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A young man, dressed in a tattered, once well ironed and neat vest suit, stumbled drunkenly down the dark street. One hand, he used for support, clinging to lampposts and telephone poles to help him stay standing. With the other hand, he clutched at his side, were a large wound that cut deeply into his side.

He continued down the street, the rain drenching his clothes. He was almost there; he could see the small house just in front of him. Just a little farther.

Don't stop, keep walking.

He was there now, right in front of their old house. The young man sighed in relief. He would finally be able to see him again.

He took a deep breath and started up the stair way to the front door. Nearly slipping on the wet platforms, he clutched the railing, preventing him from falling.

Finally, he reached the top of the steps, and was now standing on the threshold to the house. He lifted up his hand and nocked three, slow knocks.

Kanda was and emotional wreck, to say the least, but only quick flashes showed on his face. He was full of anger, and contempt, but also grief, the kind of grief that clung to your bones, and rested painfully in the pit of your stomach.

The Order didn't give two shits though; they gave up after a month of investigation, proclaiming that Allen was dead. That's what was responsible for his anger. He would never give up, though.

However, his grief was the result of losing the one person in his life that he loved completely, and trusted completely.

Frustrated, Kanda snatched the cold teacup from the coffee table in their living room, and threw in mercilessly across the room, smashing it against the wall.

Dejectedly, Kanda rubbed his forehead and covered his face with his hands. His back hunched over, morning.




Who the fuck would be calling at his house at this shitty hour? Probably the dumbass Usagi, trying to comfort him, or convince him of something idiotic.

He didn't need comforting. He could handle himself. Though, it would be easier if the Moyashi was with him, but that was idiotic beyond proportion. Being comforted for the loss of the dearest person in your life, by that missing person? It was impossible.

Grumbling, he snatched Mugen from its resting place next to the couch, and muttered angrily as he went to answer the dammed door. He swung the door open without a second thought, but gripped Mugen when he saw the figure before him.

He guessed it was a man, hunched over and decrepit as he was, and the darkness from the night and storm prevented him from seeing the figure's face.

At the notice of the door opening, the man lifted his head, bringing his features and silver hair into sharp relief, as they were brought into the warm glow from the front hall.

"Kanda?" The man said weakly, but firmly, his silver eyes filling with tears.

"Beansprout?" Kanda replied shocked. However, to his horror, Allen swayed, and his knees buckled beneath him. Forchunetly, Kanda's well attuned reflexes acted, and he caught the boy in his arms.

"Moyashi," Kanda whispered, cradling the boy's head in his lap.

Kanda than carried the unconscious boy to their bedroom, and cleaned the boy's wound and wrapped it in white bandage. He noticed that his ancle was ridiculously swollen and purple, it had to be looked at. Laying the boy on the bed, he dressed Allen in a pair of clean pajamas and Layed him down in the crisp sheets.

Pressing a cold wash cloth on Allen's burning forehead, Kanda sighed in relief when the beansprout's breathing settled and turned his head in slumber.

Smiling slightly, Kanda gently touched Moyashi's face, and his smile grew as the corners of Allen's mouth lifted.


Allen woke up the next day smiling into fresh sheets and the welcoming scent that came with them. They smelt familiar, and brought back memories of a strong and loyal companion, they smelt like Kanda.

Thinking of Kanda made Allen sad. They thought that he could never see the man again, was a horrific notion that was constantly on Allen's mind.

Half asleep, Allen nuzzled his face in the soft sheets, but woke up more completely when he realized he wasn't in the white washed room that was given to him at the Noahs. His foggy mind tried to prosess what he was seeing, the room was awfully familiar. Shaking his head, he noticed that he wasn't alone in the room. His eyes widened in recognition.

"Kanda?" the man in question's eyes snapped open at the sound of Allen's voice.

"Kanda!" Allen tackled the man in hug, twisting his torso, with his legs still under the sheets. The man returned the hug gently, being careful of Allen's wound.

Now tears were falling from Allen's eyes and he ran his fingers through Kanda's silky hair.

"I'm sorry Kanda, I am so sorry," Allen sobbed, "I remember waking up and Tiki explained how they had gotten me, I only just escaped. I wouldn't have originally, because it would bring you all into danger but they cut me a deal," Allen blabbered.

"What do you mean, 'a deal'" Kanda asked concern evident in his voice. If those fucking bastards forced Allen into some kind of contract, he would flip a shit.

To his surprise Allen chuckled. Kanda pulled away from the hug staring at Allen suspiciously.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Well, he said if I beat his two challenges, he and the Noah clan would leave me and my loved one's alone. Even though the Noahs are slimy and manipulative, they stand by their word."

"What were the Challenges," Kanda snarled.

"Well the first one was a duel," Allen took in a deep breath, suddenly serious, "That one didn't go as well, that was how I got injured," Allen sighed, but then continued in an overly cheerful voice, "But it wasn't to the death though!"

"And?" Kanda pressed.

Allen sighed at Kanda's impatience, but then let out a small laugh, "The second one was a game of Poker."

Kanda couldn't help it; soon both he and the little idiot were hunched over laughing. Allen was one of the only people who could actually make him laugh like this.

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