talking through the door to Ron and Hermione. "You know what you have to do if you want out."

Severus twirled a gold ring between his hands. It had the face of a lion with rubies for eyes. It had been a gift from Lily; she had given to him so that he would always think of his little Gryffindor. He had given it to her for Christmas their seventh year while their relationship had been new. He bit his lip and continued to twirl the ring.
He was debating on whether or not to give it to Harry, his son, and most importantly, Lily's son. He was sure that Harry didn't have hardly any memorabilia of Lily; the house that she and Potter lived in had been complete destroyed, along with the contents in it.
He looked across the dining hall at his son. Harry was sitting next to the Brown girl; he had his arm around her. The Gryffindor Patil was sitting across from them, smiling and laughing about something. Finnigan, who was sitting on the other side of Brown, looked interested in something on her. He looked closely to see her showing him a charm around her neck and then grinned at Harry. It must have been a present from his son.
He sighed and looked down at the ring in his hands. He should give it to him. He knew that much. He excused himself from the table, and clutched the ring in his palm. He passed the Gryffindor table, where they all looked happy, quite unlike a few days before when they'd been locked in the dormitory. None of them looked up at him, not that he expected them to, really.
He made his way to the owlry and put the ring into an envelope he had in his pocket. He looked at the ring one last time. The ruby eyes glinted in the twilight, beautiful as always. The red remind him of Lily's hair, he took a deep breath. Harry needed this now, not him. Before he could change his mind, he put it in the envelope and sealed it. He attached it to one of the legs of a school owl, the owl hooted at him. He gave it a feeble smile. He attached the envelope to the owl's leg.
"Take this to my son, Harry Potter," he told the barn owl. The owl hooted again and flew off into the night.

"Do we have any plans for Boxing Day?" Parvati asked. Harry looked at his friend from across the table.
"You mean besides lying around and not doing anything?" Harry asked with a grin. "Isn't that what you're supposed to do on Boxing Day?"
"Well, besides that," Parvati said. Harry shrugged and took a bite of the turkey on his plate.
"I didn't plan on doing anything really," Seamus said, from the other side of Lavender.
"We could always try to do something," Dean said. "After all, I'm sure the second years would like to stay in the Common Room." He was grinning.
"Have we figured out why they keep leaving?" Neville asked.
"Nope," Harry said. They talked about what they could possibly do the next day, when they were interrupted by an owl in front of Harry.
"Excepting post mate?" Dean asked his mouth full. Harry shook his head, confused. Who would be owling him? He recognized it as a school owl. He removed the envelope from the owl's foot and debated on whether to open it. He hadn't been expecting anything from anyone. He looked up at Lavender, her hazel eyes were staring at the envelope, thoughtful.
"Reckon I should open it?" Harry asked. Lavender shrugged.
"It's probably not straight from You-Know-Who," she said. "I expect that if it was, it would come in a much more sinister package."
"You're probably right." He opened the package, and in it was a beautiful gold ring shaped as the head of a Lion. It had rubies for eyes. He looked at Lavender shocked. Who would send him something like this, something that was obviously so expensive?

Hermione sat with her knees pulled up to her chest. She was killing Ginny and the rest of the Weasley clan as soon as they let her out of here. Well, she though, Bill wasn't here, he deserved to live. She wondered if he realized that he was going to become an only child.
"Tell your siblings to let us out," she told run, breaking the silence.
"You're killing my siblings, ha," Ron said. "Not after I get to them."
Hermione shrugged. "As long as their dead, why do I care?"
They were quiet again, nothing breaking the silence. That was until there was a bang on the door, and Ginny's voice entering the silence. "We're not letting you out until you make up. You're both being stupid."
"Eat slugs Ginny," Ron muttered.
"What is she talking about until we make up?" Hermione asked confused.
"Er." Ron's face was bright red. "I told her what happened."
"Oh," Hermione said, blushing herself. They were quiet again, she looked at Ron. Why had he run from her? Did he not fancy her? Did he hate her? She kept her questions silent, brooding in her own misery, until finally she knew she would go mad if she didn't say anything. The Weasley's were adamant about not letting them out, that was for sure. "Why do you hate me Ron?"
Ron looked at her like she's grown a second head. "I don't hate you Hermione. I couldn't hate you if I tried."
"Then why haven't you said two words to me?"
Ron looked at her and gulped. "I was scared. Harry was furious with us. I wanted to do anything I could to get back on his good side. I thought that maybe if I didn't talk to you, he would talk to me. But I was wrong."
"And I'm sorry. I've missed you so much." He moved over next to her and put his hand on her face. "Can you forgive me?"
She gulped. Where Ron was touching her face, thousands of electric shocks were flowing through her body. "I think so. Ron you really hurt me though."
"I know," he replied shyly. "I promise to try and never do it again. "
"Thank you," she said. It was hard for her to breath. They were quiet for a few minutes, the two of them looking into each others eyes. She finally felt herself leaning in, closing her eyes. Her and Ron's lips met.

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